Car Crashes and Injuries in Tennessee and Decompression use for Automobile Accidents

Today we will discuss the different types of decompressions sessions that we have regarding automobile accidents. At Healthworks Chiropractic we take patients who have been into a car accident and personal injury Car crashes and injuries in Tennessee . During a personal injury/ car accident after the initial accident, they will file a police car accident report. From there their car insurance will call and speak to the injured or non injured parties to discuss claims. Our insurance and billing specialist will assist with any type of information that is used Car crashes and injuries in Tennessee  .



Our decompression table, is a standard high tech table that is used for any type of herniated or bulging discs issues throughout the vertebrae. Throughout an individual’s vertebrae are compact discs that are used for cushion throughout the spinal region. The discs provide comfort and as well are a barrier between the bones and has the function to send nutrients and micronutrients throughout the spinal region car crashes and injuries in Tennessee  . The discs are for support when the body is doing any type of bending or movement that uses the spine to support the skeletal system. These discs however can be diminished or deteriorated which can cause pain in the spinal region. Grinding of the bones is a noted example of any type of discs compression or deterioration. The grinding of the bones in the vertebrae can cause intense and prolonged pain which can turn into chronic pain. The main two areas discs wise that can be compromised is held in the cervical (neck region) , lumbar (low region)Car crashes and injuries in Tennessee  . These two regions of the spine hold different skeletal composition and movements throughout the body, such as the cervical spine which holds the anatomical head and supporting neck region/ shoulders Car crashes and injuries in Tennessee . The lumbar (lower body region) holds together the weight of the hip region, lower body, legs etc.


The cervical and lumbar settings for the decompression table depend upon on the individual, and which part of their spine was affected via the post car accident. The most common pain that an individual endures during a post car accident is low back pain, lumbar region. Usually from the initial force of being hit, as well to another region that can be affected is the cervical neck region from the form of whiplash. During their initial visit at Healthworks Chiropractic we will take detailed x-rays to determine which injury the patient has occurred post automobile accident. The chiropractors will do a detailed consultation to pinpoint the specific region of injury. From there they will go forward with a specific procedure and decompression plan.  The protocols are based upon as well the affected area, for example rather if any type of compression was done in cervical 1 or cervical 4 region or if any damage has occurred in the Lumbar 4 or Lumbar 5. Trial sessions are used for auto accidents for the times of usually ten to twelve minutes. After a trial sessions is used, a consultation is used to determine if this treatment should be used going forward. If agreed upon, the treatment time doubles from ten to twelve minutes to twenty to twenty four minutes Car crashes and injuries in Tennessee . Insurance does not typically cover this type of treatments, for healthcare companies the majority of insurance plans are only used for adjustments and the use of stim and traction car crashes and injuries Tennessee. However with personal injury cases, treatment is usually covered by the other individuals car insurance. For example if I was hit by another driver, his or her car insurance would be paying for my medical billing and treatment if needed. So insurance would cover basically all of the treatments provided, from adjustments, stim and traction, k-laser to decompression protocols Car crashes and injuries in Tennessee .


The number of decompression protocol appointments vary based on each person’s needs. The typical person uses the decompression table three times a week for four weeks. Afterwards twice a week for four weeks, then once a week for four weeks. Usually going with maintenance afterwards for the use of once a week to even once a month as needed. Decompressions are different than the popular inversion table that I hear frequently about Car crashes and injuries in Tennessee . Inversion tables can allow relief of pressure through joints, however been held upside down in a certain position for long periods isn’t the most ideal form of treatment for helping eliminating disc  pain car crashes and injuries in Tennessee. In turn it can seem like an outdated practice that provides a little to zero results. The decompression table is an accident and fault free machine that Is used with a computer system.

The computer system allows the employee to place the patient on the table and then set up the functions and measurements based upon certain criteria. Car crashes and injuries in Tennessee


Come use our decompression table if you have any type of herniated or bulging discs that stems from a car accident Car crashes and injuries in Tennessee . Or as well if you have any type of pain give us a call at our Murfreesboro or Franklin Location. Our Franklin location is two eight four, seaboard lane suite one hundred Franklin Tennessee. Our Greensboro location is nine two five south church street suite a200, murfreesboro Tennessee. Car crashes and injuries in Tennessee. Maintenance patients depending on how their body has healed could do anywhere from one decompression session a week to even once a month. The majority of individuals who use the decompression protocols and sessions are between the ages of thirty five to fifty years old. Our decompression protocol and appointments are not generally used for patients under the age of eighteen without parental consent. The body is still developing and growing so it would not be ample time to get such services done. Give us a call and become a patient.