Today, chiropractor in franklin’s going to go over some excerpts from the book that I read in college by bj palmer bj palmer is known as the developer of chiropractic in he is a son of dd palmer dd palmer is the founder of chiropractic and he found founded what is known as car today in 1895 in davenport iowa. He got to the point in the early stages of of where it was, and bj took over and really really brought chiropractic to the forefront kicking and screaming really in an in for a lot of people in the medical community. You know he fought through that cuz. They did not want chiropractic to be a part of the hair at the healthcare industry and over the years is a bother to come out of the house today and some may say it’s been bastardize. Some may say it’s been improved. Butthe book that that bj palmer wrote was published in 1957 is called evolution or revolution, and one of the quotes he put in here that I really love is says. We never know how far-reaching something we may think say or do today will affect the lives of millions. Tomorrow is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness get the idea, and all else follows that quote-is so powerful to me. Your your chiropractor in franklin likes to read that over and over again cuz, just really salt, in my mind, what we do as chiropractors and how we can help people so much because in the end, chiropractic still does not reach the amount of people that we wish it would about. 10% of the population. The united states utilize is chiropractic care which, in your chiropractor in franklin’s opinion, is one reason why our country is not as healthy as it could be. Why the opioid epidemicso high as people look for ways to feel better. You know they look for health from the outside in versus the inside out and bj palmer’s big thing was health comes from above down inside out versus outside in blow up, and what do you mean by that is his health comes to the spinal nervous system inside and expresses health through the outside versus taking a pill from the outside and bringing it into our body and and bring his house up and, and unfortunately, that’s that’s how the medical community receive health is the the body is focalin, it needs help from the outside-in bj, palmer and chiropractic says the body is magnificent and it needs no help. It just needs help from the inside out, and then you know, as as we’ve evolved society you no more more food to become worse for us, we eat, we eat very bad or we don’t actually size and-and you know we take a pill or quote unquote-take a pill to get better, but in the end we’re just covering up symptoms, some other things that bj talked about. You know he’s at. He talked about the book. What are the two most valuable words in the Chiropractor In Franklin english language in the two words are survival value overtime. It thought about these and he did it. He added the two words accumulative constructive to survival value and accumulative destructive survival value, meaning that what use the person make in his time weather be in thinking saying doing her actually a cumulative day after day year after year, and has aq late there either constructive for the welfare man or destructive motor, injuring people with hemi commingled. So, for example, he said elbert hubbard’s life had an accumulative constructive survival value. Where has adolf hitler’s life was that of a cumulative destructive survival value. So essentially, in the end, what is saying is whatever we do over and over whatever you think over and over is what we become and whether that thought, process, Chiropractor In Franklin constructive or destructive, is really up to us and who we become. What we do is really something that we can. We can change or we can be good, bad or other nba power is very articulate and used words that were very powerful. One thing he talks about is where, where does book is the term cause-and he said whatever this is used in this book or anywhere right in is applied, and it’s primal sense in the difference between what happens between source in the beginning, the first great cause, rather than some intermediate conditioner, that changes some other in the ignition. So, for example, we talked about here is innate intelligence. Is the cause of everything in man soweth? What an 8 and x is it just your buys innate ability to heal and be healthy. So, for example, if you cut your finger, you don’t have to literally consciously Chiropractor In Franklin look at your finger and tell it to heal your body knows exactly what it needs to do to be healthy and to heal that cuddle. You know it. It brings blood to the air clots it it it heals it with a scabbed it over and then overtime. You look down in that. Nothing is gone. That is essentially what an eight intelligence does, and it’s the car is everything in man, and so what bj saying is any interference between an 8 and an expression is the cause of everything that follows. Regardless of the endless chain of events, he says the term cause is used to loosely by too many people, which creates confusion Chiropractor In Franklin of understanding when using correctly by a chiropractor who understands is chiropractic. So wrong example of be cold weather caused the cold strawberries cause skin rash. Epsom salts cause the bowels to move etc. It’s all the things he talks about going forward, as well as what is living man, and he says that living man is the original and first internal automatic autonomous automobile and has a spiritual, mental generator and battery is which would be the brain, a wire system which be the nerves spark plugs.

