High today chiropractor in murfreesboro at healthworks chiropractic will tell you how the specifics of testing for muscular dysfunction in the rotator cuff in the surrounding areas to the rotator cuff and has clinical importance because degeneration and subsequent tearing in the tissues of its 10 in of the insertion is a rather common place which can result in restriction the shoulder movement especially in abduction or bringing the army or the body at healthworks chiropractic chiropractor in murfreesboro can diagnose you with these specific elements specifically in the rotator cuff a lot of the restriction of the cuff is composed of the four muscles three of which sean are palpable at the humerus or the top portion of the shoulderthe cuff is composed of those four muscles on the infraspinatus the supraspinatus subscapularis and the general area around these the three the chiropractor in murfreesboro supraspinatus the infraspinatus the terry’s meyer or called the sit muscles since the order of their attachment the initial spell sit in a modified of anatomic position with the arm hanging at the side chiropractor in murfreesboro can feel the supraspinatus lies directly under the acromion were the top portion of the shoulder little bump it’s your shoulder infraspinatus is posterior below the supraspinatus and the teres minor is immediately posterior to the two other muscles the fourth muscle in the rotator cuff the subscapularis located interior lighting and it’s not palpable since a rotator cuff lies directly below the acromion were the top portion of the shoulder it must be rotated out from underneath before it is palpable passive extension of the shoulder moves the rotator cuff into a power pole position so this moves the rotator cuff into that position there for hold the patient’s arm just proximal to the elbow joint and lift elbow posteriorly or down below to the joint and lift them elbow posteriorly and palpate the roundness the xpose rotator cuff slightly inferior to the interior border of the acromion where the top portion there’s a lot of powerful internal and external rotators are bringing your shoulder in close to your body and away from your body externally rotating and we see a lot of dysfunction specifically at a chiropractor in murfreesboro at healthworks chiropractic you know we can see a lot of dysfunction in the specific muscles at a chiropractor in murfreesboro at healthworks chiropractic in murfreesboro tennessee we let us see a lot of dysfunctions and people shoulders and rotator cuff it’s a common cause of pain and disability among adults and an appointment 2013 about too many people in the united states went to the doctor because of rotator cuff problem in your shoulder this means that any daily activities like getting your hair combed or brushing your teeth are getting dressed as going to become painful and difficult to do when we see these at a chiropractor in murfreesboro at healthworks chiropractic would help people along with multiple modalities that we use here so basically your shoulder like we were saying earlier is made up of three bones your upper arm the humerus your shoulder blade your scapula that kind of winged area in your collarbone are clavicle in the shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint the ball for the head of your upper arm bone for the humerus fits into a shallow socket in your shoulder blade and what’s your arm your arm is kept in your shoulder socket by your rotator cuff the rotator cuff to group of four muscles that come together as tendons to form a covering around and shoot out of the humerus and the rotator cuff attaches to the humerus at the shoulder blade and it helps to lift and rotate your arm and word and outward and up above your head and down below so there is a lubricating sac called the bursa between the rotator cuff in the bone on top of your shoulder called the acromion the bursal does the rotator cuff tendon to clyde freely and when you move your arms the rotator cuff tendons are injured or damaged this person can become inflamed and often very very painful so when one or more the rotator cuff tendon is torn the tendon no longer fully attaches to the head of the humerus most rotator tears are actually going to occur in the supraspinatus tendon but other parts of the rotator cuff may be involved in many cases has the the persons and progresses the tendons completely tear sometimes when somebody heavy object or picking something up off the ground there’s some different types of tears to them that we see at healthworks chiropractic chiropractor in murfreesboro can diagnose you with these at healthworks


chiropractic partial repairs this type of terror cells are called an incomplete tear square frey kind of in the muscle or tendon damage is the tendon but it isn’t completely separate a full thickness tear in the cemetery is also called a complete tear because it separates all the tenant from the bone and with a thick full thickness tear is basically a hole in the tendon so there’s multiple causes for these that we see at a chiropractor in murfreesboro and one of them is degeneration and oftentimes the most part injury and acute care you know if somebody falls down the stairs or outstretched with their arm or lift something way too heavy with a jerky motion you can tear your rotator cuff and these type of tears they can often occur with other shoulder injuries such as a broken collarbone or dislocated shoulder now we look at the tenant that occurs slowly over time and it’s degeneration it’s natural and it occurs as we age in her body breaks down if you have a degenerative tear on your shoulders but we see a chiropractor in murfreesboro at healthworks chiropractic is there’s a there’s a greater likelihood of a rotator cuff tear in the opposite shoulder to the opposing side and if you have no pain in that shoulder you may end up getting pain because of compensation for the injured shoulder so you know there’s repetitive stress that can happen over time you know repeating the same emotions again and again to stretch your shoulder it’s been a lot of time people that work on machines in her pressing buttons or pulling levers are doing things a lot the time they’re going to be doing with your dominant hands and that’s going to take most of the stress from that movement so repeating that same motion athletes to do like baseball and pictures of specifically tennis players chiropractor in murfreesbororotors and weight lifters their examples of things that can tear your rotator cuff because overuse they have a higher risk you know where your chores around the house can cause overused tears and we get a lack of blood supply you know as we get older it’s a blood supply in a rotator cuff tendons of it’s actually got a lesson and we see that a chiropractor in murfreesboro at healthworks chiropractic without a good blood supply body’s natural ability to repair the tenant is actually going to be coming prepared so this can ultimately lead to a tenant are things like bone spurs as well as another complication that we do see a chiropractor in murfreesboro healthworks chiropractic and as we age bone spurs bone over gross often develop on the underside of that little top bump your acromion at the top portion of your shoulder and when we lift our arms the spurs rub on the rotator cuff tendon and this is what we could like to call shoulder impingement in overtime this whole week in the tenant and make it more likely to cause you know we look at risk factors to of people that do trailer rotator cuffs a chiropractor in murfreesboro at healthworks chiropractic because most most rotator cuffs are largely caused by normal wear and tear that goes along with aging and people actually over 40 years of age were at a greater risk of rotator cuff tears and people who do repetitive lifting or overhead activities are also add a risk for rotator cuff tear athletes are especially vulnerable to overuse terrace particular like we were saying earlier tennis and baseball pitchers painters carpenters a lot of repetitive motions occur with that and others who do overhead work they have a greater chance of tearing the rotator cuff and although overused tears cover sports activity or overhead work also kern younger people most tears and young adults are caused by traumatic injury like a fall an accident so if you think your having some pain and I’m at rest at night keep their if you’re lying on the affected shoulder pain with lifting or weakness when lifting a rotating your arm in or out to get some crepitus or crackling sensation when you’re moving your shoulder around and it hurts there is a good chance that she could potentially have a rotator cuff tear so we’re here at healthworks chiropractic to help you out at a chiropractor in murfreesboro so give us a call today phone number 615-867-1144 and we’ll be more than happy to take a look at you and do the proper test to determine if this is a tendon injury or it’s coming from the neck will do a very thorough examination of you and make sure you’re getting the best and help possible for injury and get to the root cause of it