A Chiropractor in Franklin at healthworks chiropractic, went and talked about the class 4 laser therapy or k laser treatment. No added a very you know just a overview of everything. Laser therapy. It’s going to be helpful for very cute injuries such as strains sprains, shoulder injuries on tendonitis, tendinosis, repetitive, use injuries such as carpal unnel syndrome in pigment syndrome of the shoulder, traumatic injuries and chronic issues with a shoulder frozen, chiropractor in franklinshoulder arthritis or more specifically, that tendinosis that were talking about when tendonitis gets a little worse laser therapy. It’s also can be used by some veterinarians actually to treat arthritis conditions such as hip, dysplasia or disc disease. When dogs, you know what it basically does, those it’s going to increase oxygenation in the tissues and pull those nutrients into the the tissue, and it allows injured or damaged cells to absorb of the photons from the light which can actually speed the healing of the tissue and the class 4. Laser therapy can be a very effective combined with the number of different modalities such as chiropractic care, active, release therapy, and also no corrective exercises. Laser therapy is going to help treatment and reduce pain, inflammation and advances. The the quality of the tissue increases healing both and hands and soft tissue, including muscles ligaments, and even some bones you don’t laser therapy is still a fairly unknown. You know modern day treatment modality that can have several benefits for pain, management and tissue heal. You know, I’m chiropractors, all over the us are using it’s becoming one of the the fastest treatments and we do that. Healthworks chiropractic, a chiropractor in franklin, can do this treatment on you and it can help with things. You know you know very acute and chronic pain and there’s there’s clinical significance with the with the depth of the laser that we use class 4 laser and you know, lasers there going to be a classified according to their power and put like a class 3a laser and has a maximum of a 5 million watts of power, which is it. You know like a standard laser pointer class 3d laser is a maximum. Of 5500 milliwatts going to class for is anything over 500 watts. So the most significant issue, with the clinical use of lasers, is the depth of penetration. You know some practitioners make the mistake of using low powered lasers, a class 3 laser, which basically amounts to a standard laser pointer that you play with, like with your cats class 3a laser, getting use a red wavelength which is about 635 nanometers in visible red, and when you look at the depth of penetration with a laser red, laser light only penetrates about 1 to 2 mmmm, which is going to be far less than 1/8 of an inch into the human body in a red.

Naturally, in your body, the mitochondria, basically, the powerhouse of the cell is producing a lot more energy for that particular cell, so lasers are going to be used in other areas of medicine. You know specifically with with surgical interventions and surgeries. You know, there’s some for cutting removing tattoos and a lot of derma dermatology offices. Do you use them for things like acne and minor blemishes, and things like that, but the class 4 laser it doesn’t do any of that. So k laser can produce up to 15 lots and the laser light. Is it allowed to fuse to a spot about the size of a quarter, whereas the other lasers, the ones that are used for for surgery, they’re closer to a hundred watts and the laser light focus into one tiny, specific area. So the interaction that we’re getting in the body and what we see a chiropractor in franklin at healthworks, chiropractic in franklin tennessee, is that with a k. Laser call the photochemical reaction in by saying that late on their tissue, we’re getting that atp energy produced and where is your surgical, lasers or hair removal laser tattoo removal? Laser thing looked out there designed to cut or blade the tissue at a very, very high power density and a very high power concentration on that one specific spot. So the infrared wavelengths used the k laser allowed for target in specific areas of the body the kidneys are, is in its unique and that the only class 4 laser that will utilize the chiropractor in franklin is that it utilizes 3 infrared wavelengths that allow for a very deep penetration in the body to reach areas such as your spine and hips and other joints in so that light gets into the joint and actually can start healing that that joint issue, you know the k laser has a hundred. What’s 660 nanometer is visible red, which again is excellent for superficial wounds, 800 sprint race, the deepest in it at his peak of absorption, the cytochrome enzyme hundred or 905 nanometers, most effectively targets hemoglobin molecule in 970 near me, used most effectively stimulates my toe circulation into the tissue. So try infrared therapy before you consider surgery for most acute injuries to know if you can have the best diet exercise program in the world. But