Today, in this article, your chiropractor in murfreesboro going to go over what does to to get you well in to keep you well because, that’s what it’s all about you know we are really good at getting you out of payne real, quick I’m. That’s one of the easiest jobs that we have to do, but, most importantly for us are our goal-is to keep you well in a long on a long-term basis and chiropractic really falls in line with your healthy lifestyle choices like exercise and eating right and getting lots of water, healthy, positive mental attitude. These things really go hand-in-hand. Fruits for a healthy individual in today’s world stress is all over the place. You know we, we watch the news and it’s stressful drive to work and I’m, stressing because it’s like we get to our job and our boss tells us we missed a deadline of stressful. Our kids are pulling us in each each direction. There’s so many activities these days. It’s just stressful, so I’madjusted really helps manage. Your stress ran inside out method, because stress is going to hit your weak points and what I mean by that is. If, for example, you get headaches when you’re stressed out your pregnant get a headache if you have stomach issues, if you get stressed out your stomach and start bothering you or if you have neck issues, are back itches, that’s where stress is going to hit and that’s just how it works and the cool thing about chiropractic. Is we produce these results without the use of drugs and surgery, and in the end you know a drug? Is it a band-aid? You know that was you can tell the singer wear if your check engine light in your car comes on, you have one or two options, one which would be the smart one. Does it take it to a mechanic and I would be like going to your carpet again getting checked out and see what’s going on? Why that check engine light comes on i, think of the check engine light as in pain or discomfort, or a symptom that your body’s way of telling you that something’s, not right, and so you should go into your chiropractor in murfreesboro-is office for a checkup or option. 2 is to put a bandaid on it. So what the banded be well do i, take an advil taking a medication covering up the symptom, because in the end, if we’re just looking for symptom early, if there’s all kinds of drugs and potions and even surgery, surgeons going to go in there and take out an organ or fuse a bone or do something that really is attacking the symptom of the bigger problem. People that we see who come out of the surgery they’re going to have another one that they don’t do something about it. I’ve seen people come in with five levels fuse of their back and it just does not much from a typewriter stamp. What you can do anymore, really for anything, because the body is the mechanic there so altered that it’s just not right and they are in the the patience. Prognosis is not very good on the reason we can get you better without drugs and surgery is because your body is alive. It it’s busy at work. Regulating it repair itself, it has was called an eight intelligence, so it doesn’t need any information other than what it already has. So. For example, if you cut your finger, he don’t have to physically look at your finger and tell that finger to heal itself. It does it automatically just doesn’t know what to do. You don’t have to tell your heart to beat or your your stomach to digest your food or or your liver to process waste in the body is an amazing thing, and you know what it needs:a push in the right direction sometimes, and that would be when a chiropractor comes in, so how this works. At the bones, misaligned put pressure on the nerves, cause nerve interference, overtimes causes was called disiz and what that means is dysfunction of the body. So what the chiropractor does, what your chiropractor in murfreesboro does in his doctors is identify. The areas that have misalign to take to take the pressure off the nerve would give you an adjustment. The adjustments, very gentle, very specific for each patient is all kinds of techniques that we used to make the most sense and get the most results for the patient. On top of his making them comfortable. You see these impulses flowing over your nervous system control. How well your body works again. These dresses that get into our body they can be caused by physical, chemical and emotional stress it off and overload your nervous system. So we talked a lot about emotional stress earlier. Wanted was some physical and chemical structures that can really overload that system. Physical stress would be anything that we do on a repetitive basis. So may we sit at a desk for several hours a week and we look at the screen. So it’s going to be physical stress to your eyes, so I strain and also to your neck and your upper back, because that’s going to put pressure as you look forward to more and more about 60 pounds of pressure gets put in that neck and back area after the end of the day, that’s a physical stress and then you can also think of like factory workers. The repetitive motion that happens with most of their job duties and then your chiropractor in murfreesboro see a lot of people that have chemical stress issues. That’s because our diet is not great. You know what we eat fast food, we’re not going to eat all organic foods all the time and that just causes the chemical stress in our system and then things like not great will not can a lot of water to clear out the system or smoking or injecting drugs either illegal drugs or over-the-counter prescription.

