Today, I chiropractor in murfreesboro I want to talk about how exercise and chiropractic care and excellent way to reduce pain over and help you function, better health chiropractic. We see a lot of healthy individuals that are plagued with pain, general joint pain or pain in the lower back mid back upper back shoulder wrist pain, a lot of tennis elbow just different problems that plagued people and prevent them from everyday lifejust. At a couple days ago, we had a guy that likes. He likes to play golf a lot and doesn’t want his game to be affected and he was suffering from some some golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow, and he was still trying to play golf with a compression band around his elbow and after you take it off after the golf game was over with. He would get the paint immediately back. So what are we did with him? Along with just some chiropractic adjustment? Is we implemented the k laser into his play along the the inside and outside of the album? chiropractor in Murfreesboro What is going to do is going to help metabolism of the cell and help pull the oxygen back with the red light laser and promote that cellular regeneration to get all the nutrients and oxygen to the tissue, so it can help cuz, overuse or tennis elbowit’s kind of by your elbow. You get this pain kind of right in the tendon, since the name tendonitis, where that tendon will get inflamed or maybe the same micro trauma would happen, just a little tiny tears and it called you buddy since information in those areas, along with things like corrective exercises, where you can rehab this tissue insulates, the the k laser the red light laser in there to get that light, penetrate into that tissue to help that process a little bit faster, are the chiropractor in Murfreesboro. chiropractor in Murfreesboro We see this often with people, you know with different areas of their body, with tissue regeneration and having the spine of the spines misaligned and then the tissue, along with it, is causing inflammation of there’s some dysfunction in the tissue. We like to help open your range of motion, and we can certainly help increase your range of motion slowly over time with specific exercises well, and we want to make sure that a runner can run off and malia golfer can golf off. Malia general weightlifter can lift properly and with their full potential. You know you, you want to probably get the most out of the gym experience or just any activity and daily life, and that’s what a chiropractor in murfreesboro kin to a healthworks chiropractic. You know exercise can keep burning after your workout session is over, and so people are always looking for. You know new ways and things like that to stay fit and healthy and make the most of their time up, make the most efficient while you’re exercising or doing these activities. It’s an excellent way to prevent pain to in the long-term. By align your spine properly do spinal manipulation and you don’t have a lot of pain all over the body to the wrist, the elbow the ankles, the knees.

You know we want to get you back to doing the things that you love to do at a murphysboro chiropractor at healthworks, chiropractic, the car weather in murfreesboro, open up the range of motion just slowly chiropractic care is kind of gradual treatment to i. Can help increase the range of motion and get you pain, free to able to move freely and without any restrictions, while you’re doing things that you enjoy no line the spine, the joints and other areas of the body to work more efficiently and synergistically if the body works at the whole, the body is a hole all the nerves chiropractor in Murfreesboro connected out of the spine, leading up to the brain. You know they support and send signals all over the body to the arms the leg the feet everywhere. So we want to make sure that everything is lying and you know you’re sitting. Ideally how you should we want to keep the bones strong, tenant, strong muscle, strong. So that’s why we want to all over approach with the chiropractic care. You know we want to help you as much as we can in for youtube the most out of your treatment and live a more productive life. You know a lot of exercise, prescriptions and addition to the passive kerrigan of the manipulation soft tissue therapy. It’s an important component with the recovery and patient engagement or people people doing what they’re supposed to be doing is a large part of that too. We want to empower the patient and we want to increase the patient confidence in their own compat capacity, so they know that they can improve their pain and function and as a as a chiropractor in murfreesboro, we want to help them do what they can and live pain, free and live to their fullest potential. You know a corrective exercise program. I can only help you, but he can play an active role in your care. You know it will allow you to feel a renewed sense of self-reliance and you can actually have the ability to perform just daily life activities without the fear fear of injury. We want to teach you how to move better. We want to teach you how your joints were going to teach you cuz, the more that you know the more you’re going to get from your experience. So you know we want to have an effective I’ll, come to you with the manipulation. So we want to show you the things that are going to maximize your healing potential and show you for the long-term. You know there was a study showing that final nips relation in the mobilization and plus the exercise of it. It’s going to give you the long-term benefits of relief and functional movement and global received the effect for sub acute and chronic mechanical neck disorders, with or without the headache. We want to help you at HealthWorks chiropractic give us a call today 615-867-1144