Today, your chiropractor in franklin, going to discuss how the body works what keeps the body movin. How does the body know what to do to to be healthy and stay healthy and you know it? What it comes down to man is a living thing. Man requires a living living. Things requires two factors:life being alive and matter so life as an abstract does exist, but has not demonstrated bowl without Chiropractor in franklinmatter in which to ask to prove itself. So what matter is is what matters not alive until life passes into it flows through it. So these two are pretty much useless without a shelter but unbelievable with each other. So you know if that time of life without matter exist, but there’s no proof or knowledge that such as so matter without life possibly exist, but there needs to be mental proof or knowledge that such is actually there there’s only life in matter as life flows into and through matter, given at motion actionanimation, and that would think of is a living person moving around the substance and the substance, acts and perform this function in moving matters, pretty cool things. These two are very much to give motion and matter and matter in motion the next part of this. As you know, the matter in the in the motion, and all that is really important. But what does it do without intelligence or knowledge the chiropractor pregnant? Are you there’s there’s no saying such as this factor until it passes through matters passing through matter using that factor to recognize itself, but will not matter through which the  Chiropractor in franklin manifest itself there will be no such recognizable, something such as man to exist and his chemical dependent upon everything mechanical. That’s also how the body works having a mechanical, is dependent upon an electrical electrical is a dependent upon everything. Spiritual which is in man is the innate intelligence within talk a lot about innate intelligence in the by the villages, stay healthy and be healthy, and just function in primary in most important is the source which talk about from coming from above down and inside out I’m flowing from were there to keep that that intelligent innate intelligence going, you know, there’s no other way to do this. I would be on that. No one lives alone. They live together. This is a great planit was man went together and it can sue sensible, reasonable and logical to recognize the Chiropractor in franklin existence of a greater intelligence that which man manifest manifest himself and buy yourself. A man cause this great intelligence in the universe, god and as we think, we know that there is not an abstract.

We call intelligent existing out there in that great what a space when all that reaches matter called man enters into the matter of man. We call it mental impulse, nerf bar switch as it moves matter of manifest products. We called functions Chiropractor in franklin such as a census, digestion, reproduction califorcation elimination of waste I’m using the restroom resetera. Without this abstract matter, they’re not being could not be any function producing any product of any kind. There is no sight sound, taste, feeling smell of recognition of the product of motion of matter that does matter have received your vibration record. That impression interpret them through matter. Your chiropractor in franklin certainly understand how this works and, as we adjust you to get that body working better. All these functions start to improve and again the product to be no greater than the producer, so there is some limitation matter the product may and might equal the brewster as such was destined to be, but sometimes you never know. Therefore, it’s vital essential that we have this until abstract metal, impulsive, nerf force flowing into and through our body to produce products which causes matter to live in his ass, coherently, cohesivity and to reproduce his kind. So we can be producing out children and still stay on this planet. Without this intelligence mental impulse, we cannot be cohesively. Continued continent in the matter of man would disintegrate the solve the union back to its prime primitive material elements and cease to exist as united the unit of mind and Chiropractor in franklin matter in living. In all this information of the chiropractor franklin gives you is knowledge in knowledge itself is an abstract as well. It does exist only as the abstract. A matter of man looks he’s an expression in action of perpetuation of its intents and purposes and through matter everywhere, actually smacking, caesars intelligence, as proven by the character and kind of motion as products as man interprets it through. Life is expresses in his matter. Essentially, it is imperative that life be in matter, otherwise the producer does not produce, always, as always in the universe, as well as an abstract producer. Overall, it’s a perfect balance between the right amount of abstract life and matter. The balance right amount of everything else would be the right amount of quantity and quality of life in motion know. People think that this can be distorted, upset just arranged in the think. When minor accidents happen, it is falls twist wrenches jerks restrains, after which they start again not feel good. The first impulses to call their position in reality, 95% of these access produce a vertebral subluxation, which is your chiropractor franklin works on every day in their office to remove the nerve interference. A subluxation is the bone misaligning and putting pressure of the nerve that that flows everywhere to the body, and this is when the body starts to break down over time and your chiropractor in franklin recognize this address to spine and get that body working better. So the chiropractor in franklin opinion we should be called first carburetor should be called first, not last when the acute condition grows chronic and because the physician is helpless to get them well, a lot of times the chiropractor’s, the last person that is called in reality.

