Chiropractor In Franklin And Low Impact Accidents

Today, I want to talk to you about something that we commonly see here at a chiropractor in franklin at healthworks chiropractic, and it’s a study. That’s that saying that a low speed crash does not mean low energy, so in kind of modern day and age you know about the last century or last hundred years or so there’s been more advanced in mankind than any other time in history with all the technology, health and transportation services that are available nowadays, it’s it’s kind of amazing. The advancements in transportation have made the farthest corners of the earth accessible in just a few short hours. You know why this fast-paced pattern of make or break records has become just a standard in rrcsaturday I’m, a lot of ideologies in each industry and there’s a lot of miss and dogma, or just plain outrageous falsehoods and they’re. Just tire tirelessly work to dispel these missed and with regards to transportation. With regards to on to general transportation, we sometimes forget the myth of the physics of an injury, so you know why? What can we go so fast? You know, let’s say like 2000 miles per hour in a blackbird airplane, not be injured, yet we fall a few feet and we break a bone or you know sprained something or strained. Something in the answer to that is is simply time, the time attext to speed up or slow down, or in this case, coming to a complete stop, which is what causes the injury and sometimes even death. If the injury severe enough, it’s not the fall, it’s actually the sudden stop that that causes injury. So what we’ve seen it a chiropractor in franklin is when people come to us with an automobile accident. We see that the advancements in the vehicle and the safety and the design play a factor into this. To you know, there was a time when, when vehicles didn’t have standard safety equipment and these vehicles would crash and stop-and you know under newton’s law in the vehicle would keep going at the same speed. The vehicle is traveling and collide with the the interior of the vehicle. Any lenny’s collisionsthere was the sudden stopped for the car, but not the occupant.


They keep on moving after the vehicle is come to a stop which creates a lot of that whiplash, severe injuries, brain trauma, concussions in even death, like what we were saying so the advancements and safety. My car seat belts you no longer hit the inside of the vehicle in a crash on the seat belt, did its job and keep you from the sudden stopped. But the seatbelts put in extreme, sometimes paralyzing strain on the occupants body, and you know we see that, like the lumbar spine or the lower back at a chiropractor in franklin. It is not designed to keep the top half of you in place during a crash and there’s actually not enough space. That normally resides between the person in the vehicle in the seat beltand again in a very short amount of time. The person in the vehicle is colliding with their seatbelt, and even if it’s an inch, they can still make a huge difference in the the injury. So you know, different parts of the spine are not designed to support adjacent regions within the forces, and the adjacent spinal regions have to attempt to stabilize forces that it wasn’t intended to stabilize in the first place. Chiropractor in franklin has seen that these the safety belt seat belts in general they’re, not designed to restrain your upper body and the stress on your your lower back, could potentially make you hit. The inside of the vehicle of a crash were to occurthe shoulder belt or kind of top strap of the seatbelt. It’s jobs to keep you from suddenly stopping and hitting the front portion of the car, but there’s a lot of flaws in this design.


You know first thing I’d like to go over. It can distribute the forces on evenly across your body, and you know. Secondly, the upper body is restrain, so your neck has to keep your head in place during a crash, and its job is not to design to do so. So, in addition to that, what we see it, a chiropractor in franklin, the sudden stop of your body-means that your organs and crash into your skeleton on either side of your body. So we see like a an airbag and designed failure of the seatbelt on most vehicles on the road. Todaythey have a big bag of are waiting to pull a boy in the event that you do get into an accident or head-on collision and for the front-end collisions. The sensors are located in the front and airbags are actually on the side and they do have side, sensors and most cars now and both are going to deploy. If you have the front and side airbags and if those sensors are activated through a significant amount of force, it’s going to result and deformity of the vehicle on this bag is coupled with the seat belt, which will stretch at a predetermined point and the goal of both is for you to not be stopped suddenly. So, in other words, and attempt to to give you more time to come in to a complete stop, there’s things called crumbles owns. This is a safety advancement manufacturers, they’re going to have discovered that they can make a vehicle fail in a way. That’s predictable and expected behavior meant that the vehicle vehicle vehicle can take extra time to crush, and that usually happens within milliseconds and further extend the time it takes an occupant to slow down her come to a complete stop. So a chiropractor in Franklin weed help with these these injuries that can occur because of design failures in cars as technology advances. More and more of these cars will hopefully become a little bit safer for everybody and reduce the amount of injuries that we see, but you can’t stop for semi can’t stop gravity, so there’s always going to be an extent, and we went out, of course, minimize injuries as much as we canin vehicles with better designs in better protective measures in them.

The Effect On Your Body

That’s what we hope for for the future, but, as you know, accidents are going to happen. We want to try to minimize bees and mitigate the the results of the accident, but I’m at a chiropractor in franklin. We can certainly help with injuries sustained from automobile accidents, so give us a call today or number is 615-791-9917, and we love to get you in and help you feeling a little bit better after these traumatic experiences happen. So the advancements and safety and the nature of the collision renters them useless or the collision is not violent enough to need them at a low speed of seat belts, hair bags they’re not really going to do a whole lot for the occupant of a vehicle which is rear-ended if a vehicle has a collision which is not severe enough to deploy the airbags andfix the seat belt, then both of these features are are useless again for safety. If the vehicle crumbles cannot crumble or does some minimally the occupy, it’s not going to get the benefit of the the energy-absorbing the design. So we want to see safety advancements in modern vehicles that are designed to increase the time it takes you to slow down. But if you’re not available to you, as in the case of low speed crashes, then you’re no better off than being in a vehicle with no safety features. So chiropractor in Franklin how fast can you take nikli go and still have the collision be a low speed and suffering injury, and it’s kind of a complex question, because there’s a lot of different variable sin that sell to clean out come over crash such as you know. Each item is going to be subjected onto itself. You know different types of vehicles and different mechanical condition. Speed angle of the collision can all factor into these injuries that are sustained by the occupant, the weight of the car and also the occupied the speed of the vehicle. The braking distance. You know they’re at they’re all factors into you know how how much impact you’re going to feel from the collision and understanding how a vehicle behaves chiropractor in Franklin in a low speed event and how the forces are transferred. It’s actually key to the bunking, a low speed, no internet, so you don’t have to be going fast to have have a severe injuryso. We want to make sure that you’re getting the best treatment possible for these injuries at healthworks chiropractic, a chiropractor in franklin, can’t help you with these injuries that are sustained from automobile accidents. Give us a call today or number 615-791-9917, where located at 284, seaboard lane suite 100 in franklin tennessee, and we also have an office in murfreesboro tennessee and that’s located at 925 south, church, street, suite, a, 200 or phone number. There is 615-867-1144. Give us a call the day to come, get in a thorough examination from your automobile accident and we can help decrease the pain and help speed up the healing time at healthworks. Chiropractic, a chiropractor in franklin can help you