Today at theĀ Best Franklin Chiropractor we will talk about whiplash no whiplash can happen to a multitude of individuals that call our chiropractic office to come in. Whiplash has to do with a personal injury or the heat ular accident or injury in ways the neck and the head are turned at a fast motion and causing increased pain or even to the worst extent fractures. Whiplash can happen for a Majola for a majority of individuals throughout our society as well. To me can equivocate from different factors. Whiplash can come across from even doing certain types of hard core curricular workouts are the main primary source of whiplash is from car accidents or even that to carnival rides in amusement park rides in which there’s a jerking motion are constantly being snatched from different positions. When it comes to whiplash to one of the major complaints subject to complaints that a lot of patients do have reports of neck pain and Olubadan symptoms that are followed by migraines are really intense headaches and there are tons and a multitude of questions that a client can clinic and the chiropractic doctor should ask before setting someone out with an adjustment for whiplash. The first thing for a car accident like we do at Healthworks Chiropractic is that we set them out with a personal injury form so they would do their normal patient evaluations and then have a separate form for personal injuries for those clients that had vehicular or motor type of accidents. And that has to do. We make sure they fill that out so that everything is recorded and documented for the individual who was in the actual car accident. The medical doctor of a chiropractor as well for the lawyers.

So you definitely want to make sure that these individuals are filling our proper paperwork in order to continue with having whiplash. Well during the actual questioning of whiplash you want to make sure that you’re at theĀ Best Franklin Chiropractor adding askings specific history questions about the actual incident that occurred some of the questions that can’t be answered or should be stated through the patient. Where was the driver passenger if they were the driver or a passenger or if they were in the back seat. How fast were they going. How did they get hit. How fast was the other car going. The type of car they are in is an older car and with a new car did they have the types of airbags where they wear their seatbelt and Hizbollah too when it comes to that. You want to make sure to have any type of concussions. I had a family member a personal experience and wish he got whiplash. He is an 18 wheeler driver and he was driving over a bridge with black eyes and he had a mild concussion from hitting his head on the steering wheel. So he was to come to the clinic that’s something that deaths should be documented to make sure that the doctors and the lawyers know that there were other additional injuries so that the injury is not exceeding or proceeding. Some people would ask are those questions something that should just be asked for the police. And that is not the case.

Your Questions Answered From The Best Franklin Chiropractor

Those questions have already been asked by the police because nine times out of ten Best Franklin Chiropractor when an accident does happen where a motor vehicular accident happens the police are caught on to the scene once they’re called onto the scene. The police have their own series of questions that could be related to what their patient evaluation for a personal injury could be. So even if they have answered those you need to make sure that you’re getting those answers again and have those documents to get to you do want to take the 21 nerves for the cause. There could be types of CJD trauma that can affect the cranial nerve functions. They can also as well cause hemorrhaging or trauma due to swelling from those areas. And there are radiologic findings to the people that suffer from whiplash and that could be has to do with soft tissues or even a space in between the Inners by nice and that can be on large or it good even mess up the actual curvature of the spine more particularly the cervical curvature it could in turn flatten that area out into human in the cow for extremities and different types of tears or even therapy and type of fractures throughout the cervical neck lumbar or even the main thoracic spine area. And to throw out the actual patient evaluation you want to discuss and have the individual do a range of motion check and that could be anything from having the patient turned their heads slightly to the left or the right or up and down to see if there is a limitation after the car accident for the range of motion. And that’s mainly Syslog called the Active range of motion.

And then there is a passive range of motion and now the passive range of motion is the term that you use when you have a chiropractic access assistant or even a chiropractor Doctor assist with the actual movement of individual ligaments body parts and extremities. And there’s one thing that’s called the red sign. And with the red sign is it’s an orthopedic sign and it seems that there’s any type of instability throughout the spinal region more specifically the upper cervical region. And it is mainly used for medical emergencies. The patients and they’ll hold their head up to restrict movement and then they’ll have their hands under their chin. Another thing to talk about is momentum and that has to do with the actual car and how fast the individual car in the car was going before they were hit. And there’s a small equation to Quiverfull a type of momentum that was utilized through that and that momentum is momentum equals mass times velocity and momentum is always and will always be a large factor and a controlling factor when it comes to the vehicular type of injury or crash. And one of the most common fractures that are seen as mentioned before through whiplash injuries or car injuries are fractures that the articular Pillar’s. Call the best Best Franklin Chiropractor at healthworks chiropractic today 615-791-9917 and we will get you ASAP for our $19 new patient special.