Drugs was all cause, a chemical stress in our body, and it overloads the nervous system, and so we talked about that a lot with their patients and, as a stress overload, the body what’s called a subluxation, gets into our system and when that happens, the nerve get pinched. The muscles tighten the spinal joints lock in nearby joints and nerves are choked or irritating that nerve flow is then decreased and our body start to dysfunction. There’s that disses we talked about earlier I think about it is it’s. Both people think that when the nerves get pants for talk about a pinched nerve or just going to cause a tight muscle or pain, or what have you, what does nerve in your friends can affect organs and tissues throughout the body. So your chiropractor in murfreesboro has seen lots of cases where patients have recovered from things that haven’t even thought about. So they came in, for example, would low back pain and they end up getting pregnant, or they came in with mid back pain as I started to adjust them. Their asthma went away, but it came with neck pain and their headaches went away and their allergy started to chris and they started sleeping better and their body started functioning better. They had more energy in their exercise in morning started reach some of their goals, and this person’s body just started functioning better because we were remove the nerve interference chiropractor in murfreesboro on the way to tournaments. This is we do a very thorough examination to locate the exact source of the nerve, interference and generally, what we tell a patient is one of three things going on one. You got a misalignment in the spine and that’s why I’ve been talking about today, the nerves, the nerves getting pinched by the vertebra being misalign and the guinness pinching that nerve. You could also have a disc bulge or a disc herniation. That’s that’s! A letter. Choirs of the more treatment at surrey or corporate are decompression protocol, where we do decompression and laser to take the information out to get the disc bulge off. The nerve we also rely on is fine with the adjustments. Now, that’s a lil bit more complicated with more longer protocol, but we can’t we have a 91% success rate on that once the chiropractor in murfreesboro doctors have precisely found which bones have misaligned in which direction we give up a precise force at the right time and place which revives your ability to self-heal in self-regulate and that’s where the body starts to function better. You know your well-being returns as well as repeated visits, retrain and strengthen your spine. I was talk about that. Your temperature in murphysboro highly recommends maintenance visits after you get your initial treatment plan finished cuz. Here’s the deal, if you start to say, for example, you start to work out really hard on the next 90 days. You start to get in better shape and you start to feel better your muscles or less tight. You shouldn’t stronger and then all sudden you just stop what happens. Well, you’re going to go back to the same place. You were 90 days earlier and that’s kind of a chiropractic we’re going to really work hard over the initial treatment time to to get you feeling better to get your body functioning better and when, when you’re there, we really recommend maintenance to keep you in that spot want to keep those functioning want to. You want to strengthen the spine and retrain those bones to stay in a better position and your body heals, and this takes time and depends on how long something going on for, but you know everyone’s little bit different stars. How long it’s going to take in his periodic check-ups are little bit different for everyone. You know there’s a lot of factors in and how often need to come in for may 10th. It has a lot to do with how much do generations in your spine and that’s a big one, how much nerve pressures in there I’m? How old you are, what your job duties are, how much stress in your life? There is many many factors that really come into what a maintenance person would look like for people in your chiropractor in murfreesboro will talk to you about that and we’ll come up with a plan together to to keep your body functioning better and keep you healthy and happy. In the end, you hold the key. How long you better from chiropractic care is up to you. We cannot make you do anything force you to do anything and we’re going to walk you through the process and make recommendations for you. But in the end, it’s your call. It’s your health care, we’re here to serve you, how you want to be served. Some of our patients come in. We, just for a pin adjustment. You know it. We take care them too, and it does help them not quite as much more nervous system standpoint as the people who come in periodically on a regular schedule for maintenance, and we highly recommend that so many patients over the years, many different elements in and problems and it in the end. Each patient’s is unique and different as far as what the presentation is and what they have going on so once exam I would think what you, please repeat:testing nerve testing, a chiropractic exam and x-rays helps your chiropractor in murfreesboro, on their doctors to determine exactly what your needs are and how to get you better in the exact protocol of care to reach your goals. Cuz! That’s what it’s about! It’s about! You make a predator murfreesboro can be reached at 615-867-1144 or franklin. Location is unseen for landing, cool springs.  615-791-9917.