Chiropractor In Franklin and MyoFascial ReleaseĀ 

Today, at a chiropractor in franklin, at healthworks, chiropractic I want to talk to you about soft tissue work, specifically foam rolling myofascial release is self myofascial release or what we’re talking about foam rolling. Specifically, it’s transformed from something that’s been kind of the unknown technique used by professional athletes, coaches and therapist to it everyday practice for most people that are active. So when we do a lot of this this technique and show people how to do these techniques, you know people, you know. So self myofascial release it’s just a fancy term for self massage to release muscle, tightness or trigger points within the muscle and the tennis ball. Lacrosse ball, anything that has some furnace to him to pinpoint the specific area, and you can even use things like a theracane which is like a hook, came very kind of like a plastic and cannot can go into the areas and kind of massage and he’s a little cross. Friction fiber for those trigger points or you can use your own hands if the area is accessible, and you know by applying this specific pressure to do certain trigger points you’re going to help the body be able to aid in recovery and the assistance of these direct pressures on the muscle are going to return them to the normal function. You know normal function of your muscles. It simply means that your muscles are elastic, have a good stretch, resistance to him, they’re healthy and they rented warm at a moment’s notice.

Self Myofascial Release

So you know you think if you think you have some some tight muscles are trigger points or you know. Other people call I’m not. We can check you at a chiropractor in franklin at healthworks chiropractic in east trigger points their you need in their individual to the each person and their identified because of the referred pain and pain referral. It’s one of those things that we can. We can target in the chiropractor in franklin at healthworks chiropractic, and we can see where these specific trigger points and kind of show you, the the methodology behind the soft tissue work, or you know, trigger point therapy or myofascial release manual for most purposes. It’s going to be easily done and can be described as the pain. That’s felt when pressure is applied to a certain area of the body, but the pain is felt or radiated in a different area. Referred pain, a common. You know problem that people have that we see at a chiropractor in franklin. Is wall, foam, rolling, your it band or kind of the strip of muscle and tissue along the side of your leg, the lateral portion of your leg and it causes pain that radiates up with your hip, all the way down to your leg or ankle when you’re, rolling or working on a tight or sore muscle, you’re, going to experience some discomfort or pain and think of that pain. . You know, thing that people ask is why am I doing this and it’s hurting you while I’m doing it, and you know like a deep tissue, massage it’s easy to understand and ferb for some people, you know they’re able to work out knots and their muscles and it’s a family-owned process that may be uncomfortable and at times that it could be potentially painful

What We Do

. You know in this the self myofascial release. It’s going to provide that user, the ability to control and control the amount of pressure that supply to an area that kind of aids and I healing and recovery process, with air pressure in a precise location, and because you only feel exactly what’s happening, you know kind of want to feel from your body and how much you can take of a certain pressure before you feel like it is painful.What is a different problem with in that muscle? You can kind of let off pressure he’s off and we want to teach you that a chiropractor in franklin at healthworks chiropractic. So you know they had to get relief from these trigger points on your own, at your at your house, before you exercise or after you exercise or if you’re sore from any daily activity. We want to release these trigger points and we want to help reestablish movement patterns and we want these movement patterns to be pain-free and ultimately it’s going to enhance your everyday life and, if you’re, an active individual, it’s going to enhance your performance and we’re all here at healthworks, chiropractic a chiropractor in Franklin. We want to help you increase, you know your daily life and your performance and utilizing stretching alone. It’s it’s not always enough to release the muscles or the tightness within the muscles. The muscle becomes very tonic. It’s the reason that foam rollers have thrived on just a massive market know if we think of like a bungee cord with a knot tied into the end of it, and then you, you think about stretching that cord or long game, that cord out it’s going to create tension and stretching the knotted portion of the muscle. In this case, at the attachment points, the night is going to remain on altered, so foam, rolling or myofascial release.

How It Works

It’s going to assist in breaking up these, these hard tissue and never jimmy normal blood flow and function to that area in the goal to any recovery technique or corrective technique is to get you back. The point of functioning normally and like nothing was ever wrong in the first place. The last time you trained like you, are a teenager without you know what that second thought, you went hard as, if you’re playing a sport, injury or something that only happened, you do physical trauma so which is not the case anymore. You know people ask to add a chiropractor in franklin. We want to teach people, these techniques that a chiropractor in franklin and we want to help you regain function, your body, so you can live a more productive life. You know the manufacture, release, it’s going to be a deep compression that helps break up or relax. The tight muscles and adhesions formed between different muscle layers and their surroundings. You know you can imagine that you’re 10 rising your muscles. They should be soft and supple like a baby’s muscles. You know if your muscles are not taking care of properly. We can experience a lot of consequences because of this, like lots of flexibility, adhesions will perform and just movement. I will be debilitating in general I’m going to help you got a chiropractor in franklin. We would help you at healthworks chiropractic, regain the function and show you how to use these self myofascial release techniques. Live the life that you want to live on campus at call the day or phone number 615-791-9917 for our Franklin. office for our murfreesboro location or phone number is 615-867-1144. You guide you through these at a chiropractor in franklin, we’re here to help, and we want to help you regain function to your body. I chiropractor in franklin we’re going to help you and you’re going to feel a whole lot better, while you’re doing it.