And this episode, your chiropractor in franklin, wants to go over hot topic these days, and that would be antibiotics order to take him or whether or not to and in in this article I’m going to go through bj palmer thoughts on this. He wrote all this in 1957 in his book evolution of revolution and it in this next few pages. He talks about a medical doctor going through more than 6 weeks of the most miserable torture of his life from penicillin poisoning, and you wanted. What are you you know whether bj could print article about the problem and also mention all the other commonly used antibiotics in relation to their bad side effects, and so beautiful and I started working through this and threw them out of the american medical association also suggested they take mr. Choice, questions. Long, and here it was the reply from dr. Wong mdhow many things that are useful to man. May under certain circumstances, be very dangerous. This is true, and medicine is drugs which helped many people may turn out to be poisonous to others. The antibiotics are among such drugs while they have been life-saving. 200,000 of they make hillary make life miserable for some of us and then so. What he’s acknowledging here is that all drugs aren’t perfect for all people, while they do help from some people are, they can help some people be healthier, but for a lot of people they make them more sick, and this is a big thing-is a lot of times. People just go to their doctor to get it some sort of medication to get a prescription that walk out with him going to be healthy and that’s certainly not the caseand. The carpenter franklin believes that many things that are useful to man, may under certain circles has to be very dangerous, and this is true in medicine as well, because drugs, which helped many people may turn out to be poisonous to others. The uncounted numbers of lies are being saved by proper administration of antibiotics before she thousand of individuals also died from the reaction. So how does come about well? Take the example of penicillin. The first report of the doctors, dr. Wong, suggested on these antibiotics and country over 3% of patients receiving penicillin, developed fever, rashes, hives and some patient has signs are accompanied by painful swollen joints, and these are awesome. Cause reaction to sensitivity. In other words, the patient’s reacted badly, because their tissues are sensitive to penicillin. As time passed more and more people received penicillin. The percent of the reaction increased more severe and even fail test reactions to penicillin husband., between 200 and 300 people die in the us this year and I was in 1958 from what are called anaphylactoid reaction to penicillin interactions occur in people who have become cincinnati. Penicillin occur within a few minutes after the injection of swallowing of penicillin. And this this to me, it is your chiropractor franklin touches on a subject these days, which is vaccinations and timmy. The vaccination schedule is absolutely ridiculous. People are getting injected, babies are getting injected with so many more chemicals neurotoxins in every before your chiropractor in franklin is is in his forties and when I was growing up the number of vaccinations, all we got was minimal compared to what kids are getting these days inn by magnitude of 10 to 20. As far as the amount I think the number I don’t have it on top of my head, but I want to say kids, but under 18 every seat up to a hundred injections. You know 20 30 years ago, that was number was maybe 20 or whatever wasn’t it just the point of the whole matter is:is the number of injections that kids get? It is so much harder these days and it was before, and all these injections contain contain things that are poisonous to you like formaldehyde. They also culture, these these vaccinations from aborted fetuses. So there’s all kinds of problems vaccinations. You know what a third world country I think, maybe they’re more effective, but in a country like the united states, who has proper drinking water and sanitation, they’re, just not as necessary in and I know it’s the hot topic but i. Ask your chiropractor franklin, really strongly believe in not vaccinating or at the very the very least, slowing down the vaccination schedule and this kind of walks back to what they’re talking about here in penicillin. So you know, while penicillin is hot. Many people is also harm. If you and so I strongly believe that the rise in adhd att autism is a certainly a result of all these neurotoxins being injected into our kids system and i. Think that is an issue and i. Think I’ll doctor should know that drugs and like the antibiotics and vaccines, she should be used with great care in patients who may be allergic, such as individuals have hayfever asthma, certain time,, just maybe some neurological conditions that may predispose down to react strongly. Is these in to become sensitized sensitize and serious reaction may occur when the antibiotics or any drugs are given. So you know who talked about in this thing that people who don’t know they are allergic, make it a minor reaction to the first dose of penicillin. This is a red danger signal on they remember to inform a doctor treating them in the future. Their sensitivity-and this is any type of drug i-recently had a position to tell me another sad story which illustrates the problem. He was called to see a patient who suffered from asthma and who had just about the common cold. She demanded that he gave her an injection of penicillin say that it was a waiter, cold, sores, always treated, and she would get another doctor if he didn’t he refusing was immediately dismiss.

Another physician was called to administer the penicillin. The patient died of an anaphylactic reaction within 3 minutes. Have the drivers injected pretty sad story, hear the patient was misinformed and what was what was indeed right for them and healthy, and then the position in the end gave┬áChiropractor In Franklin into her wishes, who you know he was just trying to help her and want to do with the patient wanted, but yeah? Who is the blame and then in in chiropractor in franklin’s pain in both the patient? The second doctor were at fault. She for demand in the treatment was the threat of getting another doctor. He from friend the patient to dress a type of treatment which shouldn’t have no one was valueless in might even be dangerous, and what can be done about the increasing number of reaction to the antibiotics will. First, the patient edition must realize the antibiotics are not completely harmless. Agent. Ii positioned must have been stranded box, only one that indications for the record of checks are clear and 3rd street at south of the notion. Antibiotics are quiroz. This is the number 78 in this was good health sears authorized by the american medical association. This was in march 3rd and 31st. 1957 I find an education of man is long sought to uncover discovered, found the secret in the most recessive infant with surround sound, which governs drex rules in predetermined, the universal everlasting rules and regulations of living. Things include himself like all of an object’s mass born. Is this the wild eyes and disintegrates to be born again and again in the form of matter? Is eunice educational, a new beginning at it as the old continuation of the source that produces him? Man is born with no education assembles external impressions in the outside world, beyond stop & shop in cinnaminson, realize there’s a world outside of a self greater than his limited education knows. He seeks to know the greater outside world yet inside him is that greater inside world is not know. Seldom recognized, never fully understands it. Limited fine, I understand the 6 and the infinite unlimited world surrounding him, but failed, isn’t lights realized that he sticks with in him. Should that time come on is fine at my kid and didn’t know the infinite mind within then is external find out? Mine could cause, because is the infant in scope, understanding application his education for sale in a Chiropractor In Franklin good seats too, because it would be humble by comparison, is well for the human race at the internet has been placed beyond the reach of the final fight for what we have cause. A lot of. We have chaos. Portion of the infant has seen fit to bury itself so far beyond the reach of the find that can never be your will be reachout. Education can do or had a prior prior to a right to do as a single at work and works good. Now that such as admit to endless potential to set to visit print to the produce and reproduce out as well as it will placing two artificial interferences, a naturopath, Chiropractor In Franklin and if such thing exists to correct them to permit the infinite work to the finite man in matters of weather can be unless it. This man has yet to learn that within his infant network greater than he knows, man, that’s powerful, and so what is talking about is no matter how much education you have, no matter what? How smart and what your grades are. Your gpa, you would never going to be as smart as an 8 in the innate intelligence within your body, god or whatever. Being you like to believe, has put us on this. Earth has made us and under his and fallible vision of him and no matter what you seek from the outside source of wisdom, it does not ever come, does not ever match the infinite source of wisdom within your body, so your body knows exactly what to do. It just sometimes need to push in the right direction. Your chiropractor in franklin blues, like the chiropractic adjustment to release subluxation in the spine, is one of those things Chiropractor In Franklin that people can do to be healthy above down inside out talks about house from above down her spine inside her body and expresses itself out so when you coming to get an adjustment chiropractor in franklin off as we release that wisdom from within our body to express our health and become healthy, happy people-and you know no drug. No no medication can can do the same thing as what a chiropractic adjustment can do when it comes to an eight health in revelation that innate ability to be healthy and yucaipa john franklin strongly believes that if you get adjusted, you will be a healthier happier, person I’m not only short-term and long-term as well. We encourage you to come in and get checked your family to get checked and when you do this, how to talk in previous article as your body responds how it responds? That’s it nate’s intelligent and it, however, that is, is what I’ll be. So if you come in to get checked with a thorough evaluation, so we can help you and if we can we’ll talk about how you guys going to respond, how your nate intelligence can help you get better, and your chiropractor in mercer really looks forward to seeing you, your family, your friends and I believe personally, that our community be much healthier if 80% of the population are getting adjusted versus 10% of the population of which is the current statistics. These days, which is very sad and really an indication of chiropractors and in general, not getting the word out of innate intelligence in our body’s ability to be healthy and heal, and so I’m. One of my missions in life is to get this word out, and this is why we talk about this in this article the day to get Chiropractor In Franklin people to understand how the body can be healthy and happy and I just need to sometimes a push in the right direction.

So that’s what we’ll do the chiropractor in murfreesboro is is located in murfreesboro. Your chiropractor in franklin is located at 284, seaboard, lane, suite, 100 brand new office. Come see us check us out and we’ll take a look at you see. What’s going on thanks so much