Welcome back to your chiropractor Murfreesboro doctor’s break down of the k laser and the benefits it has for our patients. This is Dr. Schroder, chiropractic, Murfreesboro doctor’s, and we were talking today about treatments in the foot in the heel as well as the ankle, and this is one of the areas that the is really shy and it really help speed up the healing process. In this area we can treat america conditions, but heel pain, sports injuries, I’m, even a history of broken foot or bunion pain are things that we can work on in the foot in the heel. Specifically doubt, the chiropractor Murfreesboro doctors have found thetreatment to be very effective in treating the pain associated with heel. Spurs plantar fasciitis nirala painted is morton’s neuroma, which is in between the second and third toes, and it can actually splay the toes fractured toe pain and tendonitis heel pain associated with bone spurs that using the pressing and scanning technique over the plantar surface of the foot, with a lot of attention paid to the area of the spur, and you can find that by pressing into the heel in the in the patient will will say ouch, and we will definitely know where that area is often associated with heel. Pain are trigger points in the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles of the calf muscle attaches to the foot by the achilles tendon solat times at foot, misalignment and or calf issue can cause an achilles tendon to tighten up, and this adds inflammation, swelling and pain into the the foot in the achilles tendon. So will scan and press over 10 points in the gastrocnemius and soleus to address these causes of heel pain, bunny in a neuroma pain can be addressed with treatment directly over the involved area when treating pain. So so in the roma’s we apply treatment at the chiropractor murfreesboro clinics through the dorsum and plantar surface of the foot. So this means over the top and the bottom part of the foot. The bunion in the roma panel not require a heavy dose of this therapy, so so long treatment times at higher powers are no not necessary. In these cases we always check the following muscles and we address them this earlier, but the soleus, the gastrocnemius, the tibialis posterior, the tibialis anterior interior, the perennials and flexor houses in a foot problem, heel, spurs and fasciitis do not simply appear out of nowhere. There is a chronic microtrauma 9 times out of 10 involved with these conditions. If the biomechanical and muscular components are not corrected, short-term healing will not occur in these conditions. An acute or lower pain, patient that we generally see pain will decrease in one two three treatments and if someone is not responding, will increase the dosage by increasing treatment time. We see them every day for the first couple days that every other day for three to five treatments and chronic patients who had this for a long time or patience or more it’s going to take longer to 10 to 12 treatments at the very minimum. To get these patients better, lose you see them three to five treatments before in type of changes. Noted course will change dosage if necessary, I will send them every day for 3 days, every, other day for at least 4 to 6 treatments. I have to see patients up to 10 treatments every other day before they get better, not one of the conditions that hot a lot of people with a foot is called plantar fasciitis in this is a condition where the plantar fascial, which is the muscle that connects the front of the foot to the back of the foot, starts to go in space. So you will wake up in the morning and take your first few stops and looks like a knife is going through your foot, so very painful condition that many people deal with due to poor shoe choices, especially women with heels or flip-flops or sandals soap, for this will use an ankle setting and start the application behind the knee got to work on the on the muscles and the blood flow all weapon. You get this better we’re going to apply the laser therapy over trigger points in the calf muscles and we’ll have the patient flex and extend the foot in the ankle during application, then we’re going to use the ankle setting again and we’re going to apply for the back of the ankle over the entire bottom of the foot. So what patients can expect on this I’m? They may experience tingling or other sensations in the nerve distribution area either during the treatment or a few hours after this is very normal. Your chiropractor murfreesboro doctor’s couch are patients on what to expect with this pain, and soreness may also increase a few hours after the first future.

With again, this is very normal treatment plan for plantar fasciitis. We treat every day for the first 3 to 5 days every other day for the next three to five treatments that every third day for 5 to 7, because it’s a very top condition to treat. However, we have had great success in the chiropractor murfreesboro clinic in treating this with the laser, as well as adjusting the foot now. The ankle treatments are also very effective, with the k laser, so things I got his ankle sprain either the inside or the outside part of the ankle arthritis trauma, swelling a history of broken or sprained ankles and gout pain affect mango can all be treated. In addition to the conditions I’m already talked about, the treatment michaela determine is also effective for treating pain associated with tendonitis and inflammation of the retina macula of the foot and ankle. Due to the lack of soft tissue surrounding the ankle, the scanning technique will be utilized most and that’s where it’s going up and down the ankle. We apply over the region where the pain is most prevalent. In addition to the focal side of pain, we scan the entire and go in the chiropractor murfreesboro clinics, with something like achilles tendonitis in the achilles tendon in use the pressing technique in this area, as well as in the soleus of the gastrocnemius, which is up in the calf muscle while treating ankle, sprains and strains we’re going to use a scanning technique to encompass the tire region of swelling. We do not push into the edema as a patient will likely feel considerable pain in the acute phase of this injury, I’m in an acute patient going to see reduce swelling after the first treatment. More than likely, it’s very important to start treatment proximal to the ankle in cases with swelling regeneracy pain, decrease in one two three treatments and these patients will usually treat every day for at least 3 days. It rained, if there’s a history of ankle, sprains etc that every other day for 3 to 6 treatments of this going to be a tutu for retrieving protocol for an acute patient patient in lower now with a chronic patient or higher pain, patient or higher severely sprained will generally see patients pain, decreased within two to four treatments and will treat them every day for 6 to 8 days and every day for 6 to 8 treatments. In addition to the k laser treatment, the chiropractor murfreesboro doctors find it very useful to adjust the ankle and the foot in conjunction with the laser treatment. The structure of the foot must be set properly to ensure proper healing and ensure that all the information gets out of the foot. We also go over exercises to do to strengthen the muscles and ligaments around the foot in the ankle when that ankle gets sprayed in those ligaments gets stretched, and you must tighten up that joint with exercises and treatment such as stretching of the achilles and the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles in the calf. We do exercises where we pick up marbles with our toes and put them into a jar. We do this several times. We also do an alphabet exercise where we have the patient. Do the alphabet a to z and z to a we just multiple times in an ankle injury I myself have had many of those, and these can be debilitating, especially over the years, and they become very chronic, and so you have pain upon waking up and walking it’s harder to exercise. So if someone has an ankle sprain, it’s vitally important to get that treated and taken care of right away, because we use our feet all the time. Injuries and shoulder injuries are similar because they can very much become chronic because those joints so much during the course of our life was walking and running and exercising and playing in their shoulders with using her arms and working out and whatever we’re doing with that. So your chiropractic murfreesboro doctors highly recommend getting in and getting treated right away