Today, at a chiropractor in Franklin, at healthworks, chiropractic in franklin, tennessee we’re going to be talked about how your feet can affect everything up worth. So your feet are essentially your foundation. What we like to do at healthworks, chiropractic, a chiropractor in murfreesboro, we like to do a foot levelers scan of you and look at the pressure on each portion of your foot if you’re kind of slightly pronating in or your your feet are rolling in this can affect everything from your ankles. Your knees, your hips, your low back. It affects everything in the body in the day, at a chiropractor in franklin, we’re going to talk about how your feet are your foundation and how, if they’re affected or something is wrong with them, and it can affect your whole bodyyou know having a stable and a very sturdy foundation. It’s going to be essential to almost every part of a person’s life, and that includes the human body, part and they’re, going to be paramount to your overall health and wellness. The feet make up a quarter of all the bones in your in the human body than about 50 bones. 60 joints in about over 200 muscles and ligaments and tendons, so the feet are the structure of the body and the foundation in any problem with the feet will eventually cause further problems out the whole entire body. So you know it affects the posture you know. Poor posture can occur with a result of standing and walking, and these behaviors, if they don’t uncorrected, they can really result in a lot of joint discomfort and pain. I’m cracking the behavior is also most likely to heal back neck and I hit pain, lower back Dysfunctionsi’m just pain in general. So you know we want to look at how the feet affect the organ function, so believe it or not. Your feet can influence your oregon health and we can show you that a chiropractor in franklin and there’s a bunch of touch receptors, there’s millions and millions of touch receptors in your feet that are going to send signals to your brain and, if they’re not functioning at an optimal level, your brain will begin to overcompensate and what this leads to is it will affect the main structures of your body, including those that hold your organs in place. So one thing that we see a chiropractor in franklin and a lot of times at our office here in healthworks chiropractic in franklin tennessee are fallen, arches in overall foot in balance when your feet, when there’s no longer proper arch to support them. If there’s going to be nothing to absorb the shock from impact fromand, just walking everyday life that comes with each and every step that you take and you know overtime, the stress go, travel up, the body be placed on joints like your ankles knees and hips, and you know if you believe your foot health is a direct result of your joint pain and your discomfort. Then you may want to consider, you know, come to healthworks chiropractic a chiropractor in franklin can help you and chiropractic treatment can properly align these these joints with corrective mechanisms to, if you want to talk to us, give us a call or phone number 615-791-1144 or murfreesboro office 615-867-1177. You know chiropractor in murfreesboro can help with this is welland. A chiropractor in franklin can help you in specifically at healthworks chiropractic. You know these dysfunctions they’re, going to they’re going to lead to a lot of different things in your body. You know-and you know, there’s there’s a direct correlation between flat feet and your stride and how you walk, and some people have one leg that shorter than others, and that could be because of scoliosis or an unusual curvature in the spine, and that can affect your gate and affect their feet and spine. You know which can affect your ribs in your other internal organs and bone structures of the body. So you know the way that you walk is depending on the shape of your feet in the shoes that you wear and these factors that can affect your whole body. Over over numerous years, you know, for example, if you wear unsupportive high heels everyday, your feet are going to become more susceptible to things like hammertoes, calluses, corns, bunions, different things like this. If, if you’re in these shoes on a daily basis in the rest of your body and may develop problems, you know your back. Your fit in your stiffness in your neck fatigue and strain of the ankles toes knees. Hips everywhere is going to be affected. If the chiropractor in murphy’s chiropractor in franklin can’t help you with these things and do you know your feet can affect the legs as well. Your feet, they’re going to be connected to your legs by tendons and ligaments, so some of which connect to the arch of your foot into the back of your calf and your problems with your feet, they’re going to affect your lower leg because of this, the way that you walk also made play a, part largely in to this discomfort and pain. So you know the human body is pretty amazing and it can be influencing manipulated and the body can actually be found and reshape in numerous ways across culture and history, no binding the feet to make them to make a keep them small. Like a corset to people. You know used to use corsets to manipulate the body shape into an hourglass figure or elongating the forehead through binding. You know that was a practice by mayans lip stretching things like that. You know everyday to manipulate these certain things. So it’s a little little scary, because some of those they have numerous health effects that can stem from um that we seen you know from history, so things like consistently wearing high heels or shoes that are too tight can cause other than you know, cuz other less when desired things like reshaping the feet.

You know some of the mouth problems that we do see in our office here at chiropractor in franklin is stiffness soreness leg, playing pain, weakness in the muscles big one is plantar fasciitis a little tears in the faccia kind of like plastic, wrap that surrounds your muscle in your feet and you know everything’s connected so, which is why he can cause of so many problems. If you have a foot deformity, you know you change the way that you walk and avoid paying subconsciously. But have you ever noticed that if one of your toes hurts you avoid it more while you’re taking a step, cuz you’re limping your kind of distributor away tan evenly? Usually this is temporary, but someone with people that have foot deformities in adjustment in their gate, b permit-and you know it’s important-to consult with the chiropractor in franklin. So we can help you with these specific thing, as we can get you in and take a look at your feet and figure out if they’re the dysfunction or it’s something else, and if it’s something that we can’t help you with for going to refer you to somebody that can sew your big toe. If your big toe is swollen at its base, it can inspect everything so it’ll it’ll affect the arch. If you know, if you have like things, are cold feet, unwarranted frequent cold feet, it could be signaling something’s wrong with your thyroid. You know when your thyroid conditions affect your metabolism. They may also affect how well you’re able to get warm and stay warm. So if you’re feeling feel feeling give cold feet come and give us a visit here at healthworks chiropractic, a chiropractor in murfreesboro can help you diagnose these discs dysfunctions and, like i, said, if we can’t help, you will refer you to somebody that, can you know if your getting constant, numbness or tingling down the legs on this could be because of your feet and the dysfunction in your feet after sprain your ankles things like that over a period of time, the body is a kinetic chain. So it’s going to it’s going to go up word up into your hips and low-back, and we want to stop these dysfunctions before they get any worse. You know you’re getting swelling in your feet. You know we can get any joint and adjustment here to chiropractor in franklin in or specifically the attraction in the ankles and creating some space. The toes too, if there’s a dysfunction, the toes we can do some soft tissue work as well to help you kind of regain that arch in your foot and stabilize your body cuz your feet of your foundation, and we want to make sure that your foundation is strong for the rest of your body. Stay strong and we believe here at the chiropractor in franklin. If we properly align the ship’s, the pelvis, the low back the neck. The mid back everything leading down to your feet and leading up from your feet needs to be in a proper alignment for you to function properly, and we want to go through some of the choices that you may make like wearing high heels or unsupported shoes for your body, and we want to make sure that you’re getting the best care for your body, and we can do that at the chiropractor in franklin at healthworks chiropractic, where located at 284 seaboard, lane, suite 100 in franklin tennessee. A chiropractor in franklin can help you and we can’t help you today. give us a call today 615-791-9917