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 Chiropractor Murfreesboro just would not go away and they took me to , took some x-rays and exam felt around and adjusted my lower back and probably within about three to four treatments. I felt so much better I didn’t have that shooting pain, I could actually sit down so on and off over the years,  Chiropractor Murfreesboro I’ve been adjusted and I can definitely tell when it’s time to get an adjustment or something is not moving. The way that it should or my mobility is in a weird spot. Will there be exercising or just walking or how I stand throughout the day? Sometimes I stand a little bit uneven, so one it can kind of be thrown off just very important to get a jet and I’m here at healthworks chiropractic. We take the very Chiropractor Murfreesboro best care of our patients and we seen tons, tons and tons of different patients walk through the door from different backgrounds of life weathe by athletes, your everyday exerciser or just your average desk job. You know a person so we’d like to take great care of our patients and we’re very diligent with our new patient exam, because that’s where we’re going to find the most depend on what problem they’re going to have. Chiropractor Murfreesboro We seen things like sciatica Chiropractor Murfreesboro thoracic outlet syndrome. Chiropractor Murfreesboro You know reverse curvature of the neck, so there’s a theirs, a million different things. I could be going on with a patient and we like to take our time and really figure out the root causes of these problems and can hopefully get them solved. So one thing we like to like to use our office is at a laser. Specifically, we have the k cube series, it’s the first fda-cleared laser in 2002. It was cleared the therapeutic laser and it’s one of the fastest-growing modalities in both veterinarian actual human medical markets. It’s really getting in popularity for its ease and cost-effectiveness, unparalleled clinical efficacy across a broad range of therapeutic applications for pain management and I.  Chiropractor Murfreesboro Just general wound healing you know.



If you get a wound, you know a scratch or something like that, can actually speed up the healing of the tissue and prevent a little bit of scarring. It’s been one of the top leaving laser since 2005, and it’s continuing to evolve in the research is just ever-growing bio stimulation on the stars. Laser goes in, the bar has been set many times, high 4k laser and it never disappoints laser light of different wing wavelength does influence biological targets in the body. So engineering difficulties have been limited clinical efficacy,  Chiropractor Murfreesboro including multiple light sources within compact and I just practical equipment. In general, current state of the art therapy lasers can produce too independent wavelengths, actually a strategically placed them in selected parts of the light spectrum where the body is most transparent. It’s for the highest penetration capabilities and where the torsion of the useful of biological enzymes is actually going to be a little bit higher and we know they’re different tissue types in the body that respond better to different parameters of the laser in the in the wavelength. But until recently the option 7 limited as far as how much can be fit into a device and in really the the precision was just not there to control the temperature and the efficiency of water called diodes. And then, from the perspective of our laser they’ve done optic. Coupling and coin mechanisms to increase battery life itself in the end helps to deliver us a really great experience for the patient as far as healing and in overall comfort. But in the end the technology is used. Chiropractor Murfreesboro you know usually used by the staff in the in the clinic until they did a software-based program to really make it easy. So we can literally hit buttons on the are the cube to say: okay, we’re going to be treating the neck and it’s a chronic condition or an acute condition, and it goes so far. As you know, if it’s mild pain, moderate pain in intense pain and then even took to the point of where we put the skin the color of the skin, so we can deliver the best range of frequencies. What’s called an intense super pulsed mode, which is a unique to r k laser device and again these are pre-programmed and settings to deliver. A combination of  hurts and esp modes that are most appropriate for the specific conditions such as lets us against light skin color that you’re treating torticollis takes the therapy. Chiropractor Murfreesboro / ghost have been ready to take skin pigmentation into account and adjusted delivery mode power entry. What time to deliver the most effective treatment for that particular patient? So as we trained on this and then as we’ve talked about choosing presets it would, it would not be harmful if you applied a dark-skinned person in a light skinned patient vice versa, preset selection can a * b a process of trial-and-error and she’s. Chiropractor Murfreesboro the one I’ll give the best outcome for that particular patient in it as everything every each patient is different, so you have to really kind of play with it just to see what works best as they were trained, as they suggested that we utilize the preset therapy protocols that again. Until we get better at this they’re designed by the doctors and scientists, said to maximize the clinical outcomes without having to worry about it, and so we do that, mostly with our patients, to really really give them to the best clinical experience. It also has things to you: can save search and treatments, my name be in there forever, so you don’t have to hurry up and go back and reset it. The next like to go Chiropractor Murfreesboro over some of the more commonly asked questions that we get on the k laser, because I think this is good to address in here. Chiropractor Murfreesboro give HealthWorks Chiropractic a shot at 615-867-1144

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