Health care. We really are engaged in getting our patients the most information and the best care to really decide what their best options are for care for life for things that we want to do when you get older and that’s usually what we do now it really has an impact on who we are five years 10 years 15 20 years later. And your chiropractor and Franklinton really ask that question to people. What is your health worth to you. I mean you can look at a statistic after statistic talking about health care costs as we get older and how we really as an American society have become very unhealthy. It is a process. I believe lots of lots of things but I think that we have been indoctrinated by the drug companies saying that you know hey do what you want to do and we’ll give you a pill and you’ll be just fine. I think the indoctrination Chiropractor in Franklin, TN is also taking place in the medical schools where drug companies have gone in and really influenced the teaching of the students coming up and in the end. I hear all the time for patients coming in that I to my primary medical provider and all they want to do is give me a pill. People are really getting tired of that. So I think people understand that health is something that is something we need to really take care of and be invested in and hopefully the tide is changing. And I see it happening more and more people understanding that health comes from the inside out from the outside and in the form of a pill or a potion.
I hope that’s the case. I see evidence otherwise to the opioid epidemic. It’s gotten to a near crisis proportions people are taking painkillers left right because they don’t know any better. The provider gives them the drugs they think they’re fixed some 10 years later five years later whatever it is time frame wise people are still taking these pills because they’re still in pain because the pills they don’t get to the root cause of the problem. They’re simply covering up symptoms. So today you chiropractor and Franklinton want to discuss what health is. What is your health worth to you. What can you do to be healthy now and later. And by doing these steps  Chiropractor in Franklin, TN I really feel like it will make a difference for people down the road. Statistically Americans rank very poorly in overall health of the World Health Organization has rankings across the. And we fall very for having the most. We’ve all very poor in these rankings for having the most resources we have the most hospitals we have the doctors we have the most money to get health care. We have everything we need in place to be healthy except for a healthy culture. And there are a lot Oh I believe we rank 28 in the world. Blossom I checked in overall health. We fall below third world countries we follow countries that are less much less wealth much less resources than we do. And this is a problem and that’s something that your Chiropractor in Franklin, TN through chiropractic health there’s chiropractic wants to help fix because practically we get to the source of the problem when we adjust.

We opened up nerve flow to the body that helps the body not only feel better but function better. If you have issues musculoskeletal that’s a tap in for car fractures your chiropractor and Franklinton to treat it all the time. We also treat things that people don’t know about and we have what’s called a spinal Chiropractor in Franklin, TN nerve chart and one of our booklets that goes over how all the nerves that go out the spine go everywhere to the body. So for example if you have a subluxation that the sixth thoracic vertebra that nerve goes into your stomach skin getting pinched. So a lot of times you have a company with mid back pain. So the sixth thoracic vertebra is right in between the shoulder blades. Of people come in with mid back pain and they also lo and behold have stomach issues. And so as we start to adjust them their stomach starts to feel better and they’re amazing. They think we’re doing some sort of magic trick and then we explained to them how the body works and the light comes on the like. Well  Chiropractor in Franklin, TN Doc my provider just been giving me pills to deal with my acid reflux or my indigestion. You tell me you can fix this otherwise. And my response is chiropractors don’t fix that. What we do is open up the nerve flow to the body by identifying a civilization fixing the subluxation and the body fixes itself. The body is the most amazing fixer if you will of ALS. It is designed to be healthy. A lot of times this needs to be pushed in the right direction.
And although I always feel as someone who comes in with neck pain and then they have also on the consultation told us that the chiropractor Franklinton there get a ton of headaches and migraines on migraine medicines. They’ve been doing this for years and years and years. And then we do the evaluation take the x ray the atlas severely subclade the Atlas’s the first bone and the and the spine says directly into the skull and actually has contact with the brainstem. And if those Atlas’s subject say that it puts pressure on the brainstem and the nerves going all the way down the body it causes headaches and it causes next spasm and pain. And so we fix them we adjust them and these fuels headaches go away and they’re amazed because no one’s ever told them that by getting adjusted it can clear their headaches which is just absolutely crazy to your chiropractor and Franklinton. People don’t know this which is why we write these articles these articles are really designed to be informative and let people know what’s going on in regards to health and wellness. And there’s a way out. Well without taking a potion it really comes down to personal accountability. And so again it comes back to the question What is your health worth to you. If you knew that in 10 years you’d be disabled. Would you do everything you could in your power now to stop that from happening. Well as the statistics say that 10 years from now a lot of people are going to be disabled because of poor lifestyle choices they’re making now because people are not exercising eating fast food fat fatty foods they’re not doing anything that helps their body the body is an amazing compensation machine.
It all comes a long as it can and then it can’t. And then our body starts to break down and then that’s when the disability starts to happen and people start to die because of this our body is designed for maybe once we stop moving kind of pressure in Franklin Tennessee all the time people start to diminish and decline. It’s kind of like when someone goes into a wheelchair someone stops working would be a better example. They stop doing all the normal things they do in a day and they start to sit around in a chair because they’re retired. What cognitive abilities down their functional ability goes down and they start to die. Literally they start to die. So what are some things that you can do to invest in your future. Some things that chiropractor Franklinton has told people is drink lots of water. Our body is made up mostly of water. So drinking half your weight announces every day is a really important step to keep that body nourished and keep the blood flowing and keep the joints hidden. That’s one thing. OK you got to exercise exercise three to four days a week even just for 30 minutes is a big deal. Our body is designed for motion as stopped moving. Our body breaks down. We start to gain fat. Fat is actually just storing energy is there for you so if you’re overweight you have a ton of stored energy in there. Break. Break through that. Understand you’re probably going to be sore in the beginning because you haven’t moved those muscles in a while.
Once you start getting through that and start making exercise a routine becomes a part of your day and you start to actually not understand why you hadn’t exercised before. So your Chiropractor in Franklin, TN and also understands that the soreness will be there and we help to keep the structure in place properly by adjusting the spine. You can continue to exercise those two things. You also got to eat good. OK you got all kinds of apps these days you can count your calories. I understand what you’re taking into your body just being accountable to ourselves again. If you knew that you’re going to be to say well in 10 years what would you do to change that. Would you change your lifestyle habits. What would you do. That question needs to resonate with everyone reading this article. No other you need to be healthy as have a properly functioning spine a nervous system. Wow this is so important. Chiropractor in Franklin, TN . wants to understand that the spine of the nervous system controls every part of your body that controls your ability to read this article controls your ability to get up and eat breakfast in the morning. Chiropractor in Franklin, TN  Just that food that heals it heals cuts it makes us healthier. Everything it does it controls your heart pumping and it controls everything in our body and a properly functioning spine system is what happens when you come and get adjusted by your Chiropractor in Franklin, TN . We identify the areas of misaligned that are pinching the nerve causing spinal dysfunction and we eliminate this found dysfunction by proper adjustment in that area.
This is one of the most important things you can do and I highly recommend that if you haven’t got checked yet you and your whole film that comes in to get checked because it’ll make the biggest difference in the world for you. On top of the things we mentioned if you’re doing these four things the chances of you being disabled in 10 years other than being in an accident are much less. So please take this for what it’s worth. What is your health worth to you. What would you do to make sure you can live the life you want to live see your grandkids Chiropractor in Franklin, TN play with your play with your kids play with your family interact be on this planet longer because we will have a short amount of time on this planet and we want to optimize that time. It’s not about how long we’re here what’s the quality of how long we’re here. It also talks about enhance your quality time you have on this little blue dot. Your chiropractor Franklinton located at 284 Seaboard late last week w health board chiropractic net.