The Healing Process

The Healing process at the Best Murfreesboro Chiropractor is what goes through the human body when an individual goes to acute or chronic injuries mainly used to help repair damaged tissues or damaged cells or anything depending on that particular type of injury that has happened. So definitely when it comes to the healing process. Chiropractors are very adamant about making sure that there are certain modalities that will help individually specific patients and how their treatment will go. And of course, with injuries, we want to make sure that the tissues begin to rejuvenate. Definitely, they’ve been damaged or torn down or ripped from ligaments or anything of that part.

There are different stages for the healing process as well. So with the healing process, there’s everything from restoring back original tissue or damaged muscles to rebuilding and remodeling those tissues and as well as reducing types of pain that might and damage might have happened to those specific types of tissues. You have everything from inflammation and inflammation which a lot of people understand what that is is the swelling tenderness to touch the pain in particular parts of the area. And everything from inflammation could be from allergies it could be from an acute injury a chronic injury.

Normally that as that happens not really for chronic injuries more frequent injuries with the healing process that happens and that process at least a couple of days and the next step for that is removing waste throughout the body and the body will start to try to repair itself as well as starting scar tissue which helps heal over the actual wounds or a particular area on the skin.

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And that lasts from a couple of weeks everything from a one or two weeks even then after that part of inflammation in the repair of the body. You do have the remodeling which is basically boating back the original tissue are the types of muscles that were injured or destroyed during the type of acute injury the Best Murfreesboro Chiropractor individual might have had or even chronic injury that like has said that could take years depending on top of modalities or even the individual the age the individuals when it comes to the healing process. Usually faster compared to geriatric patients.

That’s why a lot of times when it comes to surgery it is definitely something that has to be looking out for me if at an older age just because it takes the body a whole lot longer time to repair it. So once you get past a certain point and when it comes to certain acute injuries there is a modality in an acronym that is used that I’ve actually learned in school from getting into the issue in a couple of classes.

One is called The Rice modality and what that is usually after an acute injury you want to make sure that you’re resting in the body so you’re not having any additional pain or trying to alleviate pain or that you’re not hurting yourself worse using ice to help decrease the inflammation in a particular area using a compress to help boost the blood and help blood flow as well to an elevation which can help blood flow deafly let’s say for a sprained ankle or any type of leg injury by that means. I went there right modality the rest ice compress and elevation.

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There’s a different type of specific modalities that can be used with that everything from a low laser which specifically we do have at our clinic which is a color laser which is used throughout different parts of the body everywhere from the neck lower back legs foot. Everdeen Best Murfreesboro Chiropractor could help with blood flow moving fluid throughout the body as well. He was electrical stimulation which we use is enforced in pads are small pads that we have hooked up to machines.

Seeing a small electrical flow to help can track the muscles. So those are some of the modalities that you could use in a specific patient. But with that being said you Best Murfreesboro Chiropractor want to make sure that you’re doing a thorough evaluation of the individual if they are having they had an acute injury to see those particular type of modalities will help treatment wise as well. There are different modalities such as using heat. Once again using ice to compress and the laser just for the range of motion and stretching and overall you want to try to home pain control and make sure that the pain is not extending or moving to different parts of the body.

So having a specific and really thorough evaluation and Davidge ball and that type of physical accident or injury they might have had. You can base Best Murfreesboro Chiropractor that off what type of modalities that individuals might have because not every single today is going to work for everyone. There is no one modality fits all for that.

You want to make sure that you have somebody particularly power-packed or a massage therapist. or semi-professional in their field that can be able to make that decision at home. better with that individual or even the patient for that and using stretches is definitely beneficial. if it’s a type of Sprint muscle or anything of that sort and making sure that patient is staying hydrated.

having enough water throughout the body to help with the healing process and with the healing process too is not even always about what is modalities to help but having a good diet low sodium salt intake that can be beneficial to inflammation too much of that can actually cause inflammation to be worse throughout the body.

Staying hydrated getting enough sleep because definitely the healing process a lot of that goes on through when you sleep. So you want to make sure that your patients are doing some additional steps at home treatment wise to help them progress and have decreased Prain.