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So the Chiropractor Murfreesboro first one. The first question is:can you know someone is pregnant, be given treatments with our laser, and the answer is yes, there’s just a small amount of light that is reflected back from the patient, and so this reflected laser light is not harmful in your in your clothing is completely block as there’s no exposure at all to the fetus. So that’s a good thing is tripping technicians need to wear dosimetry badges, that’s going to be a to measure any type of x-ray radiation which, if someone is a radiologist or works with x-rays, I’m alive and they’re, really recommended to wear these dos, the cemetery badges. So but the answer, this is no x-rays, infrared on opposite sides of the electromagnetic spectrum, so x-ray photon. Chiropractor Murfreesboro What very high energy are in can ionize molecules, damage, dna and high enough doses can cause cancer. Infrared photons are much lower energy, which infrared photons are what the k laser uses and they cannot ionize molecules in there for did not damage tissues. So you do not need to wear a dosimeter badge. What operating the k laser device? What is a class 4 laser? That’s always a good question, so lasers are giving a class number based on how powerful they are with the numbers running from 124 new laser with power greater than 1/2 watt or 5500 watts is a is a class 4 laser? That’s what you lies in in here at Chiropractor Murfreesboro healthworks chiropractic, so examples of this would include archaea laser device lasers as well, and it our devices at the very low in the class for drainage and in which is why it’s called cold laser, and so the beams always in the beam, is allowed to spread out so the effective therapeutic not cutting or damage in which what’s the higher-end class 4 laser notice. So if you have surgery done with a laser, is that the higher that class work and actually cut through the skin and eyes, sometimes how they actually cut into a patient for surgery? So another great question here is:do you need to wear any protective gloves or close to give a k laser treatment? I’m? The answer to that, of course, is no sew. The k laser device uses infrared I’m treatment beams. An infrared photons of lights that are Chiropractor Murfreesboro non-ionizing did not pose the exposure hazard of x-rays, so you actually don’t need to use any protective gloves or close to give a k laser treatment. Another great question, that’s often ask is, can I treat a patient’s head and sinuses and answer that is actually yes there for absolute contraindications for laser therapy treatments directly into the eyes one of them course, and that is why you wear glasses when i, giving or receiving a k laser treatment directly over the cyborg land. That’s an absolute, absolutely! No, no and no treatment for a Chiropractor Murfreesboro patient who is pregnant or has cancer. She definitely don’t want to treat any patient that is pregnant or has had cancer. You can treat over the school and sinuses bone is actually very transparent to infrared laser light & k laser treatments for sinus problems and seasonal allergy symptoms can be very very affected if you’re not wanting to use us something such as allegra or zyrtec Chiropractor Murfreesboro I want to over the counter medicines for seasonal allergies. Another another question that we we often do get is:can I treat a patient with metal implants on?

The answer is yes to that laser is light and would be reflected from the metal. I won’t get absorbed and heat up the metal such as Chiropractor Murfreesboro like an ultrasound does so you can safely treat over knee and hip replacements, metal, plates and screws and eaten metal clips for someone who’s had surgery in the past. Not a good thing is for somebody. That’s maybe has a current Chiropractor Murfreesboro injury or maybe a broken bone, or Chiropractor Murfreesboro something like that will will laser go through a cast it actually won’t. The cast will completely block the laser light, but some creative doctors have cut small holes and strategically place in the cast I’m, so they can actually apply the laser therapy to the fractured bone, to course helps build speed up the heating, the healing time for that specific bone and tissue surrounding it. Chiropractor Murfreesboro Can we treat over kinesio tape or kt tape? You could actually, but the table block virtually all the applied laser and darker colored tape make it hot. So that is why there is a skin setting on the k laser. So you may not want to run over to long or even some things like tattoos, if you even briefly go over a tattoo just very lightly hittle heat up and it could potentially Chiropractor Murfreesboro burn the patient. So we wouldn’t want that. Should we do any ice before after kaylee’s a treatments? Chiropractor Murfreesboro Typically, they recommend before ice will actually cause vasoconstriction and it reduces the amount of blood and the superficial tissue and getting slightly Chiropractor Murfreesboro better penetration of the laser in too deep tissue laser treatments cause vasodilation, so icing afterwards would be a little bit counter-productive. Personally, we get a lot to, as you know, if I’m sore, if I could have any post-treatment soreness know what do I do so this this happens, rarely went when treatments are done correctly. The typical response is for the tree dare to be sore for an hour or two after the treatment than than later in the day or the next day. They should feel better. You know you could have the patient ice later in the day if it is sore in extreme cases of ointment, contain benzocaine used as a topical pain, Chiropractor Murfreesboro relieving gel and if you are and we’ll just make sure the wattage of the protocol is reduced by about 30%. The next shipment of sentra is not a sore eye of the wires more going to penetrate the more it’s going to vasodilate. Chiropractor Murfreesboro