This is your chiropractor in Franklin, TN. held hello to it again today. When I go over no question I get not a question I get but people wonder why I wanted the chiropractic and why we love being a chiropractor. And in the end I love being a chiropractor. chiropractor in Franklin, TN has been doing this for a long time now almost 15 years. I’ve helped so many people get better with so many different ailments. And you know one of the reasons this is one reason I love being a carpenter is I can help people. Every day I can change people’s lives and I can educate them on healthy lifestyle changes and what it takes to be healthy and understand the power of maintenance care and why the body needs constant maintenance because our body does our body needs to have been made Maidans care whether it’s for chiropractic whether Su working out whether brushing their teeth. How is this. Well it’s because our body is designed for movement and when we stopped moving and we started to degenerate we started to break down your chiropractor and Franklinton loves being a carpenter because he loves to educate people on how this works. I love being a chiropractor because of all the success stories we’ve saved people’s lives. We’ve changed people’s lives. Carpenter Franklin Franklinton always loves to tell a story about when he first got out of school. And we used to do a lot of spinal screenings and events and we started our practice from scratch and so we had to go out into the community and give you to understand we were out there and how we can help them.

And I remember vividly having a sponsor and set up at a Kmart. Murfreesboro Aroner regional office in Murfreesboro and Franklin. And this gentleman came out to me just major from Florida and he complained of low back pain. And I said OK let’s try somebody can help us. Here’s here’s the coupon I want to tell the world. Take a look at your we said it was a Plemons so dollars. A few days later you saw this gentleman and took an Ray to the exam and when he left I said Look I’m not going to just you because I need to make sure everything’s in the proper order before readjusts you because I want to make sure we can help you with this global Hall chiropractor in Franklin, TN has a look at the X-ray that everyone left that day. What I found was not practically related at all. It was an aneurism in the stomach that was so big it could have burst into any time. So I call them directly to the hospital where he had emergency surgery on them. Abdominal injuries I’m literally said this gentleman’s life. So I love being a carpenter. I know what it takes to be healthy. I also know what it takes to get people in the right direction. We can’t help them. We literally got a letter in the mail a month or two letter from the surgeons ideology and the fact that we saved this gentleman’s life that was pretty cool. Felt good.

He once he healed up from that he came in and got care for us and we fix structural issues that were also causing some little back pain and he went on to live a very healthy happy life for the remainder time that he had. So stuff like this makes you really love being a chiropractor because we can help people. I love being a chiropractor because I can help train my staff on what it takes to be healthy so they can help educate people in the camp are going to get to just babies. There’s many instances where people have brought their kids in to my clinic to let me address them before they even taking them home to a chiropractor in Franklin, TN understands what that means and the trust of these parents I put it into me to make sure these babies are some fixation free because there is public sanction free. They’re going to grow up to be healthy babies and kids. And how can a baby get a civilization. Yes well the pressure of just being delivered can move the bones out of a limb especially atlas way up high. If the baby’s Atlas’s up high out of a pie then things like colic ear infections can really be a big problem for these children. Parents are the parent of a colicky baby. You understand how much of a toll that takes on you and your sleep and the baby is just not healthy and happy and you just as a parent you just grieve. You don’t grieve but you you are sad because you all you want to do is make that baby feel better and you just can’t do it. I love being a camper. I can build a business at this point in time.

Your partner and Franklinton has two clinics one in Franklin one in Murfreesboro and I love being able to spread chiropractic throughout our communities and our brand of chiropractic we think is really special. We think that what we do how to get better and we think the way we do it is better than a lot of chiropractors out there and there’s good chiropractors is bad. However just like this school learners is good dentists good and bad everywhere. chiropractor in Franklin, TN and we just think that the way we do it is really special because we get results and we back up our results with our 90 day promise that we will get you better 90 days next 90 days are on us. So we put our money where our mouth is. We will accept cases unless we can help you we don’t accept they didn’t want it in our office and we don’t feel like you’re a right fit or we’re going to be able to get you better. We’ll send you somewhere where we think you can be in the. I get to influence lives every day. I get to see people come in are not healthy are not happy you’re not feeling well and they’re not able to do what they want to do. We take them through our protocol whatever that is going to be as each patient different protocol is different adjustments different. And we get to walk them through life changing services and that’s how we’re done with them. There are new people. People are going to come in with headaches every day. Now they’re gone. People have come in with debilitating back pain literally not able to walk in them and they walk out.

We hope you’ll come in with Parkinson’s who are walking in a walker and now they’re walking out. Such that I love to be able to share this with people. chiropractor in Franklin, TN so passionate about what kind of friend can do and so thankful that in 1895. Palmer found a chiropractor he gave the first kind of credit just to Harvey Lillard and from there had sprung a profession that while still in its infancy and needs to do a lot to continue to improve not only through patient education but through our education and through research and to get it more accepted in the community because in the end only 10 percent of people utilize some amazing benefits. And to me that’s very sad. I can’t imagine not getting adjusted carried out and that will go on through life without having my spine and my body working at 100 percent. It’s just amazing to me that people can live through life like that. chiropractor in Franklin, TN. loves being a Harvard because I can educate people unable to see the benefits of getting here their religion their babies Jackson and the grandparents checked to get their parents checks. I love being a carpenter because I love to see the glow on people’s face that they get adjusted. They realize how much better they feel. They realize that getting adjusted is a healthy lifestyle choice and it’s not just about a rock of crack and becoming what I want to hurt. Just want to feel better briefly. I love being a Cabrera’s and get people to understand the benefits of long term maintenance care because our body needs maintenance and that’s just how it works.

So your car departure and Franklinton has passion about all this stuff. If you’re looking for a chiropractor or even just a health provider that’s passionate about health and getting you better than health or chiropractic and Franklin and referrers growth is no doubt the place to go. We have held many different people many different things and I bet you don’t even know we can help you with until you come in and let us do an evaluation on you. Let us see what’s going on particularly with you because structure and function are so intertwined. Your structure is off you’re no doubt functioning less than 100 percent. Over time you started to generate the spine starts to get stuck and the function starts to decrease. We have people coming in that are at age was 40 but body wise probably 50 or 60 because they haven’t taken care of themselves and so your  health was chiropractic laws we don’t take them to the process of getting well again. So if you’re looking for a chiropractor and don’t know where to go look at our views. We’ve got almost 300 reviews combined between each day. We get people better keep them better. We give you a great service. You got to come and you’re going to see a smile on your smile when you walk in. We are here to help you get better and stay better. I love being a chiropractor because of this. I love our staff. I love our patients and I love how changes lives day in and day out. The chiropractor and Franklinton health was Chiropractic is located at 925 South Church Street.

I’m sorry that’s Franklin that’s our chiropractic office and Murfreesboro our park and Franklin office is located at 284 Seaboard Lane. We just recently moved to a state of the art new facility where we have three doctors on staff two doctors whose health is practice one doctor who is also with us who sees his patients in our office. Great Doc between the three of us we are able to chiropractor in Franklin, TN We are on Google MT’s we were on Yelp. We were on Facebook. You can find us and you can locate us and if you need the best chiropractor we are in health care. Frantic chiropractor in Franklin, TN come see us 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7 is our number. We’ll see you soon.