Best Murfreesboro Chiropractor Insurance Coverage


Today we will talk about chiropractic facilities and the use of Insurance Coverage at Best Murfreesboro Chiropractor. The majority of americans in our society has insurance. Rather it comes from cell phone insurance, car insurance or the most relatable health insurance.Insurance is a large portion of our lives, it makes sure that we are taken care of financially if anything occurs.Best Murfreesboro Chiropractor Insurance is primarily used for just in case or emergency coverage. Just like any type of medical establishment health insurance is a big factor when it comes to new potentinal patients. Will my insurance be covered, how much will the insurance company pay for services and treatments. The majority of individuals who have coverage and are wanting chriorpactic care ask these questions.Best Murfreesboro Chiropractor


Here at Healthworks Chiropractic, we ask our new patients if they have insurance. For the first visit we do a consultation orthapedic foot scan, tour of the facility and so forth. If a patient asks over the phone or in person if there particular health insurance is covered we do not typically give them an answer. If the question is ever asked wetell them we can scan their insurance and see what is covered. Best Murfreesboro Chiropractor What is covered under their plan is not discussedon the first visit. We use our second visits to go over doctors findings and x-rays. In addition,Best Murfreesboro Chiropractor  we will cover their benefits of their insurance plan and what is covered. While waiting for the second appointment gives the patient additional trust that we are not out to just make money. Your health comes first then we can discuss financial arrangements.


If a patient is not using insurance there are other options available. We consider this to be called a cash rate.A cash rate patient will not go through their insurance. Or at times if a patient does not have insurance they will use the cash rate. The cash rate at Healthworks Chiropractic is fifty dollars, and that is only for an adjustment. Any additional therapies are charged and billed to the client. Example,  Best Murfreesboro Chiropractorour stim and traction would be an additional fifteen dollars per session. The use of Best Murfreesboro Chiropractor  the k-laser would be on average sixty to sixty-five dollars per treatment.Our decompression table is our most expensive out of insurance therapy. The Best Murfreesboro Chiropractor Decompression table costs on average from one hundred to one hundred and fifty dollars per session. As we are talking about additional treatments away from adjustments. Sadly the majority of Amercian insurance companies will not cover additional treatment

besides just adjustments. They do not deem it necessary, which on my behlaf is not logical. So if any patients would like to do additional therapies be prepared to pay out of pocket for those services.However if you do have insurance we will run and scan the card. Doing so allows are billing specialist to call the insurance companies and see what is covered. There are multiple types of health insurance plans. Medicare is a great example. Medicare is eligible for any individual over the age of sixty-five years old. At Healthworks Chiropractic Best Murfreesboro Chiropractor  we use a sales and marketing pitch in order to get new clients in the door. Its called our once exam, which covers orthopedic neurologic and chiropractic exam. As well depending Best Murfreesboro Chiropractor on your condition it will include your first adjustment. Back toMedicare, under Medicare plans the patients are not allowed to use this deal. The once exam Best Murfreesboro Chiropractor  is nineteen dollars, howeveMedicare patients would have to pay the full price of the inital exam. Fifty dollars for the individual adjustment and fifty dollars for the consultation. After that has been paid Medicare will take care of the intial adjustments.If the Best Murfreesboro Chiropractor adjustments are not fully covered a small copay is used. The typical copay for these patients are around seven to eight dollars on average. As mentioned before any additional treatments are billed to the patients under noncoverage.


Medicaid would be the next type of insurance. Medicaid is typically used for individuals with low income. It helps individuals who typically would not be able to afford such care. However, with chiropractic care, Medicaid is not covered.And individuals who use this will have to pay out of pocket for all cost occurred. Payment plans can be used in orderto help the costs of treatments and services occurred.


Bluecross Blueshield, Atena, and Cigna are the main branches of insurance patients use. The majority of these main insurance forums do cover adjustments and usually stim and traction. With that being said we can run the insurance through to see what is covered. Not everyone’s plan is the same either. Depending on your insurance and how high your deductible is it might be cheaper to just pay out of pocket for services rendered. For example and indivudal using Bluecross Blueshield could have a three thousand dollar copay. Which means that the individual would have to spend up to three thousand dollars including premium payments.Best Murfreesboro Chiropractor

Before insurance takes over and decides to pay for any type of treatments or services.If you have an extremely high deductible your copay might be lets say sixty dollars. If your plan states that you only need adjustments would be beneficial to not use insurance. It would save you ten dollars every appointment to not go through insurance. However if it is the beginning of the year and you know by the Best Murfreesboro Chiropractor will be able to meet your deductible then proceed to use you insurance Best Murfreesboro Chiropractor. There are other options besides going through insurance as well. If you are one of the individuals who know your insurance will not cover or have a high deductible. You can use care credit. Care credit is exactly what it sounds like credit. You apply for a credit card in the facitity or online. It will tell you immediately if you are eligble to receive credit. You can put your dues on the health credit card

and pay it off at your own pace. Of course Best Murfreesboro Chiropractor with any type of credit you must be knowledgeable of the terms and conditions.