Would you be peripheral end of the nerves to wear those nerves and up so the nurse started at the spine and they go out to whatever organ or whatever glad that it goes to and that’s beauty the personal end of the nerves and trillions of motors in these are mussels. He says man is also a chemical laboratory from mixing proper and right quantities and qualities of ingredients, acids and alkalis at proper places that correct time to meet every necessity produce its own internal gas line. Gas is the original internal combustion engine produce in a liquid and gaseous heating and cooling systems for all its parts for which there is a carbon dioxide. Exhaust  Chiropractor In Franklin is transported through tubes to mufflers, which of the lungs which silently convey it to outer space. Is the body has a complete series of individually independent and interdependent muscular sets of movement freezing internal locomotion automation and also has a complete in a communication to send notifying all parts when, where how and why dinner later at all, which have been tried test developed construction, a reconstructed many times and in many ways and all which of it, often in the making and working it in unity? Millions of years in veins of duplication, that’s produced in the largest penis in the longest continuous working at 7 live any production factory assembly, millions of people into one arm on his whole without conflict, each part of which works at proper place at right time in normal quantities with natural directions, both efferent and afferent, all of which works under one consistent gaiden and how to factor all which works has won total unit producing a movable healthy living man. Send man has perfect locomotion, as the one most perfected machine can see it and never duplicated by education in any part of the sum total of which mason mobile automobile, every intellectual, mental electrical mechanical chemical factory on the sciences first found in, and working and living man, they’re being but 310 known, mechanical movements and man-made device, all which of the first found living man, which educated man tries artificially duplicate. What he’s saying here is man is like machine and anyways. She never duplicated in production throughout the years has been modeled after the amazing body mechanism that god created, which is man and so, for example, like if you’re looking at electrical panel, he’s comparing the electrical panel to the nervous system where the panel is. This is the spine and the wires going everywhere to your house or your car. Wherever are the peripheral nerves going to the heart, the lungs, the feet, muscles of brain the eyes, everything that is controlled controls, everything working part of the house or the car, starts at 1 central location and that’s how that works. Since that’s how electricity was formed and perfected, your chiropractor in franklin also talks about this. One he’s doing lectures with his patience as we type of the spinal nerves is going to be in the mechanism that controls every part of the body, and if that spider, nervous um is not working right, your chiropractor in franklin tells his patients that it needs to be worked on and improve sick of that nerve flow to the body. Sub goes on to talk about this. He talks about you know when people get sick, so he says suppose one such complete unit had someone or more parts that weren’t working or at par or maybe paralyzed. He says, could you as an educated man fix this? Or could he could you be smarter than 1/8? You pasteurize is that you know by simply giving someone a  Chiropractor In Franklin compound or to modify change or inject some some something of the body. Is it really something that the body needs to be healthy? Is it or is the body self-sustaining self-perpetuating is inside something within which originated them? The educated man primitively in the top and a tube of an immaterial is a function them two materials at five below. He knows there is a source greater than his education to see the manifest expression. He knows educationally. He did not know that he thinks he can help direct and improve on its physical products in that body. Bj things in your chiropractor franklin things that obviously education being an abstract of a lower 7 semi source order cannot observe her sense, infinite 1/8 itself. Up incorrect thinking is equivalent trying to whip a rundown title horse to the bottom of the hill, hoping to force the sick horse to pull an apostle of the top of the hill medical education. Since it’s a sick horse and not know why the horses tired, nor does he know the difference between able and tired, not knowing any difference is he perceived the whip, the substance matter bones and muscles of the horse. He knows no other way of trying to increase ability of the physical horse, because backlit, abstract education cannot see direct modifier, changing visible sores, because medical, abstract education can see, modify and change the visible matter. They proceeded to try to do so in multiple ways, thing that that is a way to improve the visible invisible in the visible yucaipa. Towing franklin loves bj palmer stop process on this. As far as we cannot be more powerful than the innate process within our body, and when we try, you know the most times, not successful the body’s going to be what it’s. What it’s going to be in be successful because of the innate intelligence flowing within your chiropractor franklin will dive into more articles on bj, palmer and future publications