Chiropractor in Franklin |  Anti-Roation Exercises For The Core

At a Chiropractor in Franklin at Healthworks chiropractic  chiropractic I want to talk to you about some exercises that can be useful for your back and just overall back pain in general. You know there’s a lot of different exercises that are often prescribed for back pain. And one of them is one of my favorite exercises the anti rotation press. Chiropractor in Franklin So essentially the entire rotation press is going to activate a transverse abdominals which is great because it’s going to help with stability and prevent torque in the body. You know there’s a lot of things into your life that can you know talk us to one direction or another. Chiropractor in Franklin  But it’s our job to keep that stability in our body and to help us stay rigid throughout our core. So we can help you maintain a steady posture throughout the day and that’s why I believe the the entire rotation press is a great great exercise for this. You know and if your body was like a solar system the sun at its center that would be your core. So every time you move forward you take a sudden unexpected turn or twist. You expend energy and this action originates from that area which begins just below your chest. And it’s going to wrap around your body down to your glutes or your buttocks. And without it to hold you upright you’d collapse. And if it’s your center of gravity without it to hold you upright you’d collapse your center of gravity. That’s where that’s located at your midsection. And you know rest assured that without a strong core you’ll lose your strong center.

And when that happens it’s easy to get knocked out of place even if you have a six pack or an aid package is no guarantee that you have a strong internal core. Your core is just the center of your body. You hear this often talked a lot and it’s often mistaken for just your muscle culture erectus a dominance that it’s a banditti muscle. When you see the six pack you see the rest is a dominance. The main thing with this is that you have a low enough body fat to see those muscles and everybody shaved a little bit differently. You know some have 6 some have AIDS some are lopsided you know some have a wider linea alba or the connective tissue in between. There’s dies faces recked which is commonly found in pregnant women when that area stretches  we can teach you at a Chiropractor in Franklin  down the abdominal muscles actually get separated further apart. So it’s you know beneficial that we keep you know a stable core throughout our body and we we make sure that we can we can do affectively and proficiently throughout our body. And it’s it’s one thing to make sure that that we are you know seeing that your six pack and stretches all the way down to your lower back and where it  Chiropractor in Franklin connects to your glutes your hips and your leaks or your sides. And when the core set of muscles is strengthened properly you know everything from your glutes your lower back your obliques your hips your practice of dominance. We want to say you know when it when it’s on as strength and muscle probably to have a tighter and toned abdominal and an unrivaled center of gravity. So how do we exactly do this.

We want to do it by doing anti rotation movements. And you know what our entire rotation exercises entire rotation exercises mimic and strengthen the natural function of your core which is to stabilize your spine and move into an injury free plane of motion. You know what movement talking about is you’re carrying two grocery bags and one is heavier than the other. You’ll find your lower back strain that keep you upright or perhaps the one where you almost slip and fall and you have to stop yourself in an awkward position without slipping a disc in your spine. Entire rotation exercises actually helped to strengthen the entire length of your core by resisting that force so that these movements are handled by your muscles and not just your spine. So some of the top anti rotation exercises you know for beginners I would I would suggest beginner an intermediate level where you can adjust the amount of resistance to your personal fitness levels an entire rotation Bandholz is a beginner exercise but it’s it’s quite wonderful for everybody. The entire rotation ban holds an excellent option for some beginners and you know it feels like a resisted rotation to build up strength and the stabilizer muscles of the core and the shoulder and how you basically perform it is you get by looping one end of a band it is important to us at a Chiropractor in Franklin .

You know we can of course know what resistance a band is by how light or how dark it is the light of the color the lighter the band The darker the color the heavier the band and we begin by getting the anchor point a sturdy object to wrap that band around bring the tension to the band by stepping out to a parallel of here and stepping out in parallel to your anchor point and keep your feet and hip width apart and spine straight. Class your hands around the band in both hands at your chest level and they’re going to extend straight out in front of you and you’re going to fill your obliques your glutes and your shoulders engage as your body tries to rotate towards your anchor you’re going to hold that for about 30 seconds and then repeat on the other side. So a single arm wall push is a very effective exercise as well. This is the beginning to intermediate exercise and the single arm wall push it actually takes your standard plank to a whole new level. And that’s an anti rotation movement as well. All you need is a wall to start filling in your stabilizer muscles of the glutes. The core of the obliques to start to engage get that mind muscle connection and basically how you perform this is you begin by coming into a point position facing a wall and you’ll be positioned just far enough away from the wall where you can rest your palms flat on it and you can make the exercise actually a little bit easier by spreading your feet farther apart keeping your hands directly beneath your shoulders. And if one arm now with one arm you’ll caress your palm into the wall making sure your torso and hips stay squared the ground you engage your glutes and your core. And as you hold for about 20 to 30 seconds you’re going to switch to the other arm. Wow. Personal favorites though is something you can do in a gym it’s a standing cable and tight rotation chop. give us a call at healthworks chiropractic Chiropractor in Franklin  can help you today so give us a call at 615-791-9917 we are located at 284 seaboard lane suite 100 in Franklin, Tennessee.