A chiropractor in murfreesboro wants a really educate people on what chiropractic is in today. I want to go over one of the most important things in regards to chiropractic and really the bases what chiropractic is, and that is your spine and nervous system. The spinal column is basically your backbone and is made of a mini bones that run from the neck to the tailbone. You have three main ones, 5 total, but your cervical spine is what is your neck? Your thoracic spine runs from the top of the shoulders down to the bottom of the rib cage in the lumbar spine runs from the top of the top of the rib cage to the palace, and you can have your sacrum. What is underneath your lumbar spine and your two pelvic bones? This makes your spinal columnthe nervous system is made up of your brain and spinal cord, and that runs through the spinal column that was just described. The brain, which is it flooded in quietly float in the skull, appears to be doing nothing yet the process, billions of bits of information every second, but what’s going on in and around you every moment and sends out benzo commands how fast your heart should be. Blood chemistry changes, blood pressure, how to throw a football bake cookies. What to wear digest in your lunch? Maintain your posture, your eyes, moving to hear a sound, that it hurt history of brain that your member millions of memories and express the plethora of moods and emotions and feelings and inspirations that make you, uniquely you and chiropractic taps into the amazing power that we have. That god has given us at the bottom of your skull is a large hole called the foramen magnum through that the brain extends as a cable of billions of nerve fibers that become your spinal cord spinal cord nerves, connect your brain to your heart, lungs, arms legs. Really everything that is our body does is controlled by these nerves and that’s how you know that a mosquito is on your ankle cause. You can feel that they, the pressure from your leg, sends a signal up your brain and he’s want it. Then it’s just crazy how that happens, but your chiropractor in murfreesboro, when he first went to school, was amazed by how powerful are star. Nerves were essentially you’re covered in nerves. Here, nerve fibers are so numerous said. If all your skin bones muscles blood vessels on trevor to vanish and only nerves were made, you’d still be recognizable. The brain and spinal cord are very delicate, so we need to very much protect those and keep them healthy. Since brain damage can be permanent. Your purse off brand is front of my hard bone, which college was skull. If your spinal cord, protected by solid bone, you wouldn’t be able to bend or twist and said it is surrounded by spinal bones that are stacked up like a pile of bagels or donuts, with a center hole is forming a canal through which the spinal cord passes arrows flexibility of a lot of protection, your spinal bones, may slip out of position and damage. Your stress to the brain nerves are designed to protect, so kaepernick check up in your chiropractor in murfreesboro office should be a part of everyone’s health care routine because they slip out and dammit of stress and nerves. They just never text. This condition is called a subluxation. Chiropractors are uniquely training located in the nerve damage, in condition when the ancient greeks to the people’s back, they sub pumps and thought they resemble thorns. They called them spina, which is greek for foreigners. How your spinal column was named. The individual bones in your spine are called vertebrae from the latin vertera to turn how to turn your vertebral column or spinal column is your backbone and is about another five sections which I described earlier. But then again is your cervical spine, thoracic, spine, lumbar, spine, sacrum, metallic balance and, of course, your coccyx. No cervical spine is one of the most important parts of the body, and it goes from under your skull, and the first vertebra is called your atlas. Now they atlas is called that holds a globe of your skull as the god atlas held the glove of the earth in the cell. That was named. Your second cervical vertebra is called the axis because of permits aloe a lot of head. Turning and tilting your cervical is also have numerical name’s, atlas c1 axis c2, the 3rd assembly c3 than all the way down to see 4 5, 6 & 7, so there’s seven, cervical vertebra in your spine and these all house unique nerves that go everywhere to the body. So, for example, if someone is getting a horse or singer has lost her voice will check their v cervical vertebrae, that houses the nerve going to their voice box, the thoracic spine, which is also commonly known as your mid-back in capulet’s 12, individual bones. You guessed it t1, t2, t3, all way down to t12 the ribs are connected to them, and it. If you follow the path of the ribs around the front of your sides, to your back, you can feel where they attached they attached into the front of your sternum or your breasts done in this. Is this the thoracic spine how’s it a lot of the nerves going to her internal organs like your heart and my lungs in our stomach in a very vital part of our body is also two parts of the nervous system:the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. The chiropractors in murfreesboro check both of these cuz. They both have very vital jobs. The sympathetic nervous system is your flight or fight response. So, if you’re, if you’re of a bear comes to you and starts running that you instantly your sympathetic nervous system kicks in your heart rate, jumps your adrenaline jumps and tells you to run really really fast or fight.

There’s your flight or fight in the sympathetic nervous system is located in this. The rasik spine, the parasympathetic nervous system, which is also known as feed and breed houses and nerves going to everywhere else in your body, and these are located in the cervical and lumbar spine. So to the lumbar spine. Most people have five lumbar vertebrae, but is nodding. You know we see people who have six or four as well, but this is the most commonly distorted number. There is in the spine again there’s a lot of congenital anomaly. That can happen. But again must you have five lumbar vertebra? They are the biggest thickest and most massive of all the voter, because we have the bottom of spine. They have the most wait to hold up, which is a big reason why lower back pain is very common over time is low back vertebrate move out of alignment put pressure on the nerves cause a disc to bulge in this is a big cause of what your chiropractor in murfreesboro seeds for back pain. The sacrum is located underneath the lumbar vertebra and is a triangular shaped bone made up of five use, vertebral segment from the latin word for sacred, because this portion of an animal was used in sacrifices. The sacrum connect to the hips on either side and i, don’t say, can we find was called the coccyx or whatever one knows of the tailbone? The bottom of spine is a little bone made up of three or four fused vertebrae called the coccyx. It’s what’s left of the human tailbone. Occasionally human babies are born with extra coccyx bones that grow outside the body like which is literally the human tail there easily surgically removed. Now a big part of the the spine team is the discs. The discs are the padding between the bones and they are between each vertebra. This just asked as little quick, cushions or shock absorbers, so you ready bro won’t bump into each other. While you walk band and run this to as a main of the big problem that your chiropractor in murfreesboro seeds of the belgian of the desk in our office will utilize decompression and laser therapy, as well as rely on the bones to take the pressure off the nerve. We have just had great success doing this in our health. First, chiropractic offices of the point out to get a chiropractor check, I should be part of everyone’s health care. Routine and 4000 years has been known that I helped inspire the essential for a healthy life, and it’s just so true. So again, to recap:your spine is made up of seven cervical vertebrae in the neck 12 thoracic vertebra in the mid back 5 lumbar vertebra in the low back one sacrum butcher, 5 fused, vertebrae you’re welcome one coccyx will just three or four fuse vertebra. There’s lots of functions with the spinal column has four main functions:one to protect your brain and spinal cord to to support your hips legs shoulders and arms. The server the tax forms for muscles permitting you stand and move and far to support your head in ribs and respond because it balances dresses your bones in the spinal cord or brain and other nerves, and then causes pain, fatigue weakness in was called disiz, which is a loss of health or holness. Your chiropractor in murfreesboro is able to locate this unbalanced call. A subluxation to realign your spinal column, to remove stress from the nerves and bone is helping to restore health and wellness to your whole body. So, as your chiropractor in murfreesboro, we want to stress you out the importance of seen us to have a spinal balance check and in the end, it’s your body will. Thank you for it, and even for children, it’s really important kids are getting checked out of lessons as a healthy spine is really essential to a healthy child. Growing up, your chiropractor in murfreesboro has seen many different patients with many different presentations, and you know some of them are common ones. That we see is the next the back pain in the headaches, but some of the cooler ones that we’ve seen overtime is always help. People get pregnant when that patient came in,  615-867-1144