Today at Healthworks Chiropractic we’re going to talk about the most frequently asked questions. If you are looking for a chiropractor in Franklin Tennessee visit us at Healthworks chiropractic located at 284 Seaboard Leahy suite one hundred Franklin Tennessee 3 7 0 6 7 Phone Number 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7. What is chiropractic and how does it work. Kirkpatrick works with the Butland in the spinal column and what is called a subluxation subluxation or a twisting of the spine in any way shape or form. When this happens it puts pressure on the nerves that go all throughout your body. So it chiropractors. Do they detect these subject sanctions and essentially remove them by applying gentle force to the spine called an adjustment an adjustment relieves pressure on those nerves that innervates supports or flow to our body as we adjust the spine and restore proper inner flow. The body essentially begins to function do how it is intended to and you begin to feel like you supposed to. How do I select a doctor of chiropractic. So one of the best ways to locate a doctor of chiropractic or look for a chiropractor in Franklin Tennessee is use the app to find a doctor. You can also get a referral from a friend a family member even a colleague or another health provider. If you are looking for a chiropractor in Franklin Tennessee visit us at Healthworks chiropractic located at 284 Seabourn Lane Suite 100 Franklin Tennessee. 3 7 0 6 7 Phone Number 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7. So what conditions do chiropractors treat.

A lot of power factors they can treat patients of all ages from newborn to elderly. They are especially known for their expertise in care and patience for back pain neck pain and headaches particularly with manipulations or chiropractor adjustments. They also care for patients with injuries or disorders of muscular skeletal systems ligaments in joints these painful conditions also usually involved impact of the nervous system. So any type of pain can definitely be treated with chiropractic care is car tactic safe. Her practice is one of the safest if not the safest form health care available today. The easiest way to illustrate this is to look at the malpractice insurance rates set by insurance companies. So insurance companies at these rates based primarily off of the risk or injury of the patient and to this point chiropractors pay anywhere between 500 to a thousand dollars per year for this malpractice insurance comparable to medical doctors who pay upwards of forty five thousand dollars a year. So just by that comparison you can realize how safe power practic care is for you and your whole family. So when discussing the risk of any health care procedure it’s definitely important to look at the risk in comparison to any other treatments available for the same condition. For example the risk associated with some of the most common treatments are over the counter prescription or any type of steroids anti inflammatory drugs. So a lot of people ask what is the cracking sound in chiropractic. The cracking sound is simply the release of gas that we have between all of our joints. It is like cracking your knuckles. It is a harmless result of the bones being adjusted.
Most patients get really used to this and after a few adjustments it’s no longer an issue for them. However there are many ways to adjust this fine. If you are someone who does not find that method very comfortable or you’re not comfortable with the sound we can definitely switch up the technique. So there is no cracking a lot of patients also ask when they are looking for a chiropractor in Franklin Tennessee. Look for health risks chiropractic located at 284 seabird wordly Suite 100 Franklin Tennessee 3 7 0 6 7 Phone Number 6 1 2 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7 patients often want to know if their insurance does cover chiropractic. Most insurance companies do cover chiropractic care. The level of coverage difference is different per individual. So we will verify and file your insurance personal records so you do not have to worry about that before you start any type of treatment. We will have a full understanding of what your insurance does cover and the level of participation that we can expect from your insurance company to pay towards these visits. So our main focus is making sure that we can essentially get you better so another question is what type of education or training do chiropractors have and chiropractors go through a very similar course of study as medical doctors. They go to school for approximately eight years to learn how to diagnose and treat patients appropriately. I do have a breakdown of the Irish or cry required for a chiropractic degree and a medical degree. So for chiropractic school within anatomy the total hours is five eighty five.
Biochemistry 161 microbiology 145 neurology 149 psychology 243 pathology 296 psychology 56 radiology 271 orthopedics 168. Diagnosis 4 0 8 gynecology 66. Technique 570 physical therapy 120. So this is totaling three thousand one hundred nine hours for chiropractic school. Now for medical school anatomy is to 15 biochemistry is 100 microbiology 145 neurology 171 psychology 174 pathology 5 0 7 radiology 13 orthopedics 2 diagnosis 113 gynecology 284 techniques 0 Physical Therapy newsroom. So the total hours needed for medical schooling is 2000 and 47 hours. Again if you’re looking for a chiropractor in Franklin Tennessee come check us out at Healthworks chiropractic located at 284 Seaborg Lane Suite 100 Franklin Tennessee 3 7 0 6 7 Phone Number 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7. Another frequently asked question is why didn’t my medical doctor told me to go see a chiropractor. So there is a history of disagreements between medical doctors and chiropractors essentially with that being said those disagreements are getting less and less medical doctors and chiropractors they do usually agree on one fundamental supporting issue. So we definitely both want our patients to get better. Some medical doctors simply don’t even know what chiropractors doom therefore they really won’t recommend chiropractic care to their patients. And even if they do no some medical doctors that were simply not brought up in an environment where chiropractic wasn’t accepted. They may not offer that as well but there is a plus because more and more people are utilizing chiropractic care more than ever. Another question is can your kids get adjusted.
So like I said before we do see patients ranging from newborn to elderly often even with advanced methods of birthing children can definitely get out of alignment due to the birthing process. So what happens is the top of the bone and the spinal column is forced out of its natural position and that begins to cause problems such as ear infections colic just to name some. And children usually respond greatly to being adjusted and it’s a simple procedure. We definitely take a look at all things we can help kids of all ages and we definitely adjust families as well. We death we support patients bringing their families so we can check them for the earliest signs of spinal misalignment and pain is often the last symptom when the spine muscle lines and a lot of times these symptoms are not detected. So you are usually left in a little bit of pain. And that’s what brings you to us. If you are looking for a car Proctor in Franklin Tennessee we are located at 284 Seaboard Lane Suite 100 Franklin Tennessee 3 7 0 6 7 Phone Number 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7. And for the last frequently asked question if you are looking for a chiropractor Franklin Tennessee is chiropractic treatment and ongoing treatment. So the hands on nature of chiropractic is essentially required we do prefer a maintenance plan for each patient which is typically once every few months. Initially a chiropractor may provide acute chronic or preventative care depending on the intensity of Jane and making a certain number of visits sometimes necessary but within your initial visit your doctor of chiropractic will tell you what treatment is expecting.
So again if you are looking for a chiropractor in Franklin Tennessee you can visit us at Healthworks chiropractic located at 284 Seaboard Lane Suite 100 Franklin Tennessee 3 7 0 6 7 Phone Number 6 1 5 7 9 1 9 9 1 7.