you know, most of us are painfully aware that it doesn’t take much to develop an injury from a fall or an accident that you’re not responsible. For many time, surgery is recommended to repair place these joints, and there certainly many times were surgery can be appropriate and needs to be performing should be very grateful that we have access to these tools but more often not inappropriate recommending because of lack of awareness of other effective options such as the other k laser treatment. You know this laser is a tiny fraction of the cost of surgery and is virtually no side effects, and you know it’s safe and we do it here at our office at healthworks. Chiropractic, a chiropractor in franklin can do this treatment on you and you know, unlike surgery, there’s not as many complications as as there could potentially be with surgery. So, including you know, soft tissue injuries and mobilization techniques. You know your doctor’s going to determine if we should do a k, laser treatment before they do the soft tissue technique. You know another technique or modality that’s used together with laser therapy of spinal decompression or decompressing. The desk I mean when a person you know has a herniated disc or their disc is slightly bulging chiropractor in franklin pressing on a nerve by running the laser. On the low back, we’re going to reduce the inflammation internally and we’re going to release cytokines did the tissue, your attention, the body, and what that does. Is it’s going to help to stimulate the blood flow in that area that the decompression therapy treatment can help instill that damaged disc? So another interesting area is that we’re just on the forefront? In both you know, animals and humans, and what we can do with this laser together with clayton and rich plasma injections, are like stem cell injections, we’re just the very beginning of these things, but you know red light. Laser therapy, or specifically k laser therapy in the chiropractor in franklin. It can help with acute injuries. You know like sprained, shoulder injury, strains, repetitive, use injuries like tendonitis golfer’s, elbow tennis, elbow carpal tunnel, traumatic injuries like whiplash. You know motor vehicle accidents that can result not only whiplash but the strain, the sprain on other joints in tissues around that area, chronic issues, you know frozen, shoulder arthritis. You know what this point. It would be almost medical negligence. You know not to try the treatment before prescribing drugs or surgery. All these, these drugs that they prescribed are are killing people the opioids and they

Give us a call at 615-791-9917 for our franklin location or murfreesboro location at 615-867-1144 would be more than happy to get you in and get you feeling better and try this therapy on you to see. If it’ll work for you or if we determine that you know, there’s some other modalities that we can use. Would you offer spinal decompression or office, and then we want to help. You become the best version of yourself, because when you’re the best version of yourself you function properly and you you, your body can perform optimally. You know I just want to want to make sure that that we we can get you better and if we don’t get together at 90 days, the next 90 days are on us. You know what to me at this point. It would be great for you to come in and try it if you’re, if you’re dealing with some of these things, are tendonitis frozen, shoulder or soft tissue injuries and just give it a chance-and you know we talked about-you know how to laser works and how it’s a fact that we’re getting the basal dilation of the tissues and also a lot of release of the tissue irritants in the area were treating a patient that has a lot of myofascial trigger points and a lot of metabolic waste products and we’re going to give them a k laser treatment in a couple of hours. Afterwards they might be a little bit sore, but it’s actually not any tissue damage going on. It’s because we’re causing the release of all those metabolic waste products that were locked up in the muscle I know just you know you need to drink water and an extra bit of fluid to it to get those waste products out, and we can do that a chiropractor in franklin. You know your shortest treatments. You know they can be anywhere from from 5 to 20 minutes, depending on your injury, and your shores treatment could be some job as she’s like tmj, some fairly things that are superficial, tree in smaller areas. That would be 3 set three and a half minutes or so, and then on the other side of the spectrum. If we’re going for a disc herniation or something like you know, diabetic neuropathy we’re wanting to treat the lower back and all the way down the legs and I could be somewhere from 12 to 20 minutes of treatment I’m. But we want to make sure that you’re getting the best treatment possible for your condition. We can do that at a chiropractor in franklin, healthworks chiropractic, so give us a call today and will be more than happy to get you in give us a call 615-791-9917