Today is your chiropractor in murfreesboro:i want to go over one of the things that we see in our office and it is a really debilitating problem and it’s called carpal tunnel and double crush syndrome. So what this does is the vertebrae in your neck, tenderness misalign in cause nerve pressure. That goes continued all the way down to the arm, but pain, burning to the arm with elbow and wrist pain and then numbness and tingling all the way into the fingers and concerned on the left on the 100 start, giving a problem, but in general this is very treatable and very fixable. Andyucaipa joy mersereau seen this many times and have had very good success in treating this. So I want to dive into a little bit more as to what causes this and and how this happens and what we do to treat it before. But I want to run to a typical scenario that someone may experience when they are experiencing the carpal tunnel and double crush syndrome. So what people really starting to get worried about eyes when their wrist begin to ache in the fingers go numb and get get tingling? And then you start to feel that pain up your arm and in your neck, starts to feel stiff and tight. What happens? A lot of the group starts the weekend and in severe case of people even begin to drop things. You may go to your medical provider and they’re going to do some testing on you and they’re going to probably diagnosed me with carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a common overuse. Injury of the wrist where the bones of the wrist, misalign and compress the median nerve, which is a nerve going through your wrist into your hand, goes to the tunnel in the wrist so that prescribe physical therapy and I’ll. Take give you an anti-inflammatory drugsyou’re going to have to probably wear a splint exercises and regester ergonomics at work, and it almost time of the pain, still doesn’t go away. At that point time, they’re going to recommend surgery center for surgical decompression is performed, but generally fails as one of the worst surgeries out there. What happens with the carpal tunnel surgery? Is that a sheath that surrounds the bones that keeps the bones in place and they basically cut that sheath releasing the bones in the pressure in the wrist with the thought process of this taking, you know solving the problem by taking the pressure of the nerve, but in reality it it it just destabilize the area and that they really don’t have a lot of success with the problem and lot of times, I’ve heard through the years that patients reported missing. That with her doctor, just saying is all in your head in reality is that is actually not. The casethere is still a problem that is persistent there. That people are are having to deal with it’s. A lot of research has been done on this area, and the researchers now show the problem may be coming from your direction. To get us call. The double crush syndrome since 1973 appears researchers have noticed that carpal tunnel syndrome does not exist alone. Is that it is the reason many treatments, including surgery, fail cuz they’re, not addressing the problem, that’s coming from the neck. In fact, one study revealed a group of patients with chronic peripheral nerve compression, which is compression of the rest of the elbow. Think periphery like down the arm in this, had a 93.2% failure rate using traditional medical management, which is just ridiculous, and this is because compression of the nerve often exist in more than one location in are primarily in the neck, which is what I have to do to earlier I’m. Another group of researchers felt that 67 to 75% of patients studied who had carpal tunnel orono, ulnar, neuropathyanother, omar nevers, another nerve going down your arm and can get compressed at the elbow. I’m also showed some degree of nerve root irritation in the cervical thoracic area of the spine, so think the neck or the hump do you say sometimes in people’s back. That is a cervical thoracic part of the spine basic over the neck of the in the mid back meet where your traps are. Those really tight muscle that you get when you’re stressed. The chiropractor in murfreesboro also saw another study of a thousand patients which found a significant correlation between bilateral carpal tunnel symptoms of both hands and arthritis in the neck, and that’s because he arthritis degenerative changes that happened over time. Jenna was going to start to compress those nerves as well, and so it’s been observed that proper alignment is important at the wrist elbow and the neck to prevent compression of the nerves that cause pain, numbness, burning and loss of strength, and that’s what your chiropractor in murfreesboro does. He’s evaluates a spine for misalignment and correct that misalignment and what a patient comes in. We don’t always say:there’s one of three things going on. One would be an alignment issues as what we just talked about at the spine misalignment it puts pressure on the nerves. I’m over time is going to generate that area, which means you going to have decreased disk space and bone spurs and arthritis in their. The next thing could be a disk issue, and so the disc is the padding between the bones and if a disc is bulging is going to compress the nerve, and that’s also going to cause this problem that were talking about today. The third thing would be something we can’t help you with and through the course of our evaluation, will figure that out and be able to refer you out the proper medical attention to make sure they can get that fixed for you, one thing I’ve noticed over the years to is overuse of the wrist and elbow and an over flexor extended position can begin the process of soft tissue breakdown and resultant bone, misalignment information and nerve compression there for jobs like waitressing, cashiers, carpenters meat, cutters musicians, computer operators, painters, even housewives, are strong candidates for nerve pression, an extremity at the wrist and elbow chiropractic, and what’s your chiropractor in murfreesboro has been over the years as get quick relief without drugs or surgery and in the end you still have to suffer.

For that can help you so much with us and sometimes you’ll just don’t know, which is why we’re doing this article to give information about this? You know this all the stuff we just talk is compounded by that that’s misalignment of the spine of the neck, which can be from past injury, is chronic poor posture and just a lack of spinal maintenance. I, don’t think people understand how proper or how important it is to keep that spine, maintain with even just monthly adjustment. It’s like we work out really hard to get in good shape and we eat. While we try to eat well to keep our body maintain, but we don’t think about her spine and that’s just really unfortunate. They would make such a difference in our health of our country is fila misalignment, which organ called subluxation. They cause abnormal compression of the disc joints and nerves and overtime. This leaves arthritis to generation, pain, numbness, burning weakness to the most people, don’t know how to maintain their spine and prevent misalignment is because a major contributor, double crush syndrome, the chiropractor in murfreesboro, seems all too often, and it just really is sad. Another researcher that I I read his documentation demonstrated that nerve compression the neck blocks cellular material to the distal nerve to still nervous one going down your arm, making it more susceptible to injury at the wrist. Most recent should agree that for optimal results, treatment should be directed at both the cervical area and the carpal tunnel level, so their neck and their wrists in general treatment for the neck is non-surgical. We can do that through alignment and decompression in the in our office. Many patients has got great results in the chiropractor in murfreesboro is office. Doing this we are experts in diagnosing and correcting spinal misalignments. What many people may be unaware of is chiropractors are also experts at correcting misalignment to the peripheral joint, such as the wrists elbows shoulders that occur as a result of the repetitive overuse. In fact, the joint chiropractic in medical study showed 98% of a group of patients with double crush syndrome who had not had surgery. Recent remember to leave the other, send those with the chiropractic adjustments alone. This is pretty amazing, 98% of very high number in a researchers world that is almost 100% fact. Another group of patients in the same study, who were previous medical surgical failures and were told they would have to live with the severe pain for the rest of their lives, quote unquote. Experience pain, relief in 84% of the cases with chiropractic and medical management combination. Since when an extremity misalignment is prevalent in our society because of repetitive motions for posture and,, everyone should have a chiropractor on their healthcare team to maintain alignment of the spine in the whole body. Your chiropractor in murfreesboro is wholeheartedly on that bandwagon as well. I can’t tell you how important is to get that’s fine check regularly, because misalignment of any movable part, whether it’s a car, wheel, gear and machine or your spine, will wear out faster and break down. Center fort alignments are not maintained if you or a friend or family member, suffer from carpal tunnel or double crush syndrome. That way to describe today is vitally important to call your chiropractor in murfreesboro to make an appointment for a chiropractic examination. Today in our office, the health first chiropractic team will examine your spine as well as the wrist elbow and shoulder for proper alignment. Of course, of corrective adjustments exercises nutrition and therapeutics plants could be used. Decompression is also a big thing with laser that we’ve done in our chiropractor in murfreesboro office, health, source chiropractic. That is really help people in the end. Sometimes we can’t help people. So that’s why I described earlier and if surgery is necessary, we will work with your medical doctor to help ensure your most favorable outcomes. Most importantly, you got to get checked if you’re dealing with it, but if you maintain your spine and all your body joints with regular chiropractic care that jenna is going to prevent you getting to this part point and chiropractor in murfreesboro has seen many patients who have never had this experience because they get regular, chiropractic care at our office. We care about our patients of what we need to do, to get them better and keep them better and healthy. Chiropractic is a big part of that healthy lifestyle that people must do to stay active, do all the things they want to do feel better and in the end, your chiropractor in murfreesboro will treat you with the love and respect that every patient needs and we will get you better. Keep you better and we look forward to seeing you in our office