As your friend and chiropractor and passion about your health and what it takes to get healthy for you and your family, there’s a lot of misnomers out there about what. Health truly is. And quite frankly it’s really about our health. That’s all we have. So if it is all about your health how would you know if you are healthy. Are you healthy if you feel good. Nothing hurts. You’re not sick. If you have no symptoms. All of the above. Or none of the above. Which one would you think would be the answer to that. Let’s talk about these. In a little more detail if you feel good. Well that’s probably what most people think if they feel good they’re probably healthy. But I have some questions for you if you’re an insulin-dependent diabetic. And we are taking your insulin as prescribed. You likely feel good. Would you be healthy Franklin chiropractor says? Probably not. What about if nothing hurts. A Healthier you. Well usually the first sign of heart disease for the majority of people is a heart attack. Yet for the heart attack victim did nothing. Getting hurt the day before. More than likely not. So are they healthy? The Franklin chiropractor says probably not. Well, you say Doc I’m not sick. Have you ever felt fine one day in bed with the flu the next day? Probably happened to a lot of people since your immune system has to be depressed in order to catch the flu. Or are you healthy? A Healthier you. Probably not. Hey, Doc I have no symptoms. Well. Many women had to have had routine mammograms and were shocked when diagnosed with cancer like many diseases has no symptoms in the early stages but does that mean near healthy. Probably not. Or how about none of the above. If how you feel is not a good indicator of how healthy you are then what is. Well, all health conditions occur in bodies that are not functioning properly. Proper body function is a better indicator of your level of health.

I believe it can. So what controls function well instead of simply looking at the function of individual tissues and organs your Franklin chiropractor uniquely understands that to have normal body function. We must first have a normal nervous system function. So our approach is to fight an attack for table subluxations for some civilizations are a major source of nerve system interference. Chiropractors look to find the malfunction in the nervous system and go straight for the cause of the body malfunction. Let me ask you this. Are you as healthy today as you were five years ago. If the answer is yes what did you do to grow your health over the past five years. The next question will be do you believe you’ll be healthier five years from now than you are today. And if the answer is yes what will you do over the next five years to grow your health during that time. Everyone healthier today than five years ago and everyone expected to be healthier. Five years from now have something in common. They make lifestyle choices and lifestyle changes that they thought would contribute to rather than detract from their health. If you’re not healthier today than you were five years ago it usually has to do with. Choices as well. Just not the right choice so you can expect to be healthier. Five years from now. Just because a special treatment you have to make changes in your health. Now anything you do now affects the future you whether it’s one year five years or 10 years down the road. So let’s talk about some ways to help you through this process. First let’s talk about the law of attraction. What’s your focus. Is it on what you don’t want?

The Truth About The Franklin Chiropractor Practice

Or what you do want. Would you rather be healthy or just not sick. Which of course is a silly question. Everyone would rather be healthy. A Healthier you. The question then is why did people attempt to avoid the negative rather than pursue the positive. Most people live their lives attempting to avoid what they don’t want instead of pursuing what they do want. But you can’t get healthy by trying to avoid being sick. And quite frankly this law of attraction. Effects everything that we do not only with our health but our whole life whatever you put out to the universe is going to come back to you and whether and what you put out there whether it be good positive thoughts or negative bad thoughts. Those are going to come back to you. And I firmly believe. That to be true. And our purpose is to help you determine where you want to go in the development of your future health. So we can both work together towards your goal in the Franklin Chiropractor office the common health objectives of our practice. For our members include first of all finding the problem determining if we can help you with the problem. A Healthier you. And if we can walk you through the path to take care of the problem we then stabilize and strengthen the system. So the problem is far less likely to return and we highly recommend maintaining a higher level of health through a maintenance program. So let’s break this down a little bit further. On your first visit. We’ll do what we call our once exam which is orthopedic testing a nerve system scan a chiropractor exam and X-rays. And based on our findings we make that determination.

First of all, if we can help you we then walk you through the path that needs to be taken to get you better to get you healthier. On the flip side of that if we can’t help you we’re going to also tell you that because we want ultimately for you to just be healthier but we’ll know what’s going on. And then we’ll let you know what you need to get yourself better. Ultimately we want to be there to help you develop your health. Year after year but always come down comes down to what do you want. What are your health objectives? What would you like your health to look like in six months 12 months two years five years. If you could create your health exactly as you described it. How would you benefit? And what role would you have to play to accomplish this objective? Well, the Franklin chiropractor answer to that is anything you want. You have to be intentional about it. So if you want to be healthier in six months what do you have to do to be to do that. My thought would be to exercise eat better and get adjusted. A Healthier you. One year two years five years. It’s all the same. What do we have to do to form a healthier person down the road? Now let me ask you this if we could create your health exactly as you described it would you be excited about it. Yeah, I’d say probably so would you be able to do things you enjoy that you can’t do now.

Yes you definitely would. How would that make you feel? Just being able to live your life how you want to with no restrictions. Wouldn’t that be great? What does your healthy future look like? Are you going to be proactive? And take your life over. Are you going to be reactive and not doing until something is wrong and then more and likely have a bigger problem to deal with. Quite frankly the difference is black and white treatment approaches to health may make us more comfortable in the short run but did not promote healthy lifestyle changes. However, it can be more difficult and time-consuming but they can cause your health to improve drastically. Year after year after year treatment isn’t an event-based approach to health aka reactive approach to health. This is the typical medical model. A lifestyle is a process-oriented approach to health. Proactive. This is your typical Franklin chiropractor approach to health. Your health doesn’t deteriorate instantaneously. It happens over time. Similarly, your health doesn’t improve instantaneously. It also improves over time and that’s where your lifestyle habits come in. If you write something down it’ll happen. If you make goals it will happen. However if you just go about one thing in one day I’m going to do this or one day I’m going to do that. Let me tell you one thing. There is no such thing as one day on the calendar. There is however a Monday Tuesday Wednesday will you get the point. Make that day happen not just one day. Because ultimately there is no finish line health like happiness is a journey not a destination. Enjoy the journey and strive for excellence. Being a better person tomorrow than today. A Healthier you