A chiropractor in Murfreesboro at Healthworks Chiropractic can determine if spinal decompression is right for you. I want to talk to you about spinal decompression and what it can do for you. You know we see a lot of our patients here at a chiropractor in murfreesboro they’re, coming in with the chronic disc issues, either in their lumbar cervical spine, and we really want to help them with their spinal decompression protocol that we go by so essentially what we do in order to alleviate some of that pressure in the disk and the irritation on the nerve to get you on. Our spinal decompression table were first going to do a pre-treatment, which is, is typically rk laser or some type of stem. So basically, what the k laser is is red light therapy going to penetrate through the tissue, and it’s going to bring oxygenated blood to that area kind of pulling blood to the surface and allowing that area to loosen up not only and is going to promote the healing, so it kind of loosens up the soft tissue get that blood circulating in there and start start the healing process of the soft tissue. So it’s a good pretreatment before the decompression therapy is also stem muscle, send you know I’m kind of fire signals to the nervous system, telling those muscles  Chiropractor In Murfreesboroto relax and lucent and lengthen out, if need be. So that’s another great pretreatment that we use here at healthworks, chiropractic chiropractor in murfreesboro. Another thing that we do like to do is our roller tables. Are massage tables tractioning the spine?

So it’s mechanical traction. Essentially what that is it’s going to be rulers or a massage table kind of rolling and lengthening the muscles of the spinals, like you would if your phone moline, or something like that so we’d like to do these pretreatments to loosen up the the tissue before we stretch it and stretch the spinebecause. If we don’t have that pre-treatment, the muscles-and you know the tissues surrounding the spine-is going to react accordingly. So, what’s really cool about the table that we hear have here at healthworks, chiropractic, a chiropractor in murfreesboro utilizes, this a lot is, we have a hill decompression table to this is how the latest and greatest as far as spinal decompression, goes in the research behind it. What does table does? Is it has kind of a whopper in a lower-end, and you said it accordingly, you know from what you what you find from a patient’s diagnosis at a chiropractor in murfreesboro I had healthworks chiropractic. We find a lot of disc issues, so we set a program accordingly, you know whether it’s a cute, you know chronic been going on for a while and want to make sure we have the proper treatment set in the proper poundage. So big, five percent of the personweight is a general recommendation and then for the neck. We usually do you know roughly 10 lb of the person’s body weight artist is going to be lighter with the neck or the cervical spine. You know a lot more risk start on the cautious side and see how the patient reacts to that and then plan accordingly around that as well to the chiropractor in murfreesboro they’re, going to set the treatment for you and what does is going to do is going to create kind of a reverse pressure or like the pump, in effect for the disk, where it kind of elongates the spine and then is going to put back together very slowly, then this pumping mechanism is going to pump that fluid back in the disc, ideally and how to heal and seal up that disk in believing so that pressure. So another name for dd spinal decompression is non surgical decompression. So what what makes the table unique is thatopen effect and it is like it’s all electronic. So essentially, if it knows your body or your muscles are trying to fight or resist against the pool, it’ll loosen the load up so as a kind of pools if it feels your body tense or tighten up its going to release that pressure a bit very slowly. So you don’t injure that tissue and then once that muscle relax accordingly, how the decompression table wants it to do. It’ll kind of slowly gradually gradually bring that pull back up to where it needs to be. So essentially, you know the table that he’ll makes us stop the line and it’s a very sophisticated table. So basically, like the cervical decompression of the neck, decompression was very mindful and we like to focus on efficiency and safety with with that modality, with the cervical, decompression and you’re not going to realize, but there’s two distinct advantage is built into the cervical decompressionand. The first is the unique cervical device, that’s comfortable and it cradles the occiput or the back portion of the neck or the back kind of two bones:lexical attention there and it’s getting capsule eat that. Are you fully it’s adjustable too? So we can kind of fit whoever you know size or shape that your head? Maybe it’s cushioned and it’s a it’s a customized support for the patient and there, but they’re kind of going through. So the second about the cervical you know, for the call that he’ll has is the table, is going to make sure that the patient is the most comfortable by designit’s. It’s the ability to target specific disc for the lower end of the cervical spine, even into some some of the top portion of the rasik spine of the middle of the back, and it still functions I’m going to take pressure off the posterior dis, regent special in patients with a lot of posterior or behind bone, spurring, that’s kind of getting that intervertebral foramen. So we we look for outcomes with this, and the software is very, very clear to as far as specific sandhill is always coming up with new approaches in new programs. Give us a call today at Healthworks Chiropractic 615-867-1144