Chiropractor Murfreesboro | Healthworks Experience Part One

We are here they talking Chiropractor Murfreesboro about the health work experience. We believe we have one of the better experiences in the industry. We going to give you a great friend from the time you walk into the time you walk out, and that’s early every time so today to go over what to expect when you come in for the first time and do a chiropractic office and our chiropractic office and there’s always a lot of uncertainty and a little nervous whenever you go to a doctor’s office. So we know that and really I first goal is to it just to make you comfortable we’re going to offer you coffee, tea, water. Give you a nice comfortable place to sit, and you need to fill out paperwork with, will walk you through what needs to happen in regards to horse done my time. What happens after that go ahead and I want. Some paperwork is done, will go ahead and take it back and take you through a little tour of our office. We have a couple different station that we like to show you first, so we usually take you over and show you the we’re going to get adjusted out of the manipulations at so just a brief description that each adjustment is individual to the person depending on what kind of dysfunctions they have going on the body or the doctor finds an exam Chiropractor Murfreesboro. Take you over show. You are k laser, where what we kind of do with that different modalities with that that we treat and take it over to our check-in station on your second visit in that code type in what kind of going on with you. So we can kind of keep a running total of that next will go over to our stem and traction area with that, show you a brief description of what we do in that area kind of how it relaxes the body before the adjustment or whatever treatment that you’re getting done for that day and that I’ll show you the  decompression table, what two different treatments we do with that as well. Take it back to the exam room and we will take your blood pressure. First Chiropractor Murfreesboro See kind of where that I’m resting at then we’ll do a foot leveler scan. So basically, what that looks for is the pressure on each individual foot. So sometimes I can be an indicator of what kind of going on up words in your hips and kind of how your shoulders are resting. Take a couple posture photo just to see how you’re standing throughout the day that I can have that kind of affect everything in your body. Then we will go, Chiropractor Murfreesboro get the doctor come in and talk to everyone, and let him know what do we do with that? The great and I’m just going to pick it back on some of the stuff that mike was talking about as far as on the tour the adjustment area. At this point we have an open, area that will be changing here soon and I knew clinic, but each one of our adjustments are specific for each person one has their own set of misalignments and subluxations and some. Chiropractor Murfreesboro what are the really important things of the reason album is to deter hey if you are misaligned, if it’s pinching on the nerve and if it is exactly how it’s misaligned and exactly which direction to to adjust. Chiropractor Murfreesboro You cuz it’s going to give you the very specific help you get better faster, so they just once or where the magic happens in our office. If you will literally the chiropractor adjustment, stimulates the brain and the spinal cord. The whole nervous system, when that, when the, when the spine is out of alignment at pictures on the nerve to go everywhere to the body and when that happens, all kinds of things, including muscle, spasm and pain, but also things like ear infections, asthma in digestion are brothers, so many list of things that can happen when your spine misalignment pictures of gnarly gar where to buy. So that’s really that the gist of the exam is fine, and if that is what’s going on and they’re in and that’s what’s causing what you have going on. As far as the case is Chiropractor Murfreesboro, there goes the k. Laser is a new treatment in our office and it’s a really awesome thing. It really has helped us to help patients with more soft tissue injuries. So what a does the brings? Oxygenated blood to the area that were treating, for example, let’s just say the shoulder and say: have a shoulder strain or a rotator, cuff sprain raptor use a laser individually on those areas and we’re doing about 5 to 6 minutes for each treatment and what does opens at the capillaries in that area that shoulder, for example, and when it does that that I should have blood comes in and it pulls out information. It decreases pain and actually heels that soft tissue in there. So it’s a really cool thing: we’re able to treat athletes in the injuries and sports stuff. Now that you more effectively as Michael saying he wants you back to the exam in the sorry to the traction tables and what I like to call traction. My meat tenderizing area look like they do this before we adjust you cuz, there’s 2 things, 1 muscle stem or electrical impulses that go into the body and actually relaxes the muscle okay. Chiropractor Murfreesboro So it really helps us to give you a better adjustment. If your muscles are more relaxed, nothing is the traction table, moves up and down the back I’m down the spine, and it actually puts a motion in the spine house get the spine ready to be adjusted and send those to those things right there most of our patients do that, especially in the beginning, to get ready to be adjusted and a really good said.

It makes a big difference now on patients, if you have a disc issue, are decompression table is designed specifically to take pressure off the spine from things like bulging discs, herniated, disc, slipped discs and in this is a very effective to all the people of things like sciatica carpal tunnel, shooting pain down the arms legs and we’ve helped hundreds and hundreds of people get better fast without decompression table here this month. That Stephen would be more effective. We’re looking forward to getting out and placed 91% effective rate on that might know that I did actually know that we’ve helped a tremendous amount of people with things like sciatica. You know unevenness in the hips, so this this is something that can be used for athletes. You know your average day office worker or just so you know the casual person that likes to stay active with running or jogging. You know how specifically does that work? Would you say the decompression table? How does how does that exactly work? Is it just is let’s make it through like a herniated disc, or something like that? That’s your question so also lie in a nutshell. Chiropractor Murfreesboro It creates a negative pressure in the desk. We specifically target, whichever disc is bulging or herniated, and the table essentially pulls you close, the top in the bottom, and it’s just it. Chiropractor Murfreesboro It creates that negative pressure in the disc to ultimately in the end, suck that this material back in it’s going to also rehydrate the disc, because when the disc bulges it gently pull just backwards into the spine, where the nerve accents the spine, and so that’s where you get your symptoms from is one that nerve gets irritated and patched and that’s a decompression does not generally with decompression the decompression protocols. It is usually 24 visits over approximately 90 days inn corporate things like laser and the adjustments and some other therapies and all. But. If you go through that process, you should be fixed and ready to going back to living your life. The way. The way before that that became an issue so I will talk more in-depth down the road on another. One of these is part of that decompression does for that. We’re really excited to get that new one in so I’m. Chiropractor Murfreesboro moving on to some of the other stuff that we deal with jam. So we talked about already kind of some of the stuff that we have when I get back to do. The exam already had a chance to look at the chart in the kind of see. What’s going on how long it’s going on for so well most important things that that I have to do as a doctor. It is its just talking to you right this to figure out how long should a problem for how it’s affecting your life? What’s a keeping you from being able to do, because one of these are things that we have to do is to get you out of pain. It doesn’t take. That long were saying is to retrain these bones to stay in a better position, because, generally, Chiropractor Murfreesboro when we find bones have been missing line for years and years and years, and our body is a I like when I call the compensation machine and I will compensate for his nurse line for the brown these nerves, getting irritated for as long as we can, and then we can, and in general, what we find is pain is the last symptom. So when someone comes in with low back pain, it just came in, but they said to just kind of perceived came on yesterday or the day before, whatever what we find a t, the 90% of time is this is when developing for years. 10, 15 20 30 years, depending on how to hold a person is in so that that that plays a role. Chiropractor Murfreesboro need to get a treat that, but initially again we’re going to talk about specifically, what’s going on with you, so we’re going to spend a good, a good where at I’m going through that, so I have a clear understanding of what’s going on. What’s he going to do that will do we call her once exam and that’s dance, fort, worth testing, nerve testing, the chiropractor exam and x-rays, and that’s a very thorough evaluation that we like to do to get an objective idea of what is what is going on. Give us a call today 615-867-1144