As your partner in Franklin T.N. Helper’s chiropractor we love sports and our office. We love kids that play sports we love watching sports knowing about sports. We love the competition. We love the pageantry. We love that people learn life lessons in sports so chiropractic and sports go hand in hand. Your chiropractor in Franklin Tennessee as a matter of fact has played sports all his life. Growing up he played golf baseball and basketball and all kinds of sports around the house and just a sports fanatic. And I am passionate about sports. I know how Chiropractor in Franklin, TN chiropractic can enhance people’s performance when they’re playing sports. Matter of fact most professional teams most minor league teams have chiropractors as a part of their health care team because they too know the benefits of getting adjusted in chiropractic care when it comes to the performance of their athletes in the end and professional sports team is there to get the most out of their athletes because they’re there to win and they’re there to make a profit because the better their teams form the more people show up at the ballpark or the field forever to see their players play your chiropractor Franklin, TN. has a personal story when it comes to sports and confronting well as well and that in the end sports is the reason you’re chiropractor’s health care. Fred thank you. CABRERA And Franklin Teahen became a chiropractor. So my story goes back to 1986 where a story actually against my brother who in the end became a caricature as well. But he got injured Bassal upright. He was a senior in high school and he had his back.

And of course he went through the normal medical route where he got the pills and potions and all that kind of stuff and it just it just wasn’t working for him. And so on a whim and by a recommendation from a friend of the family he went to the local chiropractor and lo and behold these sorry adjusted and he started getting better and was able to go out and play his senior year and play basketball. And so it made a profound impact on him and in the end it solidified his path to becoming a chiropractor as well. So I saw that at a young age how hard it affected him his ability to play. And lo and behold a few years later it was the same thing for me. So I was one of the better pitchers on Chiropractor in Franklin, TN our team in baseball. But for whatever reason I could not in my junior year I could not throw strikes. Can get people out. And I was getting really frustrated so I went to a chiropractor her chiropractic appointment. I just mentioned to my chiropractor and said you know check you out. And so he checked me out on my shoulder and my neck. And in the end give me a just an adjustment. And that was my first adjustment. So the next day I went out and pitched I threw a no hitter and it was unbelievable to me that was there a connection between chiropractic and sports as far as how did this chiropractor all of the sudden change my ability to pinch my velocity increase and just get people out.

And so I went back and asked about it and he told well look son the spine controls all the nerves going out to your arm. What we do is free up the nerve flow in your body just started to function better. And so you need to come in and get adjusted more. And so I did an end of the year I was all state one of the best players in the state. And that turned into my senior so my senior year every year before every day before I got adjusted every day before I pitched I got a just and I was the best pitcher in the state and I was all Colorado. I gave up two runs and sixty five innings and I had 120 strikeouts and I have no doubt that this got me a college scholarship I got a full ride through college all the way through. And the other side of this story is in college my college is in the mid 90s did not have chiropractors on staff. And so what happened. Well my freshman year it hurt my arm. I should have been drafted that could have been drafted if I want to continue progress. But I hurt my arm and never healed properly was still able the pitch got a finished up all region and junior college and then get another scholarship to a four year school. Once I got there my body started to break down and my arm just couldn’t hold up to it. And I know for a fact because I wasn’t getting adjusted.

So sports and chiropractic really had a profound effect on me and my ability to perform when I wasn’t getting adjusted versus when I was at the end of my baseball career I tried to say what I wanted to do. I just kept going back to how chiropractic really changed my life and affected my life. I saw how lives are being the friend in my brother’s office who is still a private and chiropractor and I decided that’s what I wanted to do. Chiropractor in Franklin, TN So I want to cooperate with school sports as the main focus for me still. Still to this day I just like I was I was here so I’m passionate about kids who are socially locally in high school around chiropractor and Franklinton office because I know the effect I can have on them. So we see several athletes in our office and these athletes come in periodically through the week or through the sports year. And I hear back from them all the time. How much of a difference it’s made for them. And this is really cool for me because I know it’s having an impact on their performance. How does this happen. Well so structure and function are very innately intimately intertwined. So basically the easiest way is that the structure is off it’s going to affect their function. So as a chiropractor what we do as part of our once exam is we check people’s structure and how it’s affecting their function. So we do or or predict test nerve tests chiropractic exam and x rays to see exactly what’s going on and what we do is based on that information we put together a specific plan of attack to help alter the structure to increase the function. How does this happen. Well if the structure is off it moves the bones out of alignment.

When that happens it pinches the nerve. Now if you’ve read previous articles you chiropractor in Franklin Tennessee has gone over what happens when a nerve gets pinched. And what a nerve gas pinched. It decreases nerve flow to the body. So what that means is the body’s not functioning at 100 percent and depending on how severe the structural imbalance is also depends on how much it affects your function. So someone has a very significant shift or curvature in the spine. It’s very much affecting their function. What people are generally experiencing with this is pain management the first that people come in for because that’s what they know that chiropractors actually help them with. In general yes we’re really really good at getting people feeling better. But what Kaveret was founded on was the premise of innate intelligence which is the by his ability to heal itself working properly through the Chiropractic adjustment and getting the body function better. So the way we do this is we give a very specific adjustment to identify specific areas of the spine that have misaligned. We know exactly which direction how much they misaligned what so stations are primary substations are secondary and your chiropractor Franklin TennesseeĀ  does a lot of time on the evaluation process to figure out all this stuff and to figure out if we can help you and if we can was going to take to get you better because you really want to through things that are going on. One reason we couldn’t help you. So for example if you get in a car accident you break your neck. I can’t help you can’t heal the bone.

You have to go through the proper medical process to get that healing really is just time or anything but two if you have an alignment issue. When we were talking about we could help you that or 3 if you have a disabled person this generation we can help you with that as well. So we go through the process to figure out what’s going on and what’s the best process to help you get better. And most of our athletes are in better shape and because of this they respond faster Swan better because their bodies are already healthy you just need to push Chiropractor in Franklin, TN in the right direction. That’s what chiropractic does it nudges those bones in the right direction takes the pressure off the nerves and your chiropractor in Franklin Tennessee just sees amazing performance from these athletes. So if you’re an athlete or your child an athlete and you’re looking for an increased performance or you’re looking for a chiropractic checkup chiropractor in Franklin Tennessee health Chiropractic is the place to go. We innately know just through our own experience growing up what it’s like to be an athlete and all the rigours that are involved and we can help these these kids these athletes these adults even if you’re a weekend warrior or you’re a professional athlete or whoever you are if you’re in athletics a needs to be on your team and your chiropractor and Franklin team and health care. Friday is the place to go for this. We have many ways to treat you. We have our Kate laser which goes into very oxygenated blood to the area to help heal soft tissue and to bring inflammation out of the area and to decrease pain.

We have our decompression medical device which is Chiropractor in Franklin Tennessee designed to decrease bulging disc in the rehab that desks take the pressure off the nerves as well. We have the best chiropractors in Franklin we have the best technique we are the chiropractor in Franklin TN that you want to go to. We’re located on Seaboard Lane and Frank and we also have an office in Murfreesboro on South Church Street so we can be found in those places. You can also look up a W W dot health chiropractic dot net or call us at 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7 and frankly our 6 1 5 9 8 6 1 11 44 from Murfreesboro office. Thank you so much to look forward to seeing you on the.