Today, I chiropractor in murfreesboro talk about sports and chiropractic murfreesboro can help in the type of movements that we are highly dysfunctional , specifically at healthworks chiropractic murfreesboro tennessee, with a lot of dysfunction saying such as lower back issues dysfunction. We see a lot of lower back issues, a chiropractor in murfreesboro, because they’re drawing their bodies, while they’re running their may already be an underlying cause or dysfunction. Their bodyyou know that with an uneven pelvis or one muscle, is too tight and a certain area. So it’s throwing the level of their hips and pelvis off you, noah basketball player, baseball player sprinter. So it’s it’s good. If they give themselves checked out these activities, so they can are there for their bodiesso. We want to make sure that they’re healthy through the muscles before they do these activities, because you know this function can happen while they’re playing and there’s several different misalignments in the body with the jar running and all these different. You know planes of motion that occur while you’re playing a basketball game, you’re, jumping on a land on one leg, kind of jars, the other side, some of the femur or the large thigh bone and your hip, creating a lot of si, joint or sacroiliac joint pain inflammation in these areas. So it’s importantproblems taken care of, and that’s what we see at a chiropractor in murfreesboro, i, healthworks chiropractic in murfreesboro tennessee is receiving these problems. We want to help the athletes perform better and alleviate the discomfort that they’re having so they can. They can, you know, live up to their full potential. We see a lot of you know collegic wrestlers and things like that looks like the bridges and things that they do. They put a lot of compression on their neck and they’re compressing everything down and all this compression it can lead to a lot of degenerative changes in the body over years and years of performing these things. So we want to create some space. You know we do use spinal decompression at healthworks. Chiropractic in this can help course, you know, create a little bit of disk space by pulling the vertebrae apart stretching the muscles and ligaments and tendons in a comfortable level I’m, depending on the degeneration that you have going on. So we want to make sure that you know that athletes performing better you’re feeling better a lot of time. You’ll see it in the upper cervical on people who do a lot of jarring activities more lot of compression on their spine.



This happened in the lumbar area of the cervical area, depending on which sport, as you do, if you’re doing something, we’re jumping bouncing up and down like a gymnast landing with a lot of impact. You know, jumpers, sprinters, basketball, players, baseball players, there’s a lot of movement that they do. That can and sometimes an athlete, isn’t training in all the planes of motion, so they’re not used to those particular movement so when they have to perform them in a sport at a quick pace, you know they they pull something in or something chiropractor in murfreesboro goes wrong because they’re not used to that motion. So it’s one thing to train properly and to get ready for your sport. Everything should be sport-specific when your train, an athlete. You know. If your football player, you should be training for football. If your baseball player, training for baseball and making sure all those little facets are implemented into your train. So that’s why we’re here at a chiropractor in Murfreesboro, so we can help with all these things. We want to get athlete performing better feeling better and living to their fullest potential, so regular adjustments for a part of that a chiropractic adjustment can help misalignments and range of motion. So if you’re feeling like you’re restricted in a particular motion, give us a call today will be more than happy to get you and take an x-ray. We do an x-ray for only $19. You know whether your sport is basketball hockey with a few hockey players there’s a lot of trauma that can happen to their cervical spine in different areas of the spine, and we want to help alleviate these problems at healthworks chiropractic. A chiropractor in murfreesboro can help with these things, and we want to make sure that everything from the top of your spine to your mid spine to your lower back legs, hamstring ankles knees. That’s a misconception to chiropractors. Don’t just look at the spine. They look at the other joints to the wrist grabbing things like carpal tunnel syndrome of the shoulder a lot of baseball players if they’re throwing their pitching different things like that they’re swinging, a bat basketball players, a lot of things come from the shoulder. So if there’s some dysfunction, the scapular area kind of the bone in your back that wings out or getting scapular winging excessively, we can help with these things. You know why in the neck and shoulders, if you’re getting some sciatic nerve pain, if your titan one specific area chiropractor in murfreesboro, can help with these things in a healthworks chiropractic, we be more than happy to help you. If you want to come, give us a call today, works chiropractic in murfreesboro, tennessee, 615-867-1144 chiropractor in murfreesboro, can help an athlete perform better, feel better and just overall maintenance care. We want to make sure that they continue continuously perform at the best of their ability, and we can certainly help them. Do these things out of chiropractor in murfreesboro healthworks chiropractic. If you want to make sure that they perform their best feel their best. You know their hipster. Everything can get very, very tight on excel at a chiropractor in murfreesboro. We want to help to alleviate some of these things. To give us a call, we’ll have to schedule you and see if there’s something underlying that’s causing your dysfunctional, while you’re playing your sport