Chiropractor in franklin at healthworks chiropractic, went and talked about the class 4 laser therapy or k laser treatment. No added a very you know just a overview of everything. Laser therapy. It’s going to be helpful for very cute injuries such as strains sprains, shoulder injuries on tendonitis, tendinosis, repetitive, use injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome in Chiropractor In Franklin pigment syndrome of the shoulder, traumatic injuries and chronic issues with a shoulder frozen, shoulder arthritis or more specifically, that tendinosis that were talking about when tendonitis gets a little worse laser therapy. It’s also can be used by some veterinarians actually to treat arthritis conditions such as hip, dysplasia or disc disease. When dogs, you know what it basically does, those it’s going to increase oxygenation in the tissues and pull those nutrients into the the tissue, and it allows injured or damaged cells to absorb of the photons from the light which can actually speed the healing of the tissue and the class 4. Laser therapy can be a very effective combined with the number of different modalities such as chiropractic care, active, release therapy, and also no corrective exercises. Laser therapy is going to help treatment and reduce pain, inflammation and advances. The the quality of the tissue increases healing both and hands and soft tissue, including muscles ligaments, and even some bones you don’t laser therapy is still a fairly unknown. You know modern day treatment modality that can have several benefits for pain, management and tissue heal. You know, I’m chiropractors, all over the us are using it’s becoming one of the the fastest treatments and we do that. Healthworks chiropractic, a chiropractor in franklin, can do this treatment on you and it can help with things. You know you know very acute and chronic pain and there’s there’s clinical significance with the with the depth of the laser that we use class 4 laser and you know, lasers there going to be a classified according to their power and put like a class 3a laser and has a maximum of a 5 million watts of power, which is it. You know like a standard laser pointer class 3d laser is a maximum.

Of 5500 milliwatts going to class for is anything over 500 watts. So the most significant issue, with the clinical use of lasers, is the depth of penetration. You know some practitioners make the mistake of using low powered lasers, a class 3 laser, which basically amounts to a standard laser pointer that you play with, like with your cats class 3a laser, getting use a red wavelength which is about 635 nanometers in visible red, and when you look at the depth of penetration with a laser red, laser light only penetrates about 1 to 2 mmmm, which is going to be far less than 1/8 of an inch into the human body in a red. Laser is highly useful for treating specific or superficial wounds. You know like cuts, abrasions and perhaps the treatment of vitiligo or pigmentation the stand, but it’s not going to penetrate far deep enough to get that tissue and deep into healing the tissue and the pain reduction. So, however, you know infrared lasers around 800 nanometers penetrate far deeper and are able to go several centimeters in your body, which is going to reach most. The tissue were injuries occur, so the power is also another crucial factor when it comes to laser light. Therapy. Power is measured in watts, of course, and you can think of. It is brightness of the lights. A high-power laser is a brighter light and it can reduce more energy per unit of time and when it comes to to doing laser light therapy treatment, a higher-powered class 4 laser, it’s going to provide several different benefits of the therapeutic dose of laser light can be applied to a much larger area or volume of the tissue, and so it goes by shining the lights brighter light at the surface photon for the light are able to penetrate deeper into the tissues which can allow you to treat deep-seated pain conditions. You know, there’s a lot of health benefits with the with the k laser and red light therapy treatment and there’s basically three things that happened during the k laser light therapy, which we see at a chiropractor in murfrees, murfreesboro, adding and a car practor in franklin is first the infrared laser light therapy. out for further evaluation. Let an orthopedist her or whoever properly trained to treat that will treat it. So it helps with chiropractic. You chiropractor in murfreesboro does a very thorough evaluation to make sure we know. What’s going on to make sure we know what to do to help them and someone that chiropractor mercer, a patient receives their first adjustment were confident that we’re going to be able to help these patients and we we love doing what we doin our office. Chiropractic care is an individualized. The can you  Chiropractor In Franklinreceive will be unique for your body needs in the benefits of receivable unique for you and in this is because we go through the process of really find out what’s going on, but we always talk to her page about being sensitive to your body and communicating with us to let them know. Let us know exactly what changes your experience and after your adjustment I’m. We always coach our patients to figure out to really pay attention to how they feel where they feel better when they feel worse. When there’s no change, even things like how they sleep there, energy levels, because in the end we are again waking it up that buys innate ability to heal and be healthy, and so depending on how long it is between their first appointments. We really have them pay attention to. What’s going on so on the second visit, what will do is will go over all of our finding I will let him know we can help him or not what you know. It’s a disk issue. It’s an alignment issue I will write, review, x-rays and and then review again how they did on their first visit him at that point in time. We’ll we’ll talk about what is going to take-get them better and it everyone’s goals are live a different. Some people just want to feel better short-term. Some people want to correct it and you chiropractor in franklin taylor makes a plan just individualize for for people’s goals. In the end, it’s not about what we want, it’s what you, what you want and what you want to do to get better. So, if you’re hesitant to come in and have the chiropractor mersereau check, you out, give it a shot it in the end. If we can help, you will let you know if we can’t we’ll let you know that as well, and we have treated so many different people with so many different elements, and it’s it’s really not awesome. Particular it’s. We are trained on how to get the nervous system unleashed and let the body’s internal healing abilities take over the body is the best healing the mechanism, the world. The body is made to be healthy, and sometimes it just needs to have a push in the right direction and that’s a chiropractic does oui oui oui by the sub luxation subluxation to review is a misalignment of the spine on that either can rotate or tilt or what-have-you. In that pinches, the nerve and we fix a subluxation. We give a specific adjustment in the right direction at the right time, with the right thrust in your chiropractor in mercer rose train, to find a subluxation and to adjust them to get your body as healthy and happy as pause. The chiropractor in franklin can be found at 925, south, church street in murfreesboro tennessee. We also have a clinic in franklin at 284 seaboard lane, suite 100. We can also be reached t or 615-867-1144, or in franklin at 615-791-9917. It helps to reduce pain, reduce the Chiropractor In Franklin inflammation in hands tissue healing both and hard and soft tissues, including muscles ligaments or even both, and we look at the basic mechanism of how it works were where an answering the micro circulation of the body and we are getting more red blood cells. You know flowing to that general area, but it’s it’s not just the arterial blood supply to the area that were there really can’t. Since it’s a venomous and lymphatic Chiropractor In Franklin return from that area were also increases oxygenation of more for the tissues and where stimulating the hemoglobin molecule, to dump off oxygen at the treatment site, so we’re basically increase the oxidation of the tissues and, finally, the treatment. Simulates cytochrome oxidase enzymes into the cell in mitochondria, and what this does is it’s one of the key discoveries in the whole science of laser light therapy, specifically in sales at target, because damages cells are more readily accepting the photons of light. Where is healthy cells they’re not going to need this extra energy? It’s going to be a surplus so by stimulating the the cytochrome  Chiropractor In Franklin oxidase enzyme, we’re essentially utilizing the oxygen respiratory chain of side of the mitochondria, which produces more atp for that sell silver dollars of what kind of cell it is it’s going to function at a higher higher rate, and now we’re not turbocharging we’re not making your body do anything that it’s not normally doing what the red light laser does as it’s just facilitating the process and we’re helping those cells produced energy that they normally would so they can function as they normally should, and your speeding up this process and utilizing that oxygen in the in the chain of events that happened.