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At Healthworks chiropractic we deal with a lot of different injuries we see a lot at a Chiropractor in Franklin health care practic I want to talk about the abductor muscles and their role Chiropractor in Franklin  in pain and how they kind of play a crucial role in your lower body’s function. You know a common source of you know growing pain is something called a doctor tending apathy. And basically what that is is the muscles that kind of help bring your legs together or add to your legs together getting irritated at one side or the other. And there are five doctor muscles the previous Doctor Brent is a doctor Long is called this short and doctors that go from the pelvis to the thigh bone and the great skillsDr. Magnus which is the long inductor muscles and basically they go from the pelvis to the knee. And the main function of these doctor muscles is to pull the legs together and they are also used quite a lot in things like sprinting playing any type of sport that requires you know like explosive movement things that are kind of a little more out of the at a Chiropractor in Franklin  ordinary like horse riding where you’re squeezing your legs together. A lot of the time horse riders are jockeys will find that they get really bad pain in these areas because they’re becoming overly tight. If they don’t stretch them are too soft tissue work with them and things like hurdling you know a lot of track and field athletes will deal with some of those as well.

Tendon up these or tendon injuries they’re quite common and they can occur over years as a result of a previous injury such as a groin sprain or you know some type of pain that often occurs in the groin area or these adductor muscles are the cause of them. We see this quite often at Healthworks chiropractic because you know these these muscles are important role in our function. And you know the feeling is something can greatly decrease its function for having pain in it. So pain in the growing at the top and the doctor muscles that can radiate down the leg or pain on resisted Hip Flexion or where you’re kind of bringing your leg up because muscles are becoming tightened and then lengthened pain at a specific point on the bone in the groin and is another common symptom that we see in pain when you press the legs in together add duct kind of the function of these muscles. If you’re having difficulty you know walking for long periods of time or even running or sprinting you could have this doctor tan and apathy. And you know we can confirm this with diagnosis and range of motion tests. Typically there’s there’s three areas where a attendant injury can occur and that’s muscular muscular tendonitis junction where the Tim enjoins the muscle of the main portion the mid tendon. You know it’s not the insertion point like the muscular tenderness junction that mid tendon in the middle and tendon insertion where it goes into the bone the tenant connects so non institutional tend these tend to be caused by a lot of things like micro trauma things like repetitive overloading or overtraining which is a very real thing. If you’re constantly tearing down that tendon it’s going to get a little micro tears over time in a micro terror could lead to a larger terror more severe terror.

And you know we see this sometimes a Healthworks practic and Franklin in Murfreesboro Tennessee. And you know tendon injuries have to be taken with great care to reduce a lot of the inflammation or bring the inflammation to an optimal level. You know to increase healing with a wide range of motion and things such as coal laser therapy can Chiropractor in Franklin be very effective for healing tendon injuries and soft tissue injuries in general. You know Timmins basically you know the view of them is they’re tough fibers that connect muscle to bone up sort of a ligament that connects a bone to a bone. Most injuries they’re going to occur near joints and a lot of times we see and shoulders you know the rotator cuff tendons elbow you know tend not put these all these different areas where you have used their kind of stability. Joints can really be affected by tendon injuries knee and ankle. The knee is such a complex structure and there’s so many crucial ligaments and tendons that connect. And if you think about it you know we’re on our feet walking you know through daily life. A lot of these areas can become irritated and overused with repetitive tendon overloading or tendon use and you know injuries they may seem to happen suddenly but usually it’s as a result of little tiny traumas that can add up over time that we see at a Chiropractor in Franklin.

And tendinitis or tendon knows this is there two different conditions so at a Chiropractor in Franklin  basically what tendonitis is it’s actually means inflation inflammation that tendon inflammation is actually only a very rare cause of that tendon pain and you know a lot of doctors may still use the term tendonitis out of habit and basically Chiropractor in Franklin  there’s another form of tendon apathy and it’s tendon gnosis it’s tendon hostess’s non-inflammatory degenerative condition that basically is characterized by the college and in the tissue that’s degeneration in the tendon where it’s been overloaded or used repetitive motions and you know tendon empathies. Therefore they don’t respond well to antiinflammatory treatments and they’re best treated with functional rehabilitation taking that area through movements that can be a little stuck or there can be a little bit of loss of range of motion in those areas. Chiropractor in Franklin we see a lot And basically what causes a tendon injury is a lot of time to injuries or result from gradual wear and tear on the attendant with overuse as we said or ageing. And anyone can have a tenant injury but people who make the same motions are those repetitive motions over and over again such as the mechanic where they’re constantly talking on a cork and on a wrench you know they can get tendon apathy in their wrist or elbow their shoulder. You know they’re doing the same motions for the same activities over and over again from day to day.

And it may not happen at first but over the years of doing it from what we see at a Chiropractor in Franklin it’s going to catch up and those motions are going to become a little bit harder to do and they’re going to be developing inflammation or tendinitis tendonitis for tendon gnosis in those particular areas where they’re doing these repetitive motions at these joint junctions and your tendons are designed to withstand higher repetitive load but on occasion when the load being applied to the tendon is too great for the tendon to  Chiropractor in Franklinwithstand that tendon is going to become overly stressed and that’s where you’re going to get a problem when that tendon becomes stressed they’re going to you know susceptible to things like micro tears or encourage that inflammatory chemical and swelling which can quickly heal if manage appropriately and bring that information to an optimal level. And if the load is continued implied with that tendon the lesions are occurring at the tin can exceed the rate of repair so we’re just doing more and more damage to that area and that damage is going to be progressively worse. It’s going to cause weakness and we can help at healthworks chiropractic give us a call today 615-791-9917