We have the best chiropractor Franklin Tennessee team here at Healthworks Chiropractic. Our staff offers the best service at any chiropractic is an area because of the wide variety of services and therapies we provide for each of our patients. We approach our patients care as a whole, instead of just focusing on just the spine like other chiropractic offices in the area do. For our services and therapies, we use innovative technology to partner with the chiropractic care we provide. This is what makes Healthworks Chiropractic’s services and care the very best.

Our favorite piece of technology at Healthworks Chiropractic that chiropractor Franklin Tennessee uses is a specific type of laser therapy. The laser therapy our staff uses is the K-Laser. This laser therapy has the technology to accelerate tissue regeneration while simultaneously helping the patient manage pain and inflammation that they have in a targeted area. This laser is also a therapeutic treatment that is FDA cleared. If this laser therapy is added as part of your treatment it will be easy to see why it is one of our favorite therapies. This therapy is easy for our staff to use as well as, an easy therapy for our patients. This therapy will keep you coming back for more.

This laser therapy was a clear choice for chiropractor Franklin Tennessee at Healthworks Chiropractic. So how exactly does the laser therapy work? This laser therapy works by focusing on that the damage area by drawing water, oxygen, and nutrients, and increasing circulation to that area. It is easy to see why this would be such an effective therapy. The treatment time is not very long, usually about 4 to 8 minutes. The treatment time can depend on the size of the area being treated. Treatments can vary depending on the damaged area and the patient, but we typically see patients have anywhere from 6 to 12 treatments. The year effects of reduced pains will also vary on the patient and damage of the area, as well as location.

Healthworks Chiropractic only once you have the best therapies and services available for our patients, which is why we add laser therapy our individualized care plans. This K-Laser therapy allows us to expand the horizon on areas we can treat effectively. This means we are also better able to treat the soft tissue around the spine leading to more effective treatment. Not only is this therapy use for spinal health, but can target several areas all over the patient’s body.

This laser therapy, K-Laser, is just one of the many amazing services we have offer here at Healthworks Chiropractic. The therapies and services that we have to offer surpassed those of other chiropractic offices, and clearly make us the best and easiest choice. Schedule an appointment with us or find out more information about our therapies you can call us at 615-791-9917 or 615-867-1144. You may also find additional information about Healthworks Chiropractic and the many therapies we have to offer at healthworkschiropractic.net.

Chiropractor Franklin Tennessee | A Unique Twist

Chiropractor Franklin Tennessee has a unique twist on chiropractic care. Here at Healthworks Chiropractic we believe in the very best of the best for our patients. This means finding innovative and unique techniques and services to make sure we are doing all we can for our patients. No two of our patients are the same, which means each patient is going to get a specific and specialized care plan to best suit their needs and preferences. This makes Healthworks Chiropractic different from other chiropractic companies because other chiropractic offices will give all of their patients the same nonspecific care plan, no matter the issue or injury.

For starters, chiropractor Franklin Tennessee believes in a “whole person” approach to their patient care plans. This means our doctors are looking at more than just spinal health and old school chiropractic. Healthworks Chiropractic will be looking at any type of pain and discomfort the patient has, as well as, any underlying causes of disease. Imbalances in the spinal column can lead to many seemingly unrelated symptoms, which is why this approach is so important to our doctors and staff. Healthworks Chiropractic is very passionate that this “whole person” approach is the very best way to treat our patients.

A part of this “whole person” approach that chiropractor Franklin Tennessee uses, means taking a deeper look into the needs of each patient that comes into our office. At Healthworks Chiropractic we believe in being very thorough with our patient care, starting with the initial visit. During this initial visit patients can expect a friendly staff to help them with paperwork and answering any questions the patients may have. This is followed by a very thorough exam and x-rays. From there the doctor can diagnose any conditions the patient has and create a specific care plan tailored to the needs of that patient. Healthworks Chiropractic believes that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to their patients chiropractic care plan.

Another part of this “whole person” approach is the various types of services and therapies that we provide here at Healthworks Chiropractic. Not only do our services here include traditional chiropractic care, but we also provide services such as car accident and personal injury case care. The matter what type of service you’re coming into Healthworks Chiropractic for you can expect to see many types of therapies specifically picked for your chiropractic care plan. We have several types of therapies including spinal decompression and laser therapy. If needed our doctors can also provide healthy lifestyle tips and advice, and offer several types of health resources.

When you are looking for chiropractor, Healthworks Chiropractic is simply the best chiropractic office in the middle Tennessee area. Our doctors and staff go above and beyond to make sure our patients are provided with the best care possible. To schedule an appointment or find out more information about the unique and amazing care Healthworks Chiropractic can provide for you, please call 615-791-9917 or 615-867-1144. You can also find additional information on healthworkschiropractic.net.