It should be the vice versa, essentially the vial issue that is to find that primary physical cause, which makes it impossible for the always normal abstract to get into into the abnormal acting matter. This is what chiropractic does. This is all any person can do if it wishes to reestablish balance between abstract and matter in this is essentially called help. You know so essentially, electricity is an abstract is not Chiropractor in franklin exist to living man. It’s it doesn’t affect in the human being of man and believes it sees it hears it as it is activated in him through some form matter. Touches globes, motors pumps, other forms can be activated by electricity quote, on quote from the cosmos:there is electricity or wet cell battery. At least we think there is. We cannot prove it until we turn on the switch was prince electricity, whatever, that is to flow from battery to glow. Where manifest as we produce a light motion, heat excetera in there and your body is a very complex. What we’ve of interdependence system, such as the nervous system and the digestive system and the immune system in it all, is really important for the for a man to live and be healthy and in our world today the ability to be healthy is improved tenfold to technology, Chiropractor in franklin but yet, on the other side of it, there’s so many things that bring us down stressors out there. You know we have. The stress of our job is working these days or not, but we don’t take the time to take vacation and then slow down in this build up over time. As a big stress-and you know we’re so as americans in the rat race to be successful and have the bigger home and have all the nice cars-and you know this wasn’t how things were 50 years ago or not as concerned about keeping up with the joneses in today. That’s certainly the case, and this causes to mental stress and mental stress manifest itself in the in the bones in the muscles and exacerbates any type of problems can stress will attack the weak point. So someone who gets headaches they’re going to get more headaches when they’re stressed out someone who has the digestive issues are going to have more aggressive issues in overtime. This causes chronic pain, chronic symptoms, chronic everything in the body. No one of the easiest ways to counteract stratasys director size exercise, the body’s natural defense. It releases chemicals Chiropractor in franklin in the body to counteract the stress that builds up in our system, but that’s the other thing americans are so busy working these days. They don’t take time to take care of themselves through exercise. That’s a big deal, the more we exercise, the healthier we’re going to be in just like anything else, exercise of the habit. You know if you set it in your calendar to be exercising that monday wednesday friday at 8 a.M. Or whatever time works for you 5 a.M. 8 p.M. Does it matter. If we’re doing that is diligent it’s it’s us having a habit of doing something just like we can have have a habit of going the movie on a friday night or or whatever your chiropractor in franklin, really believes in in the power of being consistent and thinking big, you can be whoever you want to be, you can be as healthy as you want to be. All you can be as unhealthy as he want to be. Just ask believe and you’ll receive that information you receive that back and you know to bring anything into your life. Just imagine is already there. What does that consistently working out or consistently go to the chiropractor in franklin for an adjustment goals? Goals are a big deal. If we don’t have a goal, we don’t really know where we’re going. What kind of like a regular ship in the ocean, where is kind of going back and forth can I take an order that we’re the world takes us in? That’s going to be something that, in the end, going to cause more stress than we talked about physical or emotional stress. Don’t stress, we do is chemical stress. Chemical stress is stuff that we put in our body, and you know again that comes down to a lot of medications being taken these days. A lot of people eating fast food or just not eating properly, and it’s going to cause a chemical stress in the system and eight intelligence is a very strong thing, and your chiropractor in franklin knows how chiropractic can really unleash the innate intelligence in your body, but and intelligence or limitations in matter right. So the more we beat up our body, the more we drink, the more we smoke, don’t worry. Exercise over time. You no matter is going to fail and it’s going to feel either way. But you know, as your chiropractor franklin, we want you guys to be as healthy and is functional as possible for as long as possible and in time for the part  Chiropractor in franklin of that. But so is this good habits we talked about, and that is something that’s really important. I want to stress to you, and that is something that, if you do, if you get in the habit of doing that, they will make a huge difference for you, like I pressure in franklin is located on seaboard lane you can reach is at www. Healthworks chiropractic dotnet. We have a facebook page. You can call us at 615-791-9917 look forward to hearing you in hearing about your experiences and seeing you in and do that innate intelligence.