Today the best Franklin chiropractor wants to talk to you about different protocols and rehabilitation techniques that we use at Healthworks chiropractor being the top chiropractor in Franklin and some of the effects that the rehabilitation process has on the body specifically spinal rehabilitation. The effects of you know just aerobic exercise is getting the heart rate up and there’s a lot of prolonged effects to this increase the overall wellness of your body decreases the risk of heart disease you’re gonna increase the strength of your heart which your heart is a muscle so keeps the whole alive. Increase the agility to handle stress increase oxygen uptake. You’re going to improve the self-esteem and confidence in your overall body and stamina. You know there are some specific principles Best Franklin Chiropractor that we use here at the top chiropractor and Franklin at Healthworks chiropractic. You know the best Franklin chiropractor. We use a lot of these rehabilitative techniques and correct muscles to get them properly in order. And you know the different stages of the injury you know the process we’ve covered in a different article but the best Franklin chiropractor wants to go over you know setting proper goals for each stage. So we do that very effectively here at Healthworks chiropractic being the best Franklin chiropractor. You know we set specific goals along the way we want to help you get to each milestone and help you achieve those little milestones and goals that you have. And you know just overall wellness wise we want to know the desired and desired outcomes of each treatment and when we’re uncertain. We want to seek answers from a reputable source.

We want to learn the protocols and techniques exercises stretches that you know a chiropractic physician prefers and how they relay information to their patient. Knowing what you’re treating asking questions and apply some anatomy of knowledge every time you know you’re doing something in the rehabilitative process what muscles or joints are you helping and how are they being helped by what you do. That’s a very large question and it plays a crucial role in determining what the course of action for each patient should be. You know what are they. Well they’re recovering from what’s their main source of the problem is there another dysfunction in individualizing that comes to kind of back to what we were saying here being the best Franklin chiropractor.

Is that individualizing each patient’s routine in prescribing to his or her condition and their specific goals? It’s important that the doctor and patient establish responsible and achievable goals during the rehabilitation process. Goals should address improvement restoration and maintain a level of strength and postural integrity flexibility and Durants coordination relaxation and do things that are specific to their skillset. Making sure that they improve you know what they want to improve and continuously improve their skill set so they can have you know a better quality of life. It’s what we do at the best. Franklin chiropractor and we like to do that. And there are some things that we like to consider too along the way. We have to consider to avoid uneven motions or recruiting certain muscle groups that are not typically used during the maneuvers they typically use place emphasis on the form of the maneuver. Rehabilitation is about the quality of the exercise and not the quantity or the repetition.

So we want to make sure these fundamental patterns are ingrained into the body. So when we go to do that movement that we teach the best. Franklin chiropractor. We want to make sure that there’s an emphasis on how you’re doing it and you know the rhyme and reason behind why you’re doing it and what it will specify how and what muscles need to be activated at certain points to get the desired outcome. And when we observe patients do an exercise in something looks awkward consulting you know the Chiropractor Physician prior to continuing warming up the muscle prior to an exercise by performing a live version of the type of exercise you’re expected to perform through for active range of motion is very very important to get those muscles and those motor patterns recruited so you can do the movement accurately and the muscles can be primed for that specific movement. You know there are certain things like it’s important to re lengthen the muscle after exercise and make sure that you’re doing the proper techniques for that muscle to be properly stretched. We want to be extremely generation careful when applying intense therapeutic modalities like mile factual release trigger point therapy Russian therapy and resistance work in the same day. We don’t want to overload the injured tissue to too much when the muscle before exercise and coining the muscle after can actually improve recovery time. So that’s where the whole deal of warming up comes from a kind of raising the core temperature warming the muscle and then cooling or decreasing inflammation after you know you exercise.

If the patient you know if someone states to us at the Best chiropractor Franklin we want to say you know we are the best. Franklin chiropractor and we want to say that if if the pain is occurring at the end of the exercise motion decrease the motion by about 10 to 15 percent. And then we want to resume. And if that pain hasn’t stopped we want to discontinue the exercise and we’re going to consult with the physician and protocols that we determine here at the best. Franklin chiropractor is that we want to deliver appropriate explanations and descriptions being as descriptive as we can of an exercise and how it’s imperative for a patient to understand the specific reasoning behind the exercise. And you know there’s a lot of various spinal Stibbe stabilization exercises and the initial phases of each within their respective groups are going to be beyond the scope of you know just a sheet. You know some things are a little more complex and they take a little better understanding before you know a patient will grasp onto them and know how to activate those certain areas that we want them to activate or muscle groups for this matter. And you know we want these regiments to be explained in a way that a patient will understand and assume the patient will have been educated in basic terminology an initial focus of spinal strengthening when it’s broken down into two groups which one is body awareness and you’re gonna improve that core strength and core strength. It’s a very general term but it’s Davonte defined by global interaction the muscles around the torso where the trunk and it’s synergistic.

It’s a synergistic thing that’s between the front and back muscles of the torso as well as upper and lower muscles of the torso crunchier setups are not viewed as a primary maneuver to strengthen the core core synergy and rehabilitation combines multiple different muscle groups that are going to all work together and become stronger than any one muscle group working on its own. Give us a call today 615-791-9917