Today’s article, a chiropractor in murfreesboro, will talk about how tightness in the forearms and overuse can lead to things like this are commonly known as golfer’s elbow or tennis elbow, either inside or outside elbow pain. It can be debilitating. It can lead to the limit your grip strength in everyday life activity because of tightness in the forearms and or overuse. So the reason is you know:golfer’s elbow is usually the inside of the elbow pain, typically the inner portion or the medial portion, and then lateral pain, golfer’s elbow tennis elbow. So you need a lot of pain from this, the inflamed tendon from overuse either. You know swinging a racket when you’re playing tennis or swinging a club. When your golf, you know this pain, irritate the nerves, specifically the ulnar nerve, which, if you ever hit your funny bone, this nerve tunnel is right next to that tendons. So when it it kind of rolls over on the medial epicondyle or that little bump, on the top of your elbow, it’s going to kind of inflamed that area in that area going to press on that. Damn it’s going to radiate down to your hands your pinky and kind of your ring finger area. Depending on what hand it is it’s a lot on your ring finger, sometimes in the middle finger as well, depending on what nerve it’s kind of hitting. So it’s important so, of course, not overused this or make sure that you warm up your wrist  chiropractor in murfreesboro in your forearms, with going through lighter rangers, to motion before you’re about to do the activity, so the warm-up needs to be specific to the activity. If you’re, golfing and I’ll maybe stretch out the forearms and hands, make sure the han solo’s potentially do some soft tissue. You know if your forearms are especially tight and then maybe you know a couple wrist, curls, reverse, curls, very slow and just control the tempo on the eccentric red, the lowering portion of the exercise and with with tennis you know, could be the same thing. People that grip a lot or you know people that are mechanics. You know you see this a lot from overuse twisting wrenches and things like that. Screwdrivers. You know a lot of work with the hands and repetitive use were using all these muscles in the forearms and those tenants at the elbow that they’re going to get irritated eyes. Another very effective treatment for inflamed, a tens unit to the can kind of ease the tension. The muscles by sending those electrical impulses to the muscles of the forearm kind of confusing the signals between a muscle in your brain and kind of relaxing kind of like an active release, a lacrosse ball kind of running along the muscle of the area. You know if you do get pain from doing any of this stuff. I’m stopped and come see us a chiropractor in murfreesboro, and we can help with these problems like tendonitis to another. Very effective treatment is actually healing that tissue or healing, maybe there’s little micro tears in there because of overuse of those areas and nothing that we like to implement our office here at healthworks. Had a chiropractor in

murfreesboro is r k, laser a red light therapy, laser that can kind of go in there and bring oxygenated blood to that tissue, hoping that he’ll just a bit faster I’m, giving that the necessary things that it needs to heal that tissue and make that tissue more flexible and strong and steady, stabilize your forearm horses that are office to another in the lot out there or grab something you know they can’t really do it. They lose strength because these tenants are so inflamed. chiropractor in murfreesboroThese muscles are so tight and therefore on prohibits them from from doing the things that are necessary for life opening doors, picking up things so a chiropractor in murfreesboro. We want to help me with the functions of the body to know whether it be your knees forearms wrist. You know ankles feet. We want to help with these beast by showing you the proper ways to deal with these problems and to prevent these problems from happening. Correcting these patterns. You know a lot of it can’t be helped with chiropractic care. We don’t just deal with the spine, as I said we can, you can adjust or stabilize the elbow the wrist fingers. You know the hand, elbow pain, you’re, constantly doing a repetitive motion, so out of chiropractor in murfreesboro. You want to help with these problems that can be very debilitating for a lot of people and they see him in their life a lot. So we want to make sure that you get the best care possible chiropractor in murfreesboro and we feel like we can do that at chiropractor in murfreesboro, at healthworks chiropractic in murfreesboro tennessee how to make sure you didn’t the best treatment we can help with these tendonitis, more commonly known as golfer’s elbow tennis elbow and all this pain leading down the forearms. We want to help you with that and want to get you the really fits you deserve and you need so come see us today we’re located at 925, south, church, street, suite, a 200 in murfreesboro tennessee or go ahead and give us a call. 615-867-1144 car practor in murfreesboro can help want to help. You feel better and function better in your everyday life and get back to doing the things that you love to do without getting this debilitating elbow pain or wrist pain. You know I just tightness in the forearms that are preventing you from doing the things that you love the chiropractor in murphysboro to help at healthworks chiropractic in murfreesboro, tennessee. Give us a call today at our murfreesboro location today 615-867-1144 located at 925 south church street suite a 200 Murfreesboro, Tennessee or visits us online at