Welcome back today, I’m a chiropractor in franklin will talk to you about our foot levelers scan that we do in here that makes custom orthotics to help patients with this function in their lower back and throughout their feet. Things like plantar, fasciitis different and a chiropractor in franklin can’t help with these different conditions that lead to dysfunction upward throughout the kinetic chain. So we do a very thorough examination with people that do have foot problems. Things like the plantar, fasciitis or inflammation of the faccia. So I’m going to go over the custom-made orthotics that we use in here versus over-the-counter orthotics. You know why do we choose orthotics to treat dysfunctions in the foot so stabilizing orthoticsare? There prescription shoe inserts in there there custom in there specifically made to the patient to easily slide into the shoes and support the unique shape of a person’s foot and the dysfunction that they have going on in their foot. So just as everyone has, you know what you need personality. Everyone has a different body structure and their feet are shaped differently, so the benefit of using the custom orthotics that the foot levelers make. Rather than the generic and mass-produced ones, that’s like a one-size-fit-all is that they’re going to be customized and they’re going to fit you so they’re going to support all three arches of your feet and they’re going to help to balance your body, outand they’re, going to optimize posture and they’re, going to enhance a chiropractic adjustment that we do at a chiropractor in franklin at healthworks, chiropractic and thing that sets kind of foot levelers apart rather than the over-the-counter orthotics. Is that a lot of the time those over-the-counter orthotics are just going to treat and support only one arch and they’re often over corrected, and they caused a lot more harm than good and they’re going to offer. Generic solutions for number of different foot condition and durability is kind of questionable when it comes to these generic and mass-produced, it’s not a one-size-fits-all type of thing, and just adding that cushion in the insole the treat symptoms rather than the underlying problem and they’re not going to support. You know the proper gate for your body or how you kind of walkwhere has the foot levelers that we have here at a chiropractor in franklin are patented specifically to offer support, while you’re walking into an answer date depending on what you have going on. So everything is a chain like a kinetic chain. So if you’re experiencing pain or a lot of pronation or foot turning inward, which we see a lot of the chiropractor in franklin, it’s going to cause the need to kind of cave in in the pelvis to shift downward on your feet. You know they may not necessarily hurt, but, as we said, it’s it’s a change, so they can cause a lot of stress and pain throughout the body if you’re having a problem with this, where your pelvis is kind of tilted downward, your knees are rotating in that can lead to some some knee discomfort ankle discomfort. So you know you may not think your feet. How about your feet are basically your foundation and you know afteryou get these orthotics and support you’re, going to notice that your pelvis is a little bit more level your feet or level. Your knees are caving in and it can solve a lot of different problems that we’ve seen at the chiropractor in franklin with these stabilizing orthotics. So if you’re having low back pain, discomfort specifically hear the chiropractor in franklin, we see a lot of si joint pain or sacroiliac joint pain and they see what the sacroiliac joint there links between your spinal column and your pelvis and they’re going to act as a shock absorber from damaging forces. If you’re walking, jumping things like that and they’re also going to help stabilize the body and transmit wait to the lower portion of your body. So that’s something that common just function that we see at a chiropractor in franklinhealthworks chiropractic that we can see him. We can kind of correct with chiropractic adjustments and he’s customized orthotics that foot leveler makes you know general low, back pain. You know, there’s a lot of possibilities for low back pain or like a spinal strain. You know paw patrol changes that can cause fatigue throughout the lower back either see how you’re standing throughout the day-and you know about 70 cases-are not caused by serious conditions and all the time but they’re seeing is it it’s linked to your feet and how you kind of stand in the pressure that is resting on your feet. One thing that we do see a chiropractor in franklin is unequal leg, length or shorter leg. You know lake length inequality and it causes pressure and it’s going to cause a lot of stress and pain in your knees, thighs, hips, pelvis and just spine andmineral. That can be corrected with these worth. Audix knee pain is another one that we commonly see at a chiropractor in franklin and there’s no real single cause of knee pain or pains in the new joints. But you know there’s generally about two types of contributing factors of traumatic and chronic, and we had a chiropractor in franklin can determine what your kind of having a nasties orthotics can be a solution for you to cause you any pain to dissipate minimalize it. You know you know things like flat feet and when a foot is severely pronated or turned in the arches are collapsed, because it means that flat feet are going to be less of a shock absorber for the bones. The tendons ligaments the muscles in the whole entire body, so they have the the supporting these foot levelers that we have it a chiropractor in franklin to help support that arch and kind of retrain your body to have that natural arch in your foot.

So it can act as a shock absorber for your entire body stinks like plantar fasciitis. Basically, what that is it’s the soft kind of spring you tissue on the underside of the foot has kylie’s micro tears and it’s like inflammation in the fasher kind of like a plastic wrap, that’s around your foot and that can happen from wear and tear age. You know what’s going on dish in these, these love insoles that fit lover makes that we have it a chiropractor in franklin at healthworks. Chiropractic can help alleviate some of that pain, chronic ankle instability. You know if your foot is excessively pronating or supinating coming out to the side or falling in these things can help stabilize your ankle or, if you feel like your ankle kind of, gives out or just the way, I’m from walking or standing or just feels unstable during activity. What you’ve suffered things in the past, like multiple sprains or you know, broken ankle, or something like that in the past, your ankles may feel unstable and unsupported. Where is these these insoles can? How can I help stabilize that ankle, so that leaves us the knee and the hip and lower back? So this is probably thinking of just call the day at a chiropractor in franklin that are number is 615-791-9917 will be more than happy to do a thorough examination on you to see if your feet are the root cause of all these different problems. You know, there’s a comment in soul that is, this prescribed is the in motion in seoul that foot leveler makes, and it’s going to improve performance and active. Active patients are people that frequently move hike, walk run whatever I can do that at the chiropractor here. In franklin, chiropractor in franklin can help with foot dysfunction. You know it’s designed the in motion in soil is designed for every activity and actually had some moisture control in it and help control, odor and bacteria that made growing. You know common insoles and things like that in the top cover of the in motion in seoul that we sell it a chiropractor in franklin, it has kind of a grip to it, so it holds laundering athletic activity in a lot of excessive movement. You know, there’s foot locker makes a ton of different different insoles for whatever type of shoe that you’re, you maybe wearing you know their shoes with removable liner that fit any full-length chew their shoes without removable, liner and tight fitting shoes like a dress, shoe and they’re kind of cut to dress, dress length, women’s dress, shoes they’re also cut to length even make some with a little bit of a heel. To that can help with discrepancies and in leg length-or you know-maybe one foot needs a little bit higher of an insult in the other and they can customize these two to your needs and to your feet into your body specifically for what you need, and we can do that at the chiropractor here in franklin. Chiropractor in franklin can’t help with these different dysfunctions throughout the body, and we can do that with our foot levelers scanner and see what you need specifically for your body. You don’t even like young people, young athletes, things like that people lie no 13 to 18 that are there high performance in seoul. You know for for younger people that can provide the support that they need specific things like golf aid in make insoles for those that can fit into a golf shoe insoles for long distance, runners, sprinters, water resistance. You know, four firefighters were things like that people that are around high humidity work environments. You know extreme comfort you for like work boots are always on their feet throughout the day:construction workers, things like that, and just your everyday life around the mill people, foot levelers, does make the best orthotics around.