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Chiropractor Murfreesboro that would go over with patients on the dope. Typically, in a nutshell, is what we found for each individual patient, specific areas of the spine that is misaligned how that affects the function of the body as he’s nervous, but I wear to the body again decrease function of that area happens, and then we go into the phases of spinal nerve decay. There there’s four phases of smiling, smiling nerve to came, and it’s all, based on the amount of time spent missile I’m, so phase, 1 or spinal misalignment is a 1/2 20-year process. Phase 2 is a 2240 year process. Phase 3 is a 4265 your process and and face for the spies that I have a lineman for 65 or more years so turn to set that up. I want to know what a normal spine she look like. I should have necks Chiropractor Murfreesboro. If you work at national side again, you want to see a nice c shaped curve in there. Okay, would that the head over the shoulders and that nice beautiful, they’re the extra it when you look at a curve I’m on x-rays there, there’s no spot on this alignments exhibits abnormal curve. The edges and margins of the spinal bones are smooth and regular. The joint surfaces are not ruffing and are evenly spaced. The joint servers are not ruffing or evenly spaced in the disc spaces, are healthy and then there’s literally no pressure. So generally you’re not going to have any warning signs of symptomatic issues as something happened now, there’s several ways: a spanking misalign little things over time, Chiropractor Murfreesboro big things, a little things to be things like poor posture habits, repetitive motions being on the phone, a lot of stuff like that, so just little things over time that add up or big things like injuries, Chiropractor Murfreesboro falls car accidents. Something generally happens, though, to miss a lot of spine and, unfortunately again if our spine was I’m on the outside, we pay more attention to, but it’s not. But unfortunately, when these initial misalignments happen, most people don’t do about them. And that’s what compounds overtime so, if you’re in the phase, one I, guess, that’s a 120 your process and it on said again as usual, traumatic incident or some sort Chiropractor Murfreesboro thing over time to produce that initial misalignment. So what we find initially on x-ray one artist, misalignment evidence that okay. So if you’re looking a spy for front to back it supposed to be as straight as possible, but we’ll see is going to high hip a shift in the spine, the left or the right order, some sort of curve in there, the normal spinal care. If you can for the neck from the side of the altar, so you’ll see that straight neck or potentially even chatting forward. Chiropractor Murfreesboro It will start see evidence of nerve pressure started to happen through them, and some more, one size that nerve pressure be periodic, stiffness, occasional twinges of pain, the same to go away even getting things like headaches and sinus problems. Neck pain, tightness in the shoulder out of its real bad numbness in the fingers pain in the shoulder stop to be a bursitis. And then you start to get that fatigue going in there. So if we’re talking of the neck, not only just like next fatigue and tiredness, like you know your kind of the end of the day in your roll on your head back because you next time Chiropractor Murfreesboro but delivery, general overall fatigue starts to set in when the little longer you don’t in the phase 1 of the generation. If, if phase 1 is not addressed, you then going to phase 2 okay, so the best thing you can do. If you have some sort of fall injury or for someone who’s on a desk a lot or a factory worker, repetitive motions, the best thing you can do is go to a chiropractor and get checked okay. Unfortunately, our society has taught us that we don’t do it. You know it isn’t broke. Don’t fix it right here that one for right, mike, all that so I’m sources out. That’s not done a set of the best. The best way to do it. It was funny too I’m going to get out of side around here. Chiropractor Murfreesboro Where are we going up and I’m up for you 41 I Chiropractor Murfreesboro? Don’t never see any drug commercial on TV and at this point in time it seems like every other commercials in some sort of drug commercial and it’s all the same thing. That’s just typically, someone running through the field just happy as I can, because they took this new medication and their life is awesome and then that man comes on in toms. River talks really slow or really fast and really big words and the 19 side effects are worse than the one thing you’re trying to try and that’s why our society is gone to write I mean we’re such a reactive society, where we don’t do anything until we hurts or we have a symptom, there’s no lifestyle responsibility, because we have all these 9 million drugs that are going to come out and save us and in the end they just cause more problems, because the best pharmacy in the world is what what’s inside your body in literally health come from, the inside out, not the outside inn in the form of a pill or a potion or what-have-you, so that that kind of that’s, my point. There’s something happens. Chiropractor Murfreesboro People generally. Don’t get checked but if our smiles on the outside, like a teeth, are guaranteed to get checked more so back to transition of the face to. If someone goes in the phase one again, that’s a water 20-year process and and nothing happens, I just don’t get checked, because symptoms will come and go okay Chiropractor Murfreesboro. Give us a call today at 615-867-1144