Automobile Accidents | Healthworks Chiropractic | The Road To Recovering

Today at healthworks chiropractic. I’d like to talk to you about automobile accidents and how sometimes these automobile accidents can be extremely debilitating, but not with one of the top chiropractors in the Middle Tennessee area at healthworks chiropractic. We want to help you and guide you through the healing process. At healthworks Chiropractic, we have two middle Tennessee locations, both conveniently located in Franklin, Tennessee and in Murphysboro, Tennessee. Our Franklin, Tennessee location is at two eight four seaboard lane in suite 100 in Franklin, Tennessee. And the phone number for that. Franklin, Tennessee office is (615) 791-9917 or in Murfreesboro, Tennessee located at nine to five south church street in suite a 200. And the phone number for our Murfreesboro, Tennessee office is 615-867-1114 for automobile accidents can really debilitate some people depending on the severity of the accident and kind of what exactly happened, uh, how you were hit, what area of the body is, um, you know, in pain and finding the source of that pain is extremely important because it can be the root cause of other pain or other dysfunction that you may be having, um, along the kinetic chain.

So if you’ve been involved in automobile accidents in the past or are currently suffering from injuries sustained because of automobile accidents, we want to help you at healthworks chiropractic. We want to do the things that are going to facilitate change within the body and get you back on your feet faster and better than ever before. At healthworks Chiropractic, we can do this, um, making you feel better, function better, and live a more productive life at healthworks chiropractic. So come see us today at healthworks chiropractic for one of the top chiropractors in the Middle Tennessee area. And um, we really take our time. We do a thorough evaluation for each one of our patients, automobile accidents or something you have to take very seriously and the injuries that are sustained because of them. So we like to look at things from a broad spectrum when dealing with automobile accidents and narrowing them down in a way that we can get you feeling better faster if we pinpointed exactly what’s going on.

So that’s why we do a very thorough evaluation and we take our time with, with patients, um, just in general. But if you’re dealing with injuries sustained because an automobile accident or automobile accidents from the past, we can help you with these things at healthworks chiropractic. And we want to do so better each time. And we learned from each case, no matter how different they may be. And we could help our patients grow and restore their health after an automobile accident. So we start with a very thorough evaluation. We call it our once exam, which is an orthopedic, neurological and Chiropractic exam. So it Kinda covers all scopes on there. So we, we look at the structure of the body when we look at how the bones are positioned with x-ray x ray technology. And if we need further imaging such as Mris, we do have the resources available for that.

Um, you know, if it’s a soft tissue injury that we may be dealing with, we, uh, we can do this and we take our time with it. Helping you to feel better and to function better for the long haul is the angle at healthworks chiropractic. So if you’re dealing with, um, an automobile accident injury and you’re looking for relief, look no further than healthworks chiropractic either in Franklin, Tennessee, located two eight for seaboard lane in suite 100 or in Murfreesboro, Tennessee at nine to five south church street and sweet, a 200 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Come see us at healthworks chiropractic. If you’ve sustained injuries from an automobile accident and you’re looking for relief, you’re looking to get out of pain and feel better and function better, we can certainly help you at healthworks. Chiropractic and doing so is our job and a great pleasure for us.

And we liked to heal individuals and you know, give them things that they’ve never felt before. Um, like their range of motion restored. And when you feel better, you’re going to function a whole lot better and you’re going to realize the benefits of Chiropractic care and the other modalities that we use in our office and how surgery isn’t always the end all be all, um, you know, for, for a problem. Um, if you catch these problems, you know, in the more acute stages, obviously they’re, they’re going to be easier to treat and easier to guide you along. And the healing process, the longer the problems go on, the more the body likes to stay in that pattern. Um, you know, whatever it may be with that injury. So we want to, we want to be a noninvasive, um, you know, natural way to help you heal from automobile accidents and the injuries sustained because of them.

So we have spinal decompression at healthworks chiropractic that can help take pressure off of a impinged nerve, either in the neck, mid back, the low back, you got radiating pain down the leg. We can actually target specific areas of the body or the vertebrae in this case. Um, you know, to take pressure off the nerves and to pull and stretch, you know, nerves don’t really like being constantly stretch. So what this table does is it slowly, slowly stretches and then returned back. There’s different cycles depending on, you know, what you have going on and there’s pro preset programs for these things are spouting spinal decompression table and they can certainly help get the pressure off the nerve. Um, and to restore proper flow and proper signal to those nerves and the areas where you’re having pain, no, alleviate that pain and you know, stop mixing up those signals.

Pain is a very¬† broad thing. And it’s a subjective thing because not one, two people feel the same amount of pain from the same injury. Uh, especially with automobile accidents. You know, there could be some variance and um, you know, the trajectory of the vehicle and the body, you know, depending on what happened, why it happened. Um, you know, if the car was at a dead stop and another car hit it or if cars, their cars were going similar speeds, what have you, a lot of accidents happen with rear end collisions or somebody running to the back. Do you, when you’re at a dead stop. And this is almost actually the worst position that you can be in when being involved in od and automobile accident because that dead stop. It’s like multiplying that force, um, from the car that was traveling behind you.

And typically, you know, in different, there’s different cases for this as well, but people won’t, um, in a bracing themselves or, or kind of properly take impact because it’s unexpected obviously. And what happens is the whiplash effect where there’ll be suddenly whipped forward. And then with back into their seat from the car, stopping airbags deploy. This could be another factor in it as well. But these things can really, really take a lot of brunch and a lot of force to the neck, which is extremely dangerous because a lot of nerves and arteries and everything that houses, um, as small as the brain, you know, concussions and, um, other symptoms and in that case. So there’s a lot of a very dangerous things that can happen with an automobile accident, especially a rear end collision. But looking at these different things and wanting to help you in natural way to heal from automobile accidents is something we take great pride in.