Chiropractor Murfreesboro today we’re going to talk about spinal decompression therapy. Spinal decompression is being used in a lot of chiropractic and physical therapy offices and traction therapy. It’s been utilized in the treatment of lower back pain for decades now. The most recent incarnation of traction therapy is a non-surgical spinal decompression type of therapy, which it can be fairly costly, but this form of therapy has been heavily marketed to a lot of manual therapy professions and subsequently also to the customer as well, so that the purpose of it is to essentially elongate the spine, pulling nutrients and water back into the disk space to Chiropractor Murfreesboro kind of alleviate some of the pressure that the person may be having whether it be up against the nerve or just over a muscle in general. So there’s only been one small randomized control trial and several lower-level efficacy studies performed with spinal decompression in general. Chiropractor Murfreesboro these studies have shown great efficacy as far as people getting relief with spinal decompression and just feeling overall, better with the modality of decompression. So we look at it and we can control the angle of the pelvis and different areas of the spine to decompress things and Chiropractor Murfreesboro help with things such as neck dysfunctions or sciatic nerve pain, which kind of radiates down the leg or worn spinal joints, particular posterior, facet, joints and facet syndrome. Chiropractor Murfreesboro Spinal decompression can definitely benefit that. Just think about, like the wear and tear of our everyday life for constantly putting pressure down on a lower lumbar spine, as well as a lot of compression forces from keep your neck protruded. You know really far forward and back pain. Chiropractor Murfreesboro It can be one of the most debilitating forms of discomfort and happens to a lot of people for several different reasons. There are noninvasive treatments like spinal decompression available and there’s a bunch of success stories as far as relieving pain and without even having to have surgery. So it involves kind of the process of alleviating pressure that builds up over certain amount of time in the disc which are located between each of the vertebrae of the spinal colum Chiropractor Murfreesboro n, and this pressure can be caused by several different issues like injuries, bad posture, just wear and tear of general life, and it can be relieved with a decompression treatment Chiropractor Murfreesboro, or course of maintenance with decompression tour first does effects. They got a loud, the nutrients and oxygen to flow back into the disk it since it’s effective, healing begins to just with about the first session and each spinal decompression can last anywhere from you know, 10 to 30 minutes no longer than 30 cuz. There’s no real difference, so course of treatments, usually over 6 week., with maintenance. After that and there’s a harness either place around the waist above the iliac crest, just kind of the hip area or something kind of anchoring you down with your neck kind of giving you a traction, it’s also safe to so there’s no way no need for surgery or drugs. Chiropractor Murfreesboro You know spinal decompression be safer than an alternative surgical methods. Were you know, steroid injections or just taking general store steroids are muscle relaxers. Last time these things can be addictive. Person won’t even know that they’re addicted to him. You know until they are so there’s no risk with those. This was spinal decompression. It’s a natural way to kind of alleviate some of that pain that you may be having if your candidate for it. It’s painless give you a relaxing treatment, Chiropractor Murfreesboro it’s a harness. It’s the only fast and round the hips and your position on a decompression table, and it’s slowly provides a bit of a stretch or pull vertically to the spine. We can alleviate a lot of the pressure in there. It’s cost-effective to there’s fewer side effects. You know there are certain cases for spinal decompression can create some minor muscle spasms in a slight bit of pain, but his side effects of spinal surgery. You know it gets there’s a lot of them to give you bleeding infection or some type Chiropractor Murfreesboro of negative reaction to the drugs that they’re, giving you a stroke or heart attack or nerve damage. It’s it’s a better treatment than you know. You wanted to look at your options before you have to have surgery or one of one of the other processes and dealing with the spinal pain. So look for other options before you looked a surgery. First, in certain cases, no pinched nerves creates a lower pressure in the disk that will cause. You know just the influx of healing and nutrients. There’s clinical evidence behind it too. You know, there’s just a lot of research that goes into spinal decompression and alleviating some of that disc pain that people have pretty frequently. You know it’s. It said it could be a contraindication for people who have you know hiatal, hernias or in a growing all hernias. Chiropractor Murfreesboro So we want to make sure that your candidate before for spinal decompression before we actually give you a course of treatment to stay on with it so certain instances it may not be for everybody, but it is very important to work the tissue over before you do spinal decompression, so things like muscle, stem or a red light laser therapy, or just like therapy in general, to help prep fat tissue for spinal decompression. So we’re not just going in to the therapy in oak old per se, so we want Chiropractor Murfreesboro to make sure that the tissues ready to be stretched and it’s liable, and you can really manipulate things after that, if you’re doing a osteotherapy or chiropractic manipulation, we just want to make sure that the tissue is loose and healthy overall before we do any type of manipulation. Chiropractor Murfreesboro That’s what we do here at healthworks, chiropractic in Murfreesboro tennessee would like to find the best course of treatment for you and make sure our number one goal is to help you and help you function better and your everyday life. Chiropractor Murfreesboro That’s our number one goal:healthworks chiropractic, Tennessee to make sure you’re the best version of yourself.