Does murfreesboro chiropractor? We want to really make sure that everyone understands the importance of the essentials of being health healthy and the four essential overall of health so. Today we’re going to break down these things, which are food, water, oxygen, nerve impulse and subluxations can be broken down into one as many ways that civilization can enter the spine and exacerbated by stress and there’s three types of emotional stress and chemical stress. So when it comes to what we put into our body, proper nutrition and food is a really key thing to be healthy, so building block that’s necessary for growth and reproduction of cells and tissues. It consist of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in theso if their balance were interfere with your health potential would not be at its optimal. For example, if you eat large amounts of high-fat or high sugar foods such as french fries, donuts, really fast food restaurant, the condition of it eventually be affected. Their clothes off with fat resulting in lord, howe potential and things like heart disease are really a big factor with someone who has a poor diet, and that are overweight. So you didn’t a balanced diet and proper nutrition. It is really important essential of person’s health. The next essential would be water, so 75% of your body is water and she was almost in every body reaction and function that happens on a daily basis. If you stop all intake of fluids, you will die if you drink on healthy fluids, adjust caffeine, alcohol or this thing as additives or preservatives and dies. The sauce was going to affect your your health or, if you getting insufficient amounts of fluid you buy his health, isn’t tential is decreea good rule of thumb, for the amount of water intake per day is half your weight in ounces. So, for example, if you are a male is 200 lb, you need to be drinking 200 ounces of water a day. So what does that look like if you drink in a 12 ounce water bottle and be essentially eight and a half of those 12 oz water bottles a day? And then you can do the math on that, but that would be a good, healthy habit to get into the chiropractor talks about. This was a lot of their patient as far as proper food and water and take the next essential health is oxygen. Oxygen is used in almost every reaction of the body is carried by the pulmonary and circulatory system. The pulmonary system bases is your lungs in the circulatory system. Is the blood in the heart and oxygen and can result in death exercise some deep-rooted help promote oxidation of ourselves when we have oxidation of ourselves? That’s what heals the, body research researchers say that oxygen deprivation can cause a multitude of problems for fatigue. The cancer. If a person is ox injection is not at optimum. Neither is there health potential. What are the ways that we help heal people in the murfreesboro chiropractic clinic, as with arcade laser, and what that does a briggs date of blood to the areas that are damaged, this blood pulls out information, decreases pain and helps heal the soft tissue in the end oxygen is a key component to our bodies. Help the next essential is nerve impulse, nerve impulses, the most commonly overlooked of the four essentials for life and health nerve impulse is an electrochemical charge, transmitted by the brain to the nervous system to the body. It is the life force that keeps the live. In quote on quote charged. All body function is dependent on this life force or brain impulse. Cells must be electrically charged in order vibrating function. If your electrical impulses, you would die. In fact, a lack of brain in pulses, the requirement for a person who declared legally dead. If you severed the nerve to your heart when it stopped how about your lungs or hands, what if you interfere with a nerve, normal nerve transmission, with aids organs and tissues function of the optimal level, the answer is 100%. No, it will not chiropractic open air flow to the whole body. The weight of a dime can cut off nerf low by as much as 50% all throughout the body, and your body begins to function better. So one of the big causes of decreased nerve impulse and pulses in the body is what’s called a subluxation, and this is basically a misalignment of the spine and subluxation is commonly the term used by your murfreesboro chiropractor in carpenters in general and reflex, nerve. Pathways result in abnormal function, lower health potential. It responded subluxated, you cannot achieve your optimum health potential, regardless of the quality of your food, water and oxygen. The spine of the nervous system is the most important part of our body that controls everything, the brain and the spinal cord and the nerves that go out if these are not working properly does not matter if you’re eating well drinking water and getting plenty boxing it just that simple, because they are interfering with the most essential, essential part of life and health. The murfreesboro chiropractors primary role is allocate incorrect, is subluxation, does removing dirt and interference in a function for symptoms, nor care for disease of the way of improving the buys apple health potential through proper nerve. Integrity of this is why everyone should see and get checked by in murfreesboro, chiropractor, beginning shortly after birth and continuing regularly throughout their lifetime of a healthy spine results, an optimum optimum health potential so again to achieve and maintain how to inhale potential need to maintain the awesome quality of the four essentials of life and health. First food make sure you’re eating a proper diet, not too much fatty foods, not too much try foods. Can you have a good mix of vegetables, carbohydrates, meat and make sure everything is organic, able to buy organic food in your system that you will get such as steroids and do they pump into these animals to make them faster, stronger, batter? Basically, it improves their profits decreases.

Our health, so I figured is one of the more important things is. It is buying organic. The next opponent, again I want to review, is proper water intake. Now, one of the funny thing that you’re murfreesboro chiropractor here is, as waldoch has water and coffee has water, and tea has water, and that is certainly all correct, but it also has many other things that decrease the effectiveness of what water is going into our system, so I have to wait weight in ounces every day in water. So if you’re, a female at 220 lb need 60 oz of water everyday, which equates to 512 oz of water bottles. Everyday water is the key component. 75% of our body is made up of water. Are everything from all the way down to our cells are made up of water, and if we don’t have proper water in our body proper amount of water in our body, our fight is not going to function at 100%, so it’s really cute. That would do in that oxygen is the next one that I want to review again. So the best way for us to get oxygen is to exercise. If that increases the heart rate that increase the oxygen in the blood through our body. Not only does it does that, but it also keeps our body in good shape, because it’s flexible keeps a strong. The body is made for motion. What’s funny is when someone looks forward all her life to retiring and they do it. What we see a lot of people go downhill very fast because they don’t have anywhere to go there. Mine is no longer engaged and I bought is no longer moving, so that decrease in oxygen in the blood to the brain of the body started literally die after they retire because I are no longer doing a healthy function of life, and that is a good option to the to the area of the body and last but not least, I really want to pay special attention to and something to murfreesboro chiropractor really focuses on is nerve. Impulse buy, haven’t respond check for subluxation by your murfreesboro chiropractic it going to be the solution you have been searching for in the link. That’s been missing between you and your healthy lifestyle that you so want to have. Healthy lifestyle is really important, especially these days we’re going to dated with so many chemical pollutants and emotional pollutants with online facebook twitter, we’re so connected to the world and essentially, if you’re, if all you’re, watching isn’t what’s on the evening news or on facebook or twitter. That’s such an emotional stress Murfreesboro chiropractor to our system. Unplug and gage. Will your family eat dinner without electronic the song go to bed without the computer just by unplugging your brain. It makes a huge difference for that emotional stress that can come into our life cuz. In the end, we’re going to have stress in our life it just a matter of how we deal with it and how we doing that can be different for each person, but that is essentially the most important part of that u murfreesboro chiropractor can be reached at 615-867-1144. If you have any other questions regarding this would also be reached through our facebook page or through our website at www. Healthworks chiropractic. Net. We also have a location in franklin. That number is 615-791-9917. We also have a separate facebook page for that office as well to wrap it up. What’s unfortunate, what you refer to a chiropractor sees is fewest learn what is necessary for for optimum health, nor how to maintain it. Most of us at birth have subluxation do the breathing process to understand how to tanner high as optimal health potential. We first have to know what the essentials of how far and that’s what we reviewed today. The murfreesboro chiropractor, want you to understand the essentials of health in to understand the essentials of life and the most basic terms of our physiological essentials for survival. Again, food water, auction or false each are very essential. A person can see the pride of it is well., I never interfere with health will not be at it’s awesome.