Today,  Murfreesboro Chiropractor we’re going to be talking about foods and supplements that can help with spinal and tissue regeneration and general health for your spine & wellness, for your spine, healthworks chiropractic in Murfreesboro Tennessee has the supplements and the research to back them up. Murfreesboro chiropractors, if you’re going to be eating right for your spine, maybe doing the things for your spine, such as corrective exercises to help stabilize and strengthen the muscles surrounding a certain area overtime if I’m corrected, inflammation and movement patterns can cause things like dish to generation and even bulging or herniated discs. There has been some research and we do offer this at healthworks chiropractic murfreesboro chiropractor in murfreesboro tennessee. We offer spinal decompression and addresses damaged disc from an external perspective as I create a specific healing for that disc, pulling the nutrients and oxygenated blood to that area to help repair and rehydrate that disc, while it’s simultaneously retracts the bulge or the herniation to a certain extent off of the nerve. That’s causing discomfort if it’s causing nerve irritation, so spinal decompression is something that we do offer at healthworks, chiropractic in general, health of the spine. You know reversing gravity in a sense, so eating right for your spine is something that is very good official to, as well as the other modalities that will probably be talking about so nutrition. It plays direct role in the body and in spinal health and healing the discs and surfaces of spinal joints and just in regard to the spine. A rich diet and calcium is a bone, healthy diet. So things like low-fat yogurt, you know cheese is parmesan, cheddar, no leafy green vegetables, okra, kale, red kidney beans, baked beans, nuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, sesame seeds, almond macadamia, nuts, fish things that are hiring a mega threes and essential fatty acids like white bait, sardines in oil salmon, tilapia eggs in a very popular popular supplement, glucosamine sulfate in particular. It’s actually found naturally in our bodies and it’s and it’s essential for the repair of collagen. You know what the which is the primary component of a spinal disc. The body actually uses this glucose mean to form some chemicals that are needed to repair cartilage, ligaments, tendons, synovial fluid in the joints from that basically kind of days, the spinal joints collagen. It helps to maintain and keep the spinal joints healthy and the cartilage that surrounds them. Fatty acid, like we’re talking about in food, is another one omega-3 fatty acids. They do have that college in forming property that can be useful to the body, help prevent damage and cartledge and disc and as well as there are absolutely healthy for your heart and maintaining blood glucose levels, certain sulfur rich foods. They cannot accelerate protein and collagen production so that all, of course help with the regeneration of tissue and spinal disc little bit. Controversial products are high in a substance called just steam or iso flavonoid. It’s. It’s actually believe that it’s responsible for some bit of collagen production and it actually can block an enzyme. That’s responsible for breaking down collagen fiber, just general fiber can help with digestion Murfreesboro Chiropractor to keep your bowel movements regular and not play strain on the disk that are vulnerable with abdominal pressure. So, on a cellular level, you can get some super foods, such as crap, dark vegetables, like we talked about kale, collard, greens, asparagus, red fruits and vegetables like red bell, peppers, beets, tomatoes, berries like blueberries, blackberries, boysenberries, black olives, onions, apples, red apples in particular, they’re just naturally occurring, and they contain a substance:called quest certain which has a natural anti-inflammatory property, chia seeds, flax, seeds, all sorts of beans, kidney beans, cold water, fish and chovies, herring, sardines in oil, salmon mackerel, winter squash fruits and nuts walnuts, water, water, a very important in rehydrating, spinal disc. And it’s it’s pretty simple. You know when you think about it. You know there are certain foods that you do want to avoid. To avoid inflamed inflammation things like sugars, nitrates and saturated fat can actually cause inflammation in cause back pain, high in nitrates. You know like processed meats and deli meats there, high in nitrates foods high in saturated and trans fat, high, fructose, corn syrup. You know every food that you’re going to be putting your body directly affects your health, so think of this is kind of like a healing process. From your whole entire body and tissue and organs, we can help you with this out of murfreesboro chiropractor healthworks chiropractic. There’s some nutritional supplements to that contain all these like the glucosamine and all the other good stuff to help regenerate discs. You know it’s a it’s a it’s a treatment. You know people are done with some sciatic nerve pain. Bone broth is actually been another one too high in collagen liquid bone broth on a regular basis. You can make your own bone broth 2 or buy a liquid form of it. You know, for instance, can buy me some chicken celery carrots, onions, organic chicken and some chicken bone broth, the nutrients in 02, your low back with your weather, with a herniated disc or stiff neck, getting more antioxidants in your diet. Blueberries, like we talked about earlier, a breakfast smoothie with a collagen protein powder or something made from bone broth with coconut milk and blueberries with anti-inflammatory herbs like ginger root. You know, there’s all these Murfreesboro Chiropractor beneficial supplements that can help omega-3s in mss, msm supplement, glucosamine and chondroitin. All these things that we’ve talked about can certainly help their do something regenerative medicine called prolotherapy, which basically use platelet rich plasma injections that can help repair the damaged tissue of a lot of the time. What can happen when your herniated disc and it can form a ligament injury and a ligament just become a wax just like you would spraying or your acl or your wrist or ankle.



 Murfreesboro Chiropractor making me come loose over time from my injury and it can lead to some spasms prolotherapy help repair that muscle tissue. You know, should you want to include that? You know. Chiropractic care is one of the best things for it correcting and it can do wonders for herniated discs. You know in spinal decompression, you know all these things kind of combined as one they they go together in our body, need several several different things to help repair tissue, that’s injured, so that’s something that we can do at a murfreesboro chiropractor at healthworks, chiropractic in murfreesboro, tennessee, so come and see us today.