Chiropractor in Franklin, TN offers chiropractic to so many patients with so many different ailments and today I want to go over some success stories that we’ve come through our office and these are too numerous to me actually break down every single one. But I want to go over some specific details. Patients have come in over the years and there’s a lot of stuff going on. And in the end have we become healthy able to have happily functioned through their lives. One patient I want to go over came in he heard us talk in one of our articles and he has Chiropractor in Franklin, TN Parkinson’s and came in very debilitating pain with a walker and he complained of low back pain. Norman could golf or do things you want him to do because of this. And you know we went through and did the evaluation on him and told him hey look there are some limitations to matter but we feel like you got a lot of spinal misalignment. It’s really affecting your function. Maybe see some change in your Parkinson’s. Put it to sleep we start going through and get that nervous system working better. And he access to care and about a month or two into care. He walked in without his walker. And we just we our jaw literally dropped because we had not seen this man this man could not sit on his own standards and he could not get our adjusting table to just sit on his own. He was too weak to do that and he walked in without a walker one day. And we asked him Hey what’s going on is this duck.

It’s only my walk walk and I’m up right and I’m golfing and golf nine holes for the first time in years the other day and I tell you what I feel like I’ve taken 10 years off my life. I feel 10 years younger to Chiropractor in Franklin, TN. help there’s Chiropractic is even sometimes amazing the power of chiropractic. In my wildest dreams didn’t think he’d be off as Walker. And I knew we could help him feel better and we could help him live a better life. But to me this was an amazing feat from this gentleman who came in and was very disabled and his wife came in with him and she was just hoping for a little bit of relief and in the end their lives have changed because of chiropractic care. This is so amazing to me. You can actually find his testimony of video on our Website w w w health or chiropractic dot net and your chiropractor in Franklin, TN just super excited for what life holds for him going forward. Another patient want to go over came in and we found him out event. His complaint was low back pain and we did an evaluation on him and in the end it wasn’t his back that was bothering him was an aneurism in the stomach and this thing was ready to burst the time is limited the size of a mini basketball which was putting pressure on the spine and causing nerve interference causing the back pain. We sent this gentleman directly to the hospital for emergency surgery and once that was taken care of.

He then came back and we started working on him for spinal misalignments and this and Chiropractor in Franklin, TN literally saved this gentleman’s life not only short term because the aneurysm but long term his quality of life changed so much because of our ability to get the spine realigned and to get the nerves working better because structure and function is so intertwined that the structure was off. Once the Chiropractor in Franklin, TN aneurysm was dealt with. We were able to freeze his function and that was a big deal. Another story I want to go over is a lady who came in who was suffering from migraines her whole life since she was 16 years old. She’s gone through all the medical procedures of Botox injections and on medicine all the time taking migraine medicine as well as over the counter medicine daily just to stem these headaches. She just got tired of dealing with this so she looked up your chiropractor and Franklinton and saw one of our reviews of a patient who got better with a lot of the same symptoms through chiropractic care and reluctantly came in and one of the first things she said to your chiropractor Franklin is that I’m scared. I’m skeptical. I think I don’t know. I don’t really believe in this. I’m not sure how it works but I’m so desperate that I’m willing to try anything right now. So her desperation and her frustration with her medical care brought her into our office and this is a very common story. Unfortunately that unfortunately are still things out there about chiropractic that is just blatantly false or or what have you. And in the end she is so happy she came into just because her headaches are now gone she doesn’t get headaches.

The more snorers take medications what’s your chiropractor and Franklinton found was a significant subluxation in her upper cervical spine and her Alice as well as curvature changes in her neck causing muscle spasm and discomfort in the neck because of the nerve pressure being caused by this. So we addressed these functional limitations through adjustments through taking the pressure off the nerves. And this lady now is the biggest advocate of chiropractic care. She has brought her family and her daughter who has started the same things around the same age is now under her care in our office and now no longer getting headaches. And we have been able this time off that for her and in the end it will change her life as well because she won’t have to go through the pain that her mother did. The patient I want to go success story wise is actually matter to us by not having an absolutely debilitating pain he literally could not move you cannot work. And his back was so tender he literally walked into our office hunched over in pain and we went through our evaluation your chiropractor in Franklin, TN found that he had a bulging disc just pinching the nerve in his back on his leg which is a very common thing for Sladek pain which is what he had. The doctor came in and understood that he too had some reservations about chiropractic care just from stuff you heard or what have you. His rule has been adjusted. We walk through the process and took over the protocol. And at this point in time it is as if it never happened. And the cool thing about this is you will actually be fixed.

We’ve rehabbed this disk. We’ve addressed the structural Chiropractor in Franklin, TN misalignments in the spine that causes it over time. We’ve put them in with inserts or orthotics in his shoes and his feet were really thrown at him and really causing a lot of structural imbalance with him because he was you know we didn’t address the feet to utilize him and get that disc back into a better spot through our decompression protocol. He would walk out and the structure of his feet could cause dysfunction the hips and the pelvis and then it would go back to the way it was. So those doctors now pain free functional Rosinski and patients delivering babies. And he is very much in a better position than he was. He walked in 90 days. So are our thing to him we say we’ll get you better 90 days or we’ll work the next 90 days to get you better. Our commitment is to get him better. And we did. And he’s very happy and patient your chiropractor Franklin Tiant wants to discuss as a police officer who came in this police officers a veteran of the force and over the years involved in a lot of nagging back pain because of wearing a belt with the gun and whatever in the vast and bulletproof vests cost a fortune to wear because of certain things in society. People are not happy with cops is just crazy. But anyway firefighter and Franklin did an analysis of the officer in this public service and followed his hips very much misaligned. He had a really big shift in his lumbar spine causing pain down the leg. His discs were intact. They were good.

We didn’t go through just protocol him but what we did was we fit him to the orthotics for his shoes because we were a problem for him as well. And we started to realign the hips and the palace. He also was having neck and upper back pain because of the vest a bulletproof vest. And when we had to be there it was realigned the neck head back over the shoulder. Take the pressure off a nerve in the upper back in the neck. And by doing this we were able to correct his substations and we were able to take the pressure off and decrease the muscle spasms in the back. Now he just comes in periodically for maintenance and once a month for maintenance care to change his life to think about having to retire because of the pain he was having. And I can go out there and serve the public and get the bad people off the streets. Chiropractor and Franklinton was really happy to be able to help this gentleman out. Well as baby Kim and this baby came in by her mother. The baby was probably about three months old was not eating was fussy was colicky and already had an ear infection and her friend told her that possibly chiropractic could help the baby get through this. And she too has never been to a chiropractor was a little bit reluctant chiropractic care what your car parts are. Chiropractor in Franklin, TN  did an evaluation on her and found that Alice bone underneath the skull had significantly misaligned putting pressure on the nerves and that’s what’s causing the ear infections and the colic he said it was the baby was experiencing.

So we adjust the baby a few times. Babies are different. Adults don’t have the wear and tear that we have and they respond so quick so after just a few adjustments we are already seeing a change in the demeanor of the baby. And now a few months later your Chiropractor in Franklin, TN as no longer has to see the baby other than just a checkup. Because all your symptoms have gone away. She’s now a healthy happy baby Percheron Franklinton can be located on Seaborg lane or w w w health or chiropractic